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Looking to do the 45 min Strat Run
Slips in quietly, looking about and then tacks up her little sign

Greetings Tribe,

I am looking for others who will aide me in a 45 min Strat Run. It is to upgrade my Beaststalker gear to Beastmaster.
I am open for any time during the week this week and next. Unfortunately not available over the weekend. Please let me know what is good for you.

I thank you in advance for your help on this matter.
(I am free tonight and Friday night, if you decide to do it on either of those nights. Otherwise, I am not on until after the raids start anyway.)
( Will aim for tonight if i can get us a healer and one other......yeah!.....i'm out of town on Friday night this week.. :cry: )


This is one of the most challenging things I have yet to do with only a few others to help me. I wish I could help you, but it would make little sense to have 2 of us Hunters along on this journey.

That said, it would benefit you greatly if you have at least one person with you who has been able to complete this journey before and is familiar with which beasties need to be killed, and in what order.

This is a difficult task, but I am confident that you will be successful.

~ Krell
I am able to go this evening. I am usually able to heal just fine, but there's the problem of wipe protection unless you have a Shaman or a Preist. But then I suppose if you wipe it's hard to get it done in 45 minutes. If I'm not online as Kyiee, contact Armanni or feel free to contact me over AIM (theelitegoldfish) as long as we are done by around 10 server, as I have an Ony raid to attend.

You can also usually contact Fop or Zashi to find out my whereabouts.
OOC: I will help if we do it Wed or Thurs...those are my two nights off this week end from my night job ((which is why I am not on much now))...can bring Robn if you need a tank ((60) or Looka if you need a priest and think a 51 level can survive in there.
(Thanks..will try again...couldn't do it tonight...got a migrane that kinda hit hard and fast this afternoon....)

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