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MIghty Intellect
Evenin' tribe, as the subject implies, I am looking to see if I can arrange a meeting with someone that can do Mighty Intellect on weapon. If the recipe list is up to date, I guess that means I am looking for eve Big Grin Is there a good time to find you? I usually run the Night hours, and only get to see you for maybe 10 minutes. Mayhaps some time during the weekly raiding hours. I think I may be attempting one of the MC runs this week, though I haven't worked out with Gholjan which one yet.

Also I guess I will put a shameless plug here for any late nighters that need enchants Big Grin Still working my way up but have a few good ones. Crusader +25 agi/2hander Mana regen and Riding skill are the more memorable ones. Working my tail off to get +15 agi/1hander as well.

Aye, I am indeed the one to seek for that particular enchantment. I have been away on business for the Order this past weekend, and hopefully this week I shall have more free time!

I apologize if I have been difficult to pin down. I have some plans this evening, so I shall be on the lookout for you!

Take care, and congratulations on your accomplishments with enchanting thus far!

- Eveline
Not a problem dere, jus' I be a creature a'de night. Seems most o'de tribe ain' and I don' expect dem to be. I will try ta find ya as soon as possible. T'ink I have all de material so far (barring I dont need to break down any eternal essences).

An' tanks for de time and de congratulations.

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