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Scratches down a note attaching an odd device to it on the totem with a bit of tough thread.

Hello Ironsong tribe, I am Lucrey scout for the horde currently. I am a warrior of course of the 51st battle.

Pressing the small red button on the gnomish device a slighty grating voice flows out of the small bronze horn

I wasn't always "undead". Before my reawakening I was a sergent in the ranks of the Scarlet Crusade. My memories are still a bit foggy, maybe I was asking inappropriate questions I'm not sure. The one thing that stands out most in my mind now is how I came to be.

As I said I don't recall specific facts leading up to this but as I have recounted to Efluvia(sp?) in the Felwood I was murdered. I was placed in custody secretly and interoggated for days, quiet visciously I might add. My captors didn't like what I told them, or my lack of information I cannot tell which. They took me outside the monestary and hung me from one of the trees till death. Hanging there for what seemed an enternity as I was not blessed with a quick snap of the neck. Finally succoming to suffocation I perished to the congregated masses delight and left there as a warning. A warning for whom or to what I cannot say, just a warning.

In the twisting blackness between here and the hearafter I suppose Lady Sylvanis happened upon me. Coaxing me with sweet words of revenge back to my body, I couldn't resist her charms. So here I stand in this shrunken shell of a body seeking to destroy the Scarlet Crusade and the demonic puppets behind the scenes.

Formally an armorsmith of the Moon Acsendent, a great organization it was a hard descion to depart from them. Though I feel my goals would be better met here with the Ironsong Tribe.

Greatest trial, hmmm I have had many trials though my greastest has been venturing back to the monestary. Facing my past and keeping my anger in check while I was there on a mission for my queen. It took every ounce of my will not to charge ahead at the humans there recklessly.

I desire to become a powerful warrior for my queen and the forsaken. To prove myself on the battlegrounds of Arathi Basin. And destroy the Scarlet plague.

((A lot of this is IC so for the other questions I haven't gotten to. What drew me here was I was looking to roleplay more often. I had noticed the Ironsong had done a few RP events here and there. Also hunting with Efluvia yesterday shes a monster of a priestess Smile and was fun Rping and hunting together.

I enjoy interacting IC alot and going to events even though I haven't done much of that in game. Hunting with the guildmates is more productive and interesting then alone. Lastly I have read your Code of Conduct and I agree to abide by it ))
Welcome fellow unded Lucrey. Your story is all to familiar. Harried by day and haunted by night. The scarlet are an unworthy menace. Perhaps we shall face them together.

Looks over at Waltimus and nods "Thank you I would like to lay waste to that wretched cesspool sometime soon. I had invited myself by proxy to one venture a day or so ago but the party was full up." Glances at Efluvia "The priestess mentioned an outing she was to go on while we were slaughtering deadwood furbolgs." Grins wickedly "It was certainly fun while it lasted, decimating those filthy creatures."

"Do contact me when you have need of a warrior to ventuer into the scarlet's stronghold in Tirisfal again. I would be more then happy to offer my services."

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