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Lurie's Farewell
(( This is a small event, in which it is explained where Lurie is going, and why. OOC, I am moving Lurie to another server, for multiple reasons. Before anyone asks, my DK, Lock, Priest, and Warrior are all staying with the tribe. My warrior in particular is of note, for being Lurie's only surviving blood relative, and yes, all of these will get more attention come the expansion.

The event will take place in Thunder Bluff, around the big bonfire in front of Cairne, on Wednesday the 7th of July, 8pm server (if anyone really wants to come and can't make it at 8 for some reason, we may be able to delay the event a tiny bit). At this time, Lurie's message to the tribe as posted on the totem is as follows: ))

To all I would call my friends,

We all have times in our lives when we are obligated to serve a greater purpose. As my fellow shaman feel the tension on the elemental plane growing, and our druid allies start to suffer from the corruption of the dreaming, stress builds between the Horde and the Alliance. I have been called upon to serve our people, and this service will be costly to me personally.

I would like to share what I am about to do with all of you, at the designated place and time. I hope to see every one of you there.

Lurie S Elcari, Iron-Singer of the Ironsong Tribe

~A count of nights, the time of day, and the gathering place are drawn below the message.~
((Good luck on the new server!))
Worry creases Melikar's brow as he reads the note. Having fought beside Lurie many times, he would not miss an important message for the world.

Nodding, he takes note of when and where and heads on his way.

((I'll miss having Lurie in the tribe, that's for sure. But good thing we can communicate cross-server now. I'll still be talking to you, and hope we can adventure together again soon. Smile ))
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
*Takes note of the notice, ever stoic, save a slight downturning of her lips, and a fading in the kindling mirth that had begun to show in her eyes*

((I'mma have to rethink her whole reason for staying in the tribe now... thanks a lot, Lurie! >Sad

But seriously, will be missing the Lurie. D: ...even though I can just... talk to you still... whenever...))

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