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Lurie S Elcari
(( 1) State your name and any titles that you have earned, through service to the Horde in battle or otherwise ))

~Holding his finger to a large piece of bark, Lurie used his shamanistic power over the element of fire to burn his handwriting into the wood.~

My name is Lurie S Elcari. Though I have the humble title of 'scout' to the horde, I have serviced our own in many ways in the past.

(( 2) List your vocation, be it Mage, Hunter, or any other. ))

I have trained a great many moons in the ways of the spirits and of the Earthmother. As one of the Shu'Halo, I share a kinship with the land and the beasts unlike that of most other races. However, I am mostly in touch with the spirits, as only an experienced Shaman can be.

(( 3) Please introduce yourself to us, as much of your personal history as you feel comfortable sharing at this time. ))

~Lurie lifted his finger for a moment. Looking out over the top of the Twin Collosals in Feralas, the clouds stormed and it began to rain. Regardless of the moisture in the air, he looked back to the wood in front of him and began to write his story.~

I was born in Mulgore, as were most of my people. However, beyond this, I knew nothing of my earliest seasons until very recently. I was a young ablino Tauren with a broken horn on the left side, and that was all I was. My earliest memories are of wanderings through the fields of the Barrens, seeking a path. Though I had lived in Thunderbluff for some time, I found no answers there. I came across many others looking for their ways through life, their continual search for some sort of understanding. I would admit to having had similar desires. As is, I quickly found it necessary to have a name. I had never had one, as I had long been alone and unknown. However, out in this world, working with the horde, I found it necessary. I chose the name Lurie S Elcari because it sounded completely unlike me, and its significance remains hidden from me to this day. I found the name among some runes near a lumber camp on the border of Ashenvale, and after I picked them up and saw the name, they promptly vanished.

On a particularly blinding day, I came across a great battle on the border of the Stonetalon Mountains... a place I did not feel ready to journey in. The fight was unlike anything I had yet witnessed, and I watched as hundreds of Shu'Halo engaged each other in a violent combat to the death. At first I could see only chaos; however, it soon became apparent that there were in fact only two sides to the conflict. Some of the Tauren seemed particularly violent, ignoring the injured and crushing those before them. The others seemed less inclined to fight, as if they were there because they had to be. T'were it not for the obvious cunning and experience of the calm ones, I am certain they would have been slaughtered.

It was then that I heard a great thundering behind me. I witnessed a large group of orcs, warriors and spellcasters alike, join the battle on the side of the focused against the dark and violent. Amidst these orcs, riding upon a massive lupine steed and carrying a massive hammer, was the Warchief Thrall. Of course, I did not learn until after the battle was long over and he was gone who he was. As of his arrival, the battle lasted only a few more minutes. Great bolts of lightning and many arcane totems littered the field, turning the battle so far into the favor of the horde that the forsaken Shu'Halo retreated back into the mountains of Stonetalon. After it was all over, I learned of Thrall's shamanistic upbringing and of the horrible nature of the Grimtotems. It was because of his strength and leadership that I decided that the path of the Shaman would lead me to light.

I worked hard for many of my seasons of training learning of my history. Not my personal history mind you, but the history of my ancestors and the gift of the Earthmother. I trained and became a fierce warrior in battle through necessity, as I quickly learned that while I was dedicated to the horde, their writings only told half of the story. I was forced to endure the territories of the enemy. Many times I stowed away on enemy ships and traveled to distant lands to learn of the other faction. There was no irony quite like the way in which both factions viewed themselves and each-other.

The views were identical.

It was based on this that I sought a path of balance. I worked to form a union between the factions, I attempted to demolish the old hates and prejudices to fight off those whose purpose was to destroy and conquer above all else. I found an enemy in the legion and the scourge. Unlike the legion, however, I deeply respected the power of the scourge, or rather, the true name and history of the Lich King. He had once been a shaman... he was the very heritage of my masters and trainers! To this day, I suspect he has more than dominance on his mind.

~Shifting awkwardly, Lurie made room for his closest bag, from which a small, green, draconic head emerged. He smiled and pat the little whelpling, before it again receeded into the bag. He continued writing.~

During my travels, I obtained many allies who joined my cause. I also found three companions in the way of dragon whelplings who had escaped the corruption of their own kind through some means. Each had a particular disposition. The emerald was calm and graceful, the crimson was fierce and strong, and the dark one didn't act at all... it merely brooded, as if waiting for something. I did not know at the time the significance of my meeting these three, but I would eventually find out.

Unfortunately, just as I seemed to find my place among the balance, a chain of events began that would forever change my viewpoint. I uncovered in my travels a piece of parchment in a village of the Grimtotem. It was old and poorly written, but that did not change what it was. It very accurately described long dormant childhood memories of mine, through location. I immediately traveled to the place it described and found the long buried remains of my home village. I found among the rubble of one particular tent, piercing the cloth covering the remains of the Grimtotem who had entered that tent, my missing horn. A few feet from that, lay the remains of a female Shu'Halo, who had obviously been beaten by the mace the Grimtotem skeleton still clutched.

It was then that I was filled with an indescribable rage. I was filled with such anger and hate that I could not contain myself. I had lived many seasons by this time, and had grown quite powerful as far as most are concerned. Sadly, this power led to my greatest defeat, at my own hands.

I sought out the Grimtotems that had killed my family and robbed me of myself. I found they had, even before they killed my parents, broken off from the majority of the Grimtotem. They were a group that shared the same beliefs, but thought they could perform better. All they ever did was slaughter and conquer. I found them one night on the beach in Darkshore... and I killed every last one of them.

Having broken my own balance, and given in to what I most despised, I lay down among the corpses and the blood I had spilled. Closing my eyes to die, instead I saw a vision. Each of my whelplings appeared before me and guided me through their aspects. The emerald showed me through the folds of the Emerald Dream, where the druids had always held their own balance. The crimson shared with me every demon I had ever fought, including myself slaughtering even the children in a tribe of outcasts. Then, as all was despair and loss, I saw before me my Dark Whelping, who before my eyes turned into a mighty dragon and gained a power and insight beyond my understanding. What I saw in my whelplings was the balance and chaos within me... as well as my fate.

I soon discovered that I had been dreaming of myself in an impossible light. Only a god knows both sides of a balance. A mortal can only hold true to the side which most resembles himself, and even within that image there was a truth revealed. Both light and dark must exist, so too must balance and chaos. There is no one side that is correct, only the path we personally follow.

With this truth, I soon abandoned my order, and my ideals. They were foolish, childish dreams. Often I wonder if I could have learned the truth some other way. Yet, I am more myself than ever for what I have now been through.

(( 4) Tell us about any professions you have taken up, such as Tailoring or First Aid. ))

I am well trained in the healing art of First aid. I am also strong in Tailoring and Enchanting, two trades that resemble creativity and tampering with spiritual forces in inanimate objects. I occasionally fish, and have absolutely no ability to prepare my own food.

(( 5) What are the Clans, Tribes, or Guilds that you have been a part of in the past, if any? ))

For a time, I was in a Clan known as the 'Siege of Darkness' A companion in my travels saw fit to have me in her family. I left soon-after, but she remains a good friend. I then formed the order of the Keepers of Balance, an order that disappeared when I realized my own personal truths.

(( 6) Please describe what drew your interest in joining the Ironsong Tribe, and any memorable interactions you have had with members of Ironsong. ))

The Ironsong Tribe has, throughout most of my travels, been a good friend. Its members have supported, comforted, and fought alongside me in my cause, and outside my cause. It is the brotherhood, the sense of family and companionship I never had before that draws me to it. Since I met this tribe, I have seen it defend one of its own from the horrible Grimtotem, parade around Kalimdor, and even prepare a wedding ceremony for one of its strongest members and his companion... who is also now a strong member. Despite different points of view, I have found allies in battle even among those who distrust me, such as Konfucius. He is stronger than I am in many ways, and I am glad, at the very least, he has not seen me as an immediate threat and acted upon that thought. I have also been treated kindly, as I was lead to my goal and safety by Kretol in the darkness of the Lower Blackrock Spire. Battle aside, the Lady Eveline has been terribly kind to me all along. All in all, I see family in the Ironsong Tribe.

(( 7) What is the greatest trial you have faced, either long ago, or in the recent past? ))

The greatest trial I ever faced was my own rage and hate, and the outcome of the loss of my control. I failed.

(( 8) What are your current goals, or some of your greatest desires, and the reasons behind them? ))

My current goal is to continue my shamanistic training in hopes of aquiring some understanding. I wish to know more about the paths of all of those involved in our current lives, so that maybe someday, we'll all unite and understand one-another under the same roof.

(( 9) What do you enjoy most in your adventures in Azeroth? ))

In my adventures, I enjoy nothing more than the company of others. While I prefer the company of an 'intellectual' equal, I also like spending time journeying with those strong of heart.

(( 10) Finally, have you read our Code of Conduct, and do you agree to abide by the rules stated in it? If so, please state so here in addition to a reply to the post itself. ))

Aye, I have read and understood the Ironsong Tribe Code of Conduct.

~Standing, Lurie tucks the bark into his furthest bag. Catching hold of a magical piece of cloth, he leapt from the Twin Collosals and glided safely to the ground. He then took off to deliver his message.~
nice Story!
Vote Akora for MA!

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