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MC Raid Info/Loot Rules
Here is your one-stop-shop thread about Ironsong’s Molten Core Raid.

Times: Every Friday 5:30 pm Game Time

Raid Rules of Engagement
(Be sure to read these and sign at the bottom signifying your agreement!)
These are rules from the tusked mouth our Warlord Sreng himself.
Disobey at your own risk!

Key Requirement: You must have finished the ‘Attunement to the Core’ quest
Instance reset: Every Tuesday morning during the weekly maintenance
Please bind your hearthstone to the Inn in Kargath.

General Raid Leadership & Tour Guide: Akora
Invites: Akora
Attack Caller: Eveline
Heal Coordination Lead: Akora
Master Looter: Akora

Loot Rules: See post below.

For strategies, visit this thread.
Vote Akora for MA!

Since Molten Core has so much loot, with little other benefits (unlike ZG that has reputation quests/items and the like) the officers have decided to implement a weighted roll loot distribution system for Molten Core (MC). This will allow raiders to prioritize what items they want while balancing the needs of the casual raider versus the consistent raider. We feel the casual raider and the regular raider will both have a chance to win items in the MC.

- All raiders will abide by the Warlord's rules of engagements by signing at the below URL
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://laerg.gotdns.com:10152/viewtopic.php?p=3557#3557">http://laerg.gotdns.com:10152/viewtopic.php?p=3557#3557</a><!-- m -->
- Officers always have final say on rule interpretation and will endeavor to be fair in all decisions

- A weighted roll system for MC loot will be implemented, with the highest roll winning the qualifying item
- A raider is allowed to receive only one qualifying item per raid
- The item must be usable by the raider
- If the item has no rollers, then it can be awarded or held at Master Looter's judgment


- Your weighted roll's status will be posted and updated on the Ironsong Forums
- The weighted roll base is a random 1-100
- This system will award an additive 10 or 5 to your weighted roll for every raid you do not acquire a qualifying item
- The additive 10/5 to your weighted roll occur only if you stayed for a significant portion (TBD at the judgment of the officers) of the raid and the additive points will be available to use for your next raid
- We will award 5 to your weighted roll if you were ready and available to particiapte at the start of the invite process and you did not get an invite to reward one for their preparation
- e.g. participating in your third raid you would roll a 21-100;
(1-100 base +10 for your 1st raid w/o an item, +10 for your 2nd raid w/o an item = 21-100 roll for your 3rd raid)
- You may roll using your weighted roll on multiple items per raid but once per qualifying item until you win a qualifying item
- There will be no roll decay (no penalty for the casual raider)
- Upon winning a qualifying item your weighted roll is reset back to 1-100
- The player earns the weight, not the character. If someone varies what character they bring based on the needs of the raid they are not to be penalized nor receive a potentially unfair advantage by having separate tracked rolls for each character. One player = one weighted roll that resets whenever any character uses it.


- A qualifying item is an Epic Item, or a Recipe/Schematic/Pattern that creates an epic item
- The item must be usable by the raider
- e.g. Shamans can not roll on swords
- Tome of Tranquilizing Shot does not count as a qualifying item and an unweighted 1-100 roll will be implemented for Hunters
A raider is allowed to receive only one qualifying item per raid, and his/her weighted roll is reset back to 1-100 for the next raid
If the qualifying item has no rollers, then it can be awarded/held/DE at Master Looter's judgment

- 1st Raid 1-100
- 2nd Raid with out qualifying item 11-100
- 3rd raid w/o qualifying item 21-100
- 4th raid w/o qualifying item 31-100
- 5th raid w/o qualifying item 41-100
- 6th raid w/o qualifying item 51-100
- 7th raid w/o qualifying item 61-100
- 8th raid w/o qualifying item 71-100
- 9th raid w/o qualifying item 81-100
- 10th raid and beyond w/o qualifying item 91-100
e.g. 91-100 is the max roll, even if it is your 13th raid w/o an item

- Ties are decided by re-rolling their initial weighted roll
- e.g. If raider #1 & raider #2 both roll a 79 for a qualifying item on their initial roll, they both re-roll their initial weighted roll. Raider #1 rolls his weighted 51-100 for the item, and raider #2 rolls his weighted 21-100, until we have an undisputed high roll.
- Upon winning a qualifying item your weighted roll is reset back to 1-100 and progresses by the above rules
- Miss-rolls are a mandatory re-roll
- A Miss-roll is if you roll incorrectly
- We will only check the winning roll (so know your roll amount!)
- e.g. if you are supposed to roll a 51-100 and you roll a 41-100 instead, you have to re-roll correctly, irregardless of the outcome of the roll
- You are responsible for knowing your weighted roll status
- Your weighted roll will be posted on the Tribal Totem

GREENS/BLUES (non schematic or the like) ITEMS
- These will be distributed to those who claim it as an upgrade on a first come first serve basis, or by Master Looter judgment
- Please send the Master Looter a tell if a dropped Green/Blue item is an upgrade for you
- Unclaimed green/blue items become guild property and will be contributed toward the guild enchant fund or will be rolled upon by an unweighted 1-100 at the end of the raid to all the non-item-winners


- Unneeded BOE epics will become guild property
- Officers will try to find a home for these items within the guild at their judgment or they will be disenchanted and the crystals to be rolled upon at the end of the raid
- Unneeded items will be disenchanted and the crystals will be rolled for at the end of the raid by an unweighted 1-100 to the non-winners, these do not count as a qualifying item. (Crystals may be held at Master Loot Judgment for the additional threat enchantments for the main tank and off tank warriors of the guild or other enchantments that will benefit the well being of the raid at the judgment of the officers)

- Qualifying recipes/patterns/schematics are ones that result in the creation of an epic item. Raiders will use their weighted roll for (and get their roll reset upon winning) and these said items will count as your qualifying item for the raid.
- Non qualifying recipes/patterns/schematics an unweighted 1-100 roll will be implemented by all that can use the pattern and this will not count as your epic raid item.

To have a legendary item should be a source of Ironsong pride, and the tribe will support the holder of the legendary item in terms of gathering the components needed for its crafting.
- Officers will determine which classes can roll on a legendary item
- Who is allowed to roll on these items have been carefully thought out by the officers, please send any thoughts/comments to an officer via a private tell
- All who would use the item roll an unweighted 1-100
- Ties are broken by a 1-100
- Please consider carefully if you would use the item before rolling
- Whoever wins the first part of the legendary item will automatically get the mate component of the said item, if that raider is present at the time it drops (if it is a BOP) or its mate if it is a BOE.
- All related materials needed to craft any legendary item that can be acquired only by guild raiding, will be guild property and will be collected/held and given to the owner of said legendary item, or held by the guild for future use
- e.g. any Elementium and Sulfuron Ingots gathered in guild raids will become guild property and given to the winner of the legendary item once all the other materials have been collected on a first come first serve basis.
- e.g. Arcanite Bars and the like will be the responsibility of the winner of said item to collect by his own means.

- These items areguild property and will be held by the Master Looter
- The raid leadership will designate a skinner and a miner for the raid
- Skinners please deliver core leathers to the Master Looter
- Miners please deliver the dark iron ore to the Master Looter
- These items are used to make epic quality fire resist items
- The Officers will develop a distribution system for these items that will best benefit the raid, while being fair

When a raider is awarded with these items to make an Epic quality piece of Fire Resist gear:
- They need to provide the associated materials to make the item by their own means (e.g. black dragon scale, thorium, ore, etc)
- They will not sell said items (if they are BOE's)
- The guild crafters will be supportive (within reason) to craft items for guild mates
- e.g. often times a trip to the Black Anvil in Black Rock Depths is required

- Here is an outline of the distribution system for these items:
i.e. the raid's warriors will have these items distributed to them first whereas warriors take most of the fire damage (MT, MA, etc.) and this will best benefit the raid
- After the warriors have their crafted fire resist gear, these items will be distributed to the remainder of the raiders as the officer corps sees fit for production of their class specific fire resist gear
- The Officer Corps will keep the best interest of the raid in mind when performing said distributions
Ironsong is setting forth a Molten Core Weapons policy.

Our purpose in doing this is to make weapon drops continue to be awarded in an equitable and reasonable manner as more and more people get one or more epic MC weapons. No class will be forbidden to roll on a weapon they are interested in and no one will be prohibited from getting multiple weapons. However:

Priority on epic weapon drops in MC will go to qualifying members of appropriate classes first, then other members of those classes, then members of other classes.

Qualifying members are members who have either not yet won an epic weapon in MC or who have only won one to date.
Appropriate classes are Warriors and Rogues on melee weapons and Hunters on ranged weapons. Shamans are permitted to roll on melee weapons useable by their class if they feel they will use it sufficiently to merit the roll. Most of the MC epic melee DPS weapons are /not/ usable by Shamans in any event.

This rule applies to caster weapons as well but Priests should consider the Benediction / Anathema when deciding whether to roll or not on other weapons (as a non-Shadow dps spec, I understand well the possibility that Benediction / Anathema might not offer exactly what you might been looking for in a weapon, but I personally will not go for a Staff of Dominance unless it would be DE'd, for example). Shamans should consider if they are also interested in a melee weapon. I feel that most casters will not need a second MC weapon before others have the chance to get one but we are not putting unique restrictions on casters vs. melee/ranged.

Further, priority on the Eye of Divinity or Ancient Petrified Leaf will go to those qualifying members who already have the companion quest item - the Eye of Shadow or Mature Black Dragon Sinew. (Either the Eye or Leaf drops every time so this should be no special hardship for anyone. Only a few Tribemates already possess the other quest item involved, this just serves to get the item into use ASAP the first few times. Naruth for example was able to form our Tribe's first Benediction/Anathema obtained via our raid the very next morning.)

Alts: This policy follows the precedent of our weighted rolling system with regard to loot and alts. It continues to be our policy to neither unduly reward nor penalize people for playing the character that they most enjoy at any given time. In our weighted rolling system, as a result, the rolls are tracked by player rather than by character. Similarly, a single player only has priority on MC epic weapons if they have in total among their various characters either won no weapons or just one weapon so far.

For example: Saltin having won no weapons yet had priority on a caster weapon. He rolled with the others with priority and won the Azuresong Mageblade. Later, suppose Saltin's player decides to bring Lucrenda to MC a number of times. Initially, Lucrenda has priority and thus the right to roll on some MC epic melee weapons. She wins a Gutgore Ripper, eventually. Now Saltin and Lucrenda each have one MC epic weapon, so Saltin's player no longer has priority on such weapons. He can still bring other characters but will only have priority to roll on appropriate weapons if others present do not need it.

Second example: Waltimus has won a Sorcerous Dagger. Nightdemon has won an Aurastone Hammer. Currently were Empey to come Walt's player would not have priority for Empey to roll on an MC epic weapon. Similarly, Waltimus and Nightdemon will not have priority on further MC epic weapons. Note that all this means is that one uses their roll elsewhere - on armor set pieces or perhaps on a Fire Runed Grimoire to compliment Waltimus's Dagger, with an eye toward later eventually getting a Mageblade when others are equipped with them. Nightdemon will still receive an Eye of Divinity once some of the other priests have theirs and it's a 50% drop rate so all in good time after all

Finally, a word of advice. We can only be reasonably expected to track MC epic weapons that actually drop in this raid and as a result this rule only applies with the force of a rule to those weapons. What this means is that MC epic weapons you may have gained from other raid experiences do not technically count against you under these rules. However, we ask that you think kindly of your fellow Tribemates and give them a chance to "catch up" a bit in terms of epic gear before you roll on what might be for you a third or even possibly fourth MC epic weapon.
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