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Logros, Shaman of the Earthmother
Greetings, members of the Tribe.

*bows deeply*

Those who walk these lands call me Logros. I am a Shaman, gifted the boon of wielding the elements at the Earthmother's urgings. Soon I hope to be judged worthy of wielding the might hammer, The Unstoppable Force, and intend on focusing my abilities on wielding it against the Earthmother's enemies. Amongst the armies of the Horde, I am a Senior Sergeant, although thanks to my battles against the Alliance, I say with no false modesty that I shall likely gain higher rank amongst the militaries in short order. Such things are, in my estimation, of little importance. The Earthmother does not care for titles.

Few amongst the Horde are likely to know my name, though if you do, then I am well pleased. I call Thunder Bluff my home, and claim no family other than the Earthmother, whose embrace is complete and surely sufficient. I call the guild known as the Fated my compatriots, boon companions all, but the Earthmother has sent to me visions of places and foes - places and foes more terrible and powerful than those I've ever been witness to in my travels. My companions and bladebrothers amongst the Fated are few, and thus I recognize the need to lend my aid to a Tribe greater than ours if I'm to meet these creatures in battle, and throw them from the Earthmother's realm. It is my hope that those worthy amongst the Fated shall join me in this path as well.

I have traveled the lands of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms alike, and few are the places that have not felt the tramp of my hooves or witnessed the magic of my staff. I seek the future, and do not dwell in the past. My past is of little importance, but suffice to know that it was mostly unpleasant, and I have done my share of battle against the foul Alliance. The seasons do not slow their progress at our will, and those who long for the touch of summer breezes when the snows of winter lay heavy upon the lands are fools. I look forward to the summer that shall come - I do not hopelessly embrace the seasons past.

I'm as skilled an enchanter as any other, I suppose, although doubtlessly many are my superior in their broader knowledge of the spells available to those with the training required. I'm a skilled explosives engineer as well, though it is a skill I rarely employ, prefering to slay my foes with the power granted to me by the Earthmother. My skills at magical healing are admittedly weak, and so I have taken to the study of mundane healing. However, if the Earthmother's will shall be better served by focusing the brunt of my training on the magical arts of healing, I shall do so with no regrests.

I know the Tribe through reputation only, though I've never heard a negative sentiment from one whose opinion I'd value. You are amongst the greatest warriors in our lands, and are known as fair and wise. To achieve the Earthmother's will, I must join with ones such as you, and I've neither found nor heard of a more suitable Tribe that could use my aid. I bring to you no tales of great glory, nor boasts of enemies slain or challenges overcome. Such things are in past seasons. The dragonscales I wear, the notches upon my brightwood staff, and the blessings of the Earthmother I have been given shall serve as testimony to my prowess. All else must be witnessed, not told.

I enjoy the company of worthy warriors, the joy of wielding the Earthmother's blessings, and the triumph of casting down a foe. But my will is second to that of the Earthmother, and it is her urgings that shall lead me forward. This is, as I have said, why I seek your Tribe. I see no end to my road in these lands, and would share it with those worthy.

I have read the Tribe's Code of Conduct, and find it acceptable and quite agreeable. I will be forthright - I dislike the idea of giving respect to those who have earned scorn, but I am a warrior of no few years, and know the value of holding one's tongue when it is necessary.

I look forward to meeting with the Tribe, and hope to lend my aid to the Tribe. Such is the Earthmother's will.

I am Logros, and I seek to join the Ironsong Tribe.

(( Logros is my 5th 60th level character (hunter/rogue/warrior/priest//shaman), and although I've done a lot of leveling, I've done very little raiding. My current guild is mostly some RL friends, and at least one of them might join the Tribe as well at some point, if he's accepted and able. I've done pretty much everything there is to do in WoW short of raiding, and am currently raiding with my Alliance priest with Untold Tales. I'd like to see the Horde side of things, and would greatly prefer to do so with a roleplaying guild. I'm currently spending nearly all my time in AV, grinding out reputation to Exalted, and will be switching from Elemental to Enhancement at that point. So, ideally I'd like to serve as DPS in raids. However, I also wouldn't mind switching to Restoration if the Tribe is better served by it. I have a lot of fun with my priest (Holy/Disc), and folks rarely die in my care Wink Cheers! - James ))
[Image: 2270166Iryxy.png]
Dromand (70 Tank/Healing Paladin), Logros (70 Enhancement Shaman), Denul (70 Shadow Priest), Bendon (70 AH-Mule Rogue)
Report to a thursday moot, talk to tribe members for a location. They begin at 6pm (server).
That is all.

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