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Loot off Ulduar Bosses Ignis, Razorscale, Iron Council
Please list here loot you still need for your main spec off the bosses before XT/Kologarn, that is Ignis, Razorscale, Iron Council.

If no one lists anything, I will assume it is ok to skip them.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
I need the off hand from Leviathan.
Mantle from Ignus
Boots from XT

I think thats all.

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Ignis - Scepter of Creation; Pyrelight Candle
Iron Council - Raiments of the Iron Council, Radiant Seal

That being said, I won't be there this Friday anyway, as I'll be at Waka & Mell's wedding.
Looks like maybe just a belt from Ignis, but it would just get replaced by a drop from 10 man Icehowl so it isn't critical.
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Both Umu and I need the tanking trinket that drops from Ignis.

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I'm also interested in the [item]Heart of Iron[/item], though my raid availability is a bit awkward still.
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I am also interested in this tanking trinket. It appears that the drop rate is just not high enough for us >.<
I could really use the staff off IC - still using a Naxx mace. And I should be able to make it friday, I think, barring work emergencies.
Armande would love to see the Axe off of Ignis.
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The Ironsong Tribe

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I could really use the tanking trinket off of Ignis yet as my current one is still blue quality
Regarding a tank trinket, take note of [item]The Black Heart[/item], which drops from normal 5-man ToC, and is thus farmable. Big Grin Obviously not the same as Ignis's lovely item, but worth looking at. There's also a very nice healy trinket, [item]Tears of the Vanquished[/item]. Oh, and [item]Banner of Victory[/item]. I'd like all three trinkets eventually, and would be happy to run ToC with folks to get them. ToC5 also drops [item]Abyssal Rune[/item].

I could use healer upgrades from anywhere, but those come as they come, so I don't expect to run any additional bosses to get my offspec geared.
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