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We held a wonderfully successful grouping last night.

Our moot was honored when Kosath came to assist by leading a jaunt through Shadowfang Keep for some of our younger members. A highlight of the evening happened during the battle with Arugal...as he shouted "show me your rage!" Kosath did so and wiped him out!

Sound led a group through the depths of Uldaman once again showing off her incredible tanking skills. *wink*

Jyotin and Grazak let the young Mili through RFC for a bit of loot and experience.

I led Rrah through RFK with the help of Skrap...and we collected many loots for the young warrior uncluding the escort quest ring at the end.

My thanks again to all who came out and helped.

Sing True Ironsong!
Dispaya Wrote:Sound led a group through the depths of Uldaman once again showing off her incredible tanking skills.

Well, no slight to Sound's *ahem* tanking skills, but I think Efluvious really deserves most of the credit there Wink
No slight intended. Thanks to Efluvious for helping to lead the assault.
I feel compelled to tease Sound for her tanking as much as possible as she is a resto Druid *winks*

Sing True Ironsong!
but.. but... but!

*flexes in her plus healing gear* You wouldn't be afraid of this?! Hmm?!

Who am I to kid. *salutes Efluvious* I would of killed the lot without ya. Much thanks. : )

And a continued to thanks to those who keep showing for help or coming to help on Tuesdays, every week the mini-moots are getting bigger and more successful. Dispaya and I most def. appreciate it!
No, it was all Sound! I was just observing a true master at work. <winks> I just ran around bandaging in my heal *cough* gear.

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