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Looking for Rogue Info
Hey folks, I am in the process of leveling my Rogue Krelldor to 80 (currently 77) and I was wondering a few things.

For starters, my intentions are to PvP with him mostly, but I will be hoping to drag him through some instances to gather PvE gear as well. Then, once the patch hits that allows us to gain Conquest tokens from anywhere that awards tokens (Heroics, etc) I plan to grind heroics with he and Shantow.

Questions: What kind of chants should I be getting on gear/weapons? What kind of gems should I be cutting? What are my most important stats?

Also, does anyone know of a good Rogue website?

Thanks for your help!
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This website has a bunch of rogue information that should answer most of your questions. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://shadowpanther.home.comcast.net/~shadowpanther/">http://shadowpanther.home.comcast.net/~shadowpanther/</a><!-- m -->
I am always thinking about rolling a rogue. Actually, I am thinking of rolling one of every class. :lol:
Hope this helps!
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Pester Zlinka. She's like the goddess of rogues! And..she's nice enough to put up with you! <runs>
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At lower levels of gear, Attack Power outperforms Agility; once you get into higher gear levels, though (About Tier 8, I think the decision was) Agility becomes the more desirable stat. I don't know exactly how that would relate to PvP gear.

Mostly, you'll want enchants that increase your Attack Power, Agility, Crit, and in some cases (or if you can't get another) Expertise. The same goes with gems; attack power, agility, and crit is what you want from gems. For blue gems slots, though, you want to use Prismatics if at all possible. You want to use a Nightmare Tear (or a Siren's Tear if you can't afford the former) not only is the best choice stats-wise for blue sockets, but a single Nightmare/Siren's Tear will fulfill the requirement for the Meta Gem you should be using (Relentless Earthsiege Diamond, 21 Agility & 3% Increased Crit Damage)

Berserking is the best Rogue weapon enchant, followed by Mongoose if that's too expensive (which is likely.) A cheap filler enchant is the Attack Power enchants. Your most important stats are Attack Power, Crit, and Agility (not necessarily in that order.)

I'm sure Zlinka will be happy to pop in and let me know if I made any mistakes, but my advice should be sound.

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