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MOOT 5/1
Happy Children's Week! I am sure we will be seeing some new pets soon. Sreng taught us a great lesson last night about overfeeding them!

Last night's moot was held in Brill and was sadly interrupted by an alliance attack on our Undercity. The tribe was dispatched to assist and were able to easily turn away the band of marauders. Well done tribe!

Veranorla returned (Welcome back Val) and the tribe is once again tasked to hunt down an alliance Warlock to help cure the curse on Vera and her sister. Let's go have a look for the scoundrel this week! (ask Val for more details)

Lucinther returned also after a short hiatus. Nice to see you as well Luc!

Have a nice week everyone. Sing True!

Sing True Ironsong!

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