Poll: Who is interested in Role-Playing?
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I'd like to get out there and RP in the world! (Action RP)
1 50.00%
I like campfire RP. (Story-sharing RP)
0 0%
Casual guild chat RP for me.
1 50.00%
None for me, thanks.
0 0%
Total 2 vote(s) 100%
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Looking forward...
Hello me long lost guildies. Ok..you're not lost...

I know things were looking pretty grim for Mula there. Heck...she got stabbed through the chest! But...all is not lost. There is hope!

As a matter of fact...once MoP comes out, you'll be seeing her again. That is if you want her back. ^^


Who in the guild is still interested in RP?
Regarding the poll. What is the highest level of RP that you want to do? Yes, I like all 3 types, myself.

Also, if you have a particular STORY ARC that you want to pursue, please contact me with lots o' details. I'd like to try running some RP events, if there is interest. (Hence the Poll.)

I, personally, am totally interested in bringing RP back to Silver Hand and to Ironsong Tribe! What say ye!?
Hi Mula,

Good to see you!

I'm still interested in RP. I enjoy participating in casual guild chat RP, preferably light-hearted. I also enjoy long-form RP stories on the forum, and co-created stories on the forum. I've got a new Weezil mystery in the works that I've been working on for about a year, and hope to post once I finish the final chapter. I also enjoy creative writing contests, that sort of thing.

I know I'm responding to a relatively old thread, but few had so I figured I'd participate! I've always loved RP and am interested any way I can get it. I love to write stories and do forum RP as well as guild chat. I'm a little... clumsy with world RP but love it anyway. Can't get better at it unless I just do it right? Anyone who is interested need only catch me anywhere. I'm always up for a good RP any time.
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