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Who's Online
There are currently no members online.

1) State your name and any titles that you have earned, through service to the Horde in battle or otherwise
I am Lyell, Blood Knight of Silvermoon and Slayer of Kaldorei

2) List your vocation, be it Mage, Hunter, or any other.
Paladin of 53 seasons

3) Please introduce yourself to us, as much of your personal history as you feel comfortable sharing at this time.
I was raised not known to the eyes of war and bloodshed, never wanting to hold a weapon. My father was a swordsman under the service of King Terenas Menethil II and...Arthas Menethil. My mother stayed inside Silvermoons magical walls to watch me become a man, different from her husband. When word reached that my father was killed in the line of duty, my mother fell ill and would not look at me....saying I have the same eyes as my father. I was ready to enroll in the service of Prince Kael'thas until.....Arthas came and attacked my beloved Quel'thalas, killed my mother, my friends....destroyed everything I ever held dear to me...Every emotion inside of me died...except anger and lust.

When Quel'thalas was being rebuilt, the Naaru M'uru was captured by my people. A new unit was being formed, The Blood Knights, Paladins of Silvermoon. I jumped at the opportunity to weild power. I have met many in my journey for power and vengence, yet I still have the rational thought of seeking help when it is needed. I walked down the dark, lonely path once and it got me nowhere. If I am accepted into this tribe, swearing on the graves of my fallen family...You will not be disappointed

4) Tell us about any professions you have taken up, such as Tailoring or First Aid.
I am an excellent Blacksmith and an Artisan Miner. The rush I get from slaying an enemy from a weapon built with my own hands...is unbelievable

5) What are the Clans, Tribes, or Guilds that you have been a part of in the past, if any?
I haven't been in any guilds worth mentioning, but my time in the guild Blood Knights was one of my memorable times, especially with the leader

6) Please describe what drew your interest in joining the Ironsong Tribe, and any memorable interactions you have had with members of Ironsong.
Zanzi.....He and I are like mirror images of ones past and lust for power and blood. He sent word of this tribes deeds, and I must say....If he was impressed, I am as well

7) What is the greatest trial you have faced, either long ago, or in the recent past?
On the hallowed grounds of Warsong Gulch, Zanzi and I stared death in face, slaying countless kaldorei and human dogs as they cowered in fear at our might and ambitions.

8) What are your current goals, or some of your greatest desires, and the reasons behind them?
My goal is to accomplish what so many in this tribe seemed to have acheived....Power. And to prove my power to my fallen comrades, the arena is what I desire most of all.

9) What do you enjoy most in your adventures in Azeroth?
Enjoy?.....Hmm.....I enjoy the challenges set before me. Whether I fail or succeed.

10) Finally, have you read our Code of Conduct, and do you agree to abide by the rules stated in it? If so, please state so here in addition to a reply to the post itself.
*Lyell lowers to one leg*
I have....and I will....
Welcome to the totem!

You should plan to attend our weekly guild meeting, they are held Thursdays at 6pm server time. Location is usually determined on that day, just as a guild member for the location.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Zanzi spoke highly of you, and was excited to see that you had chosen to join us. I hope you live up to his story!
(O.o )
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Zhebra, 70 Troll mage
Polled, 70 Tauren huntress
Diljabar, 38 Orc warlock… reincarnated…

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