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Lucrey popping in for a minute
Hey all, I'm sure you all know I've been absent from in game for quiet awhile. Mainly due to I have been on City of Heroes with a buddy from work. Its cool once you get past fighting all the gangbangers and stuff and the newest issue introduced an invention system.

I was just kinda popping in to see if anyone was missing me at all heh. I suppose not being I wasn't much of talker. Just cause I like to show him off I'm posting a pic of my Hero Barok with all his insect wingy goodness.

Let me know what you think and if you are familar with the latest costume pieces and want to contribute an idea, I have a spare costume slot that I'd like to use Smile

I'm also considering turning off my second CoH account I was using for Influence transfer and try running around WoW again. Though we'll see.
CoV > CoH

Though, I have more fun designing my characters than actually playing.
Well I do want to play a Brute, just nobody I know really plays on the villians side.
Make them!

It's the exact same game except you don't get whiny civilians always begging to be rescued.

Brute is a lot of fun, so is Mastermind. Raising a zombie horde never gets old.
I've tried a Necromancy/Dark Mastermind before. Yeah having a zombie bunch of zombie pets is pretty cool. Just the first zombie has the worst recharge on his attacks. I'm waiting for him to pull out a stone mallet or something just to justify the speed.

Though I think I am going to roll a brute. Maybe fire melee and I'll find somekinda shield. I'm getting a new machine her soon and I'm feeling the pull of WoW again so I might be back in game soon. figure Ican switch back and forth and not get too bored with one or the other.
I could probably convince myself to reactivate my account if you want some company.
Hey Lucrey, glad you dropped by. *in a whisper "Don't try to pet Kaerrah, being a feral druid who has been in bear form too long, she might try to take your hand, literally"*
Merrina - Troll Huntress
Dannae - Troll Priestess
Aya'Tor - Orc Warlock
Zyndala - Blood Elf Mage
Zerrah - Forsaken Death Knight
*looks innocently fuzzy*
Er ok, luckily I'm regen. Thats what that green hazy glow is, I have integration running in the picture along with flight. Hehe I can fly!... ahem uhm so anyway wouldn't be too big a deal.
I'm a big fan of Super Jump myself. It's just too entertaining not to get.

But yeah, lemme know if you get into CoV- those early levels are so much smoother with company.

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