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Light and Shadow of the Enlightened
((A message from the Author:

This is the first time I have ever done anything like this. All of this spawned suddenly a week ago and I have been desperately trying to put it into words.

This will be the background/foreshadowing of Eru's life. I have tried my best to maintain continuity within the story as well as within the lore of Warcraft. Its extremely difficult given my lack of knowledge with the lore but I believe I have achieved a method to avoid a good part of it meaning people wont need to know alot to understand what is going on.

I would ask that everyone forgives me for my amateur writing skills, lack of "proper" grammar and potential lore/history blunders that spawn from this. There will be several chapters with several parts spawning over the next month and shortly into WotLK.

Also I would ask that if you have any comments or corrections for my postings that you do it via PM. I would like to keep this thread clean for the story that is to come.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy! ))


Silence...complete silence, nothing is in the air, no sound is being made aside from the single flame barely flickering behind Eru’Adan, who is sitting cross legged upon a deep purple pillow of which he always perches himself on when he is meditating…he is at one with his thoughts, nothing can disturb him…

The door flings open and slams against the desk next to it.

“Eru’Adan have you seen my nail pol…ish?” asks Faeriel in distress.

Eru’Adan does not move, he does not respond.

“Eru? Eru you silly grumpy elf, what are you doing?” she asks.

Eru’Adan’s ears twitch and he feels her presence close to him as she leans very close to his face.

“Are you in there Eru?” she asks again as she reaches forward to poke him in the nose.

A light eminates from Eru’Adan and forms a bubble like shield around himself and forcing Faeriel back.

Faeriel knocks on the shield and says “Eru’Adan, wake up!”

The shield disappears and Eru’Adan opens his eyes and stares at Faeriel.

“Faeriel my dear, I am honored by your presence and I appreciate your company but as you can see I am “attempting” to meditate.”

“Why are you meditating Eru? The whole Order is running around wild preparing for any possible attack from the North.”

“…and you are doing what Faeriel?” Eru’Adan says calmly in a playful challenge.

“I am looking for my nail polish Eru, you silly. Werent you listening?” Faeriel says proudly.

“Indeed I was listening, and no I have not seen your nail polish Faeriel.”

“So why are you meditating Eru?” Faeriel asked in a slightly more serious manner.

Eru’Adan reaches over and grabs another pillow and places it in front of him.

“Sit Faeriel, and let me tell you something.”

Faeriel however reluctant, sits down attempting to mimic Eru’Adans posture and looks at him.

“I was never always a part of this Order of priests Faeriel. I came from a small temple that was well hidden away from the world. I was sent there by my…”

Eru’Adan pauses as though he was afraid to mention who sent him to the temple.

“Who sent you there Eru?” Faeriel asked curiously.

“….my mother sent me there young one. Her name was Lyrana’Adan, she became a High Priestess at the temple I was taught at. My mother during her youth was sent there by her mother and father and thus how she knew about it. It was when I was mauled by a Springpaw that my mother realized that I was suited for that place.”

“What happened to you Eru?”

“After my parents had scared the cat away my wounds immediately began glowing with light energy and healed…”

Faeriels eyes widened with amazement.

“Really? I never knew that could happen. The priests have always told me that there needs to be some kind of focus or concentration in order to heal.”

Eru’Adan nods.

“Indeed there does need to be some kind of focus or concentration, however minor, in order to heal oneself or another. However, in my case without any effort or assistance from my mother the light reacted to my wounds and healed me. This I have only heard of several times throughout my years and it takes someone with a true affinity to the light to have that happen.”

Faeriel’s eyes began to wander as she played with her hair. Eru’Adan got up and began to walk to his desk.

“Several years ago my temple was approached by a Death Knight…”

Faeriel began to focus her attention on Eru’Adan again.

“The priests began to panic and were afraid that Arthas, the Lich King was going to slaughter us all. They may have been right but there was a feeling inside me that told me I should go out to meet him...”

“My Master demands your lives priests.” the Death Knight hissed under his hooded helmet.

“The Lich King will have no lives today Death Knight!” Eru’Adan said firmly.

“You will do well to listen to me…Eru’Adan…”

“How is it that you know who I am, Death Knight!? Answer me!”

The Death Knight looked up slightly to reveal his eyes to Eru’Adan.

“Your eyes...How is this possible?” Eru’Adan asked as I fell to my knees.

“I shall offer you a deal Eru’Adan. The lives of the priests in this temple and you shall remain alive to serve the Lich King.” The Death Knight offered in amusement, grinning.

“No...NO! You cannot have the lives of these priests, even if I have to sacrifice myself, you cannot take them!” I yelled with passion and certainty.

Eru’Adan was standing at his desk with his back to Faeriel who sat there entranced in his story.

“I was taken over by my devotion and dedication to my fellow priests and attacked the Death Knight.”

Faeriel sat there and opened her mouth to speak but hesitated. She then decided to speak anyways.

“What happened Eru? I thought you never liked violence? Your always so calm and quiet, I never knew that you could such a thing…even to a servant of the Lich King.”

Eru’Adan looked up to the ceiling and sighed.

“I never thought I could either, Faeriel. I screamed with such ferocity that it was as though he was afraid of me. I let go such a powerful nova of light it slammed him hard and knocked him on his back. Bloodied and bruised he lay there before me, soaking the ground with his tainted blood.”

Eru’Adan let go a laugh of disbelief.

“He didn’t even draw his weapon. He just stood there…”

The Death Knight laughed lightly as he stared up at Eru’Adan.

“I never knew you had that in you Eru’Adan. You would have made a powerful servant for my Master.”

“No power in this world or the next could ever force me to do your Masters bidding.” I told him flatly.

“Oh there is one thing that would, but it has never come to that for you. Here you sit in your temple studying books and philosophy while the rest of the world is ravaged and maimed for the glory of my Master.” The Death Knight said with almost a sense of false pride.

The Death Knight coughed and choked up blood. Then he stood up and faced Eru’Adan, wiping the blood from his chin.

“You have a great power within you Eru’Adan. It appears that I am unable to do my Masters bidding today.”

“Leave, Death Knight and never return here again.”

The Death Knight bowed slightly in acknowledgement of Eru’Adan’s power and left.

Eru’Adan rummaged through his desk and found what he was looking for. He turned around with a large vial of a bright glowing yellow fluid in his hand.

“It’s nail polish for you Faeriel. I had it made with the liquid from a Lightwell. It will protect you.”

Eru’Adan shrugged and smiled as he walked over and gave it to Faeriel. Her face beaming as she took the vial from his hands holding it up to the light in the room shaking it to mix the contents.

“Eru? Why didn’t the Death Knight draw his weapon? Why did you attack him?”

Faeriel said as she got up to leave the room.

“He was my brother…”

Faeriel’s smile faded and she turned around slowly as Eru’Adan sat down on his pillow to mediate again. Silently she left the room and closed the door to provide the silence Eru’Adan needed to gather his thoughts and relive the memories of his past.

Eru’Adan sits there, days later, meditating as usual. He hears a very light knock on the door. He senses who it is but does not react. Silently Dispaya enters the room. She grabs a pillow and sits in front of Eru’Adan and waits patiently.

Several hours later Eru’Adan breaths in deeply and opens his eyes.

“Hello, Dispaya.” he smiled.

“Faeriel told me what happened a few days ago. I have asked her not to tell anyone else and she had betrayed your trust by telling me…”

“It is quite alright. Faeriel trusts you as much as I trust you, enough to tell you what had happened.” Eru’Adan interrupted.

“My brother and I were very close Dispaya. We were twins in fact.”

Dispaya sat there in silence and watched Eru’Adans face as he spoke.

“We were inseparable growing up. We would do everything together. Even get into trouble together.” Eru’Adan smiled as he remembered.

“I loved my brother Dispaya, and I suppose when I saw him as a Death Knight I got angry that he would allow himself to succumb to the will of the Lich King. Never in my years would I think that my brother had a heart so fragile that our separation would affect him so much. I thought we were so much alike but as it seems we are very different.”

Dispaya nodded in understanding and smiled at Eru’Adan.


“Yes, Dispaya.”

“This may seem intrusive but, why doesn’t the Order of Priests accept you?” Asked Dispaya.

“The truth is Dispaya; they don’t believe I am a true priest. I was never a pupil of theirs so they will not acknowledge my abilities. I spent a great number of years studying philosophy and magic at my temple. Those years far exceed what is required by the priests of Azeroth. They had only accepted me into the order because of my ability to heal.”

Eru’Adan began to remember his time at the temple where he learned to become a powerful priest.

“This one is too young.” Stated the head priest.

“I can see into his soul, Lyrana. I don’t see anything different. You cannot leave him here to train, I am sorry.”

“Let’s go Eru; they won’t take you to train as a priest.” Lyrana’Adan said calmly as she smiled at Eru’Adan.

Eru’Adan looked at the head priest and stared at him in the eyes.

“Eru? Where are you going?” Lyrana’Adan said as Eru’Adan walked passed her.

Eru’Adan grabbed the dagger from the belt of his father and walked up to the head priest and slashed his own palm. Blood sprayed over the priests robes and Eru’Adans face. Then light began to glow from the wound and Eru’Adan showed the head priest.

“How…How can this be?” said the high priest in shock.

Eru’Adan stood there with his palm up to the head priest who stared in shock. Cael’Adan, Eru’Adan’s father conjured a portal home and he and his wife walked through and they never saw their son again.

Eru’Adan grinned and laughed lightly.

“I didn’t even think twice about cutting myself to prove to the head priest I was worthy.”

Eru’Adan looked at Dispaya.

“I studied and taught in that temple for over two hundred and thirty years, from the age of 17, much, much longer than any other priest I had seen there. I had completed my training at the age of 50, earlier than most of the other priests. I spent that time as an instructor and studying the numerous books in their vast library.”

Eru’Adan closed his eyes, remembering the past.

“I had been requested to join the head priest for dinner one night. I had never met him personally aside from the day I was left at the temple. He was a very, very old elf so respectfully I accepted his invitation.”

Eru’Adans hand paused as he was about to knock on the head priests quarters. Eru’Adan remembered when he had to prove that he had an affinity to the light, an act which left a permanent scar as a reminder. Eru’Adans affinity to the light was much stronger than any other priest in the temple currently. This he knew, and knocked on the door.

“Enter, Eru’Adan my son.” Said the head priest.

“Good evening, Enlightened one.” Said Eru’Adan as he entered the room.

“Now, Now Eru’Adan, please call me Caladwen.”

“Certainly, Enlightened one.” Bowed Eru’Adan.

Caladwen gave Eru’Adan a shameful look but then smiled and gestured for Eru’Adan to sit beside him at his dining table, and offered Eru’Adan some wine. Eru’Adan politely declined.

“You have been here a great many years Eru’Adan. You have far exceeded any required training from this order and have achieved the rank of ‘High Priest’. You possess an affinity to the light that I have never seen in my long life. Not even I had ever dedicated this much time to the kinds of studies you take yourself to, and to the instruction of others. You yourself have mastered philosophy, light, shadow and even our addiction to magic. Your devotion to others gives you great strength and your compassion draws others to you.”

“Thank you…” Eru’Adan paused. “…Caladwen.”

Caladwen smiled and offered Eru’Adan some fruit, bread and cheese, which Eru’Adan accepted and began to fill his plate. Caladwen sat there casually and smiled at Eru’Adan.

“Eru’Adan, why have you stayed here so long?”

“I …I don’t know.” Eru’Adan said thoughtfully.

“I suppose I have just been so dedicated to my studies and helping others I never realized that much time has passed.” admitted Eru’Adan.

“Two hundred and thirty years is a very long time Eru to be ‘dedicated’ to your studies and helping others. Has the time been fruitful for you? Have you learned all that you have wanted to learn? Helped those that need help?”

“I…I don’t think I could possibly learn everything that I want to learn in one lifetime. I could spend the rest of my life at the temple; there is much to learn here if not from books but from the priests that come and go from here.”

Caladwen waved his arm and a ribbon of light shot towards Eru’Adan, who sat there facing the opposite side of the table. A bubble of light emanated from Eru’Adan dissolving the ribbon of light as it hit the bubble, shaking the table spilling water and wine.

“You have become extremely disciplined during your time here Eru’Adan. For many years I have watched you train not only mentally, but physically. Very rarely do I see a priest indulge themselves in daily physical exercise. Some would call the priests of this order ‘fragile’ but indeed you are not. Your encounter with the Death Knight has proven you possess great power. It is time for you to make your mark on this world.”

Eru’Adan sensed that Caladwen was speaking in seriousness and that he would in fact be leaving the temple.

“Enlightened one I wish to stay here and study, teach, help the new students…”

“No, there is no need for you to stay here Eru’Adan. You have in fact learned all that you need to make your mark on the world. We have not seen a new student in sixty years. Dark times are coming and there are those that will need your help and your guidance.”

“But…” Eru’Adan stopped and began to think about what Caladwen had said and understood.

“I understand now Caladwen, the Enlightened.” Eru’Adan said as he got up to leave.

“Farewell my son. You will bring a light that has long passed from the world. Go now, Eru’Adan, The Enlightened.”

Eru’Adan looked at Caladwen in shock. The head priest of his order had bestowed him the highest rank a priest could attain within the temple, a rank that has only been achieved by the current head priest of the temple.

“He had given me a great gift, Dispaya, and a great responsibility by granting me that title. I am ashamed to say that I was afraid to share this with the tribe, so I used my nickname ‘Lord of Smites’ that my fellow priests gave me as a small elf.”

“Yet now you share your title with the tribe. Why now Eru’Adan?” asked Dispaya.

“For years I have been a part of this tribe and for years I have experienced the great harmony that is Ironsong. I fear that there are very dark times ahead of us and I wanted to show how much I trust each and every one of its members. The tribe is my home.”

Dispaya smiled and her eyes shone brightly after Eru’Adans word’s.

“You have shared with me a part of your past Eru’Adan and I am honored.” Said Dispaya as she bowed her head to Eru’Adan.

“It is I who is honored, Dispaya. The times have changed and so must I…” Eru’Adan said as he reached up for his top knot pulling off the ribbon of cloth that was holding it up and it slowly fell down and draped over the sides of his face. A top knot he has worn since he began his training at his temple long ago.

“You actually look good like that Eru.” Grinned Dispaya.

Eru’Adan grinned and sighed pleasantly.

“You have no idea how much that pulled on my scalp.” Eru’Adan said as he laughed loudly.

Dispaya began to laugh as she mimicked Eru’Adans face as if she had a top knot.

“In the darkness, laughter will be our light, Dispaya.” Eru’Adan smiled.

Dispaya smiled and placed a hand on Eru’Adans cheek as she turned around to leave the room.

“Dispaya?” Asked Eru’Adan.

“If I were to find my brother, do you think the tribe would accept him, if I were to save him that is?”

Dispaya’s smile faded as she looked back at Eru’Adan.

“I hope so…” She said as she left the room.


Eru’Adan approached a camp in the Eastern Plaguelands and draws his gavel; he deflects a Death Knights blade with an aura of light as he quickly places his palm on the Death Knights chest and unleashes a spell of light launching the Death Knight several feet, landing on his back.

Eru’Adan kneels next to the Death Knight who was too injured to get up and slams his mace into the ground next to the Death Knights head.

“Tell me your name…” Eru’Adan requested calmly.

“What does it matter? …Kill Me!” demanded the Death Knight.

“Tell me your name…please.” requested Eru’Adan again.

The Death Knight noticed and stared at the Argent Dawn tabard that Eru’Adan was wearing for several moments and then looked at him.

“My name is Daeron…” he said fiercely.

Eru’Adan placed his hand on the chest of the Death Knight. A bright light began to shine and enveloped the Death Knight, healing his wounds. Eru’Adan quickly grabbed his gavel and stepped back as the Death Knight got up.

“Why did you do that?” demanded the Death Knight.

“I need you to help me Daeron. I am looking for someone that is in the Lich Kings service.”

“Huh, there aren’t many Death Knights in the Lich Kings service any longer. Tell me your name before we exchange anymore words.” Daeron said as he got up.

“My name is Eru’Adan. I am a priest of The Ironsong Tribe.” Eru’Adan said as he bowed slightly to the Death Knight.

“Huh…” grunted Daeron.

Daeron hesitated a bit before reaching for his weapon.

“Daeron, I would kindly ask that you do not retrieve your weapon at this time.”

“You have asked for my help, and considering where we are and what just happened, I would prefer not to be unarmed.”

Eru’Adan nodded gestured to Daeron to retrieve his weapon. Daeron brought his sword to his tiny camp and laid it on the dying tree he sat on and stared into the fire shortly before speaking.

“We are something else, priest. Chosen by the Lich King, granted the powers of death and destruction only to be used for his own ends. Some are turned into undead, others’ souls are twisted and warped, forced to do the Lich Kings bidding.”

Daeron continued to stare into the fire and spoke calmly.

“I have heard your name before Eru’Adan…just as I have seen your face before.”

Eru’Adan looked at the Death Knight but remained calm, and silent.

“Never before had I met someone so heartless and cruel. He was driven by his search…for his brother. So many men, women, and children were brutally murdered by his sword. He did this on a false promise made by Arthas, to find you. Sometimes I would hear him cry out your name in his sleep, just as he would cry out the names of who I believe to be your Mother and Father. He has a warm heart, its something that we all could see, but easily manipulated. He seemed broken, as if he was missing a part of himself. Seeing you here before me, I know why it is so.”

“We have been apart, for a great many years. How long has he been in the service of the Lich King?”

“Aru’Adan has been in his service ever since Arthas decided to wage war on the rest of Azeroth. Several years he had been gathering his forces to attack, acquiring Death Knights through lies and deceit, only to cast us off once he got what he wanted.”

“I have heard what happened. I am sorry that you and the rest of the Death Knights were placed in this position…”

“Arthas has shown who he really is and a majority of the Death Knights have agreed to help fight against him.”

“That is good to hear, Daeron.” said Eru’Adan.

“Aru’Adan is north of here, heading towards Silvermoon City. Priest, there is something you should know.”

“What is it?”

“I heard him in the night once…he cried out something in his sleep…”

“Say it…”

Daeron hesitated and looked up into Eru’Adans eyes.

“He killed your parents…”

“My dear brother, what has happened to you over these great many years? For so long I spent at the Temple of the Enlightened learning everything I could just so I could be as strong as I new you would become. You were my light Aru’Adan. My strength, my will and my determination was forged by you in the great friendship we shared. Never would I think to see you as you are now.

Our parents loved you brother. They knew of our dreams, of your desires and did what they did in order to secure those dreams for us. You were sent off to train as a defender for our people and I was sent to become a priest. Two very different vocations but that distance has never brought my heart away from you. I have thought about you every day for these many years. There is a never ending guilt now that I could have prevented what has happened by leaving the temple sooner, but I did not feel I was strong enough to match the incredible potential I knew you had within you.

Several years ago we were reunited, but not in the manner I would have liked. You intended harm on others and from my heart I let forth all my power against you, but in anger and hatred for what you had. You had made a blood pact with me as children to help the world we live in. Protect those that cannot protect themselves. Become a shining light in Azeroth where people would speak our names in a time of darkness and feel that there is hope and good in this world. I seek you out brother, for we must find a way to make your broken heart and soul…..”

“Hello, brother….”



“Hello Eru, it has been a long time.” said Aru’Adan who was, standing in the archway between the Eastern Plaguelands and the Ghostlands.

“Aru, why is your weapon in your hand?”

“These are dangerous times brother, it is best to be prepared…”

Aru’Adan looked up slowly, his face hidden by his helmet but his eyes shone a bright blue. Eru’Adan felt an evil presence and dismounted his kodo, drawing his gavel and looking around to find its source.

“For over two hundred and thirty years, Eru, it had been since we saw each other before that day at the Temple of the Enlightened. A great many things has happened and it is time that I share with you what has happened…”

A dark energy emanated from the ground, up his body and to his hand which he unleashed towards Eru’Adan. Eru’Adan did not have enough time to react and was hit with it. The energy enveloped his body reducing him to one knee, and then it dissipated.

“Why…? Why have you…done that, brother…? We are…there is…no more need for hatred…or…for anger.” Eru’Adan said as he clutched his chest, staring into the eyes of his brother.

“You are weak my brother. I have acquired a power greater than I could have imagined…each day my power grows and soon…I can accomplish our dream alone!”

“Our dream…Aru…was to help those who are in need. Not to murder them in cold blood…Not to cause anguish, pain or suffering on innocent people. You have become the very thing that we swore…in blood to fight against and rid this world of!” Eru’Adan said with a true sense of devotion as he got to his feet with renewed energy.

Aru’Adan stared at Eru’Adan and breathed steadily, he had an aura of focus and determination around him…a feeling that he felt from Eru’Adan as well.

“Light and Shadow are we brother…I will do what I must to ensure no innocent being falls to your sword, again.” Eru’Adan said as he picked up his gavel and uttered words of blessings and protection on him self. He whispered in Taur-ahe to his Kodo and it turned and ran away back the way they came.

“So it has come to this? Brother against brother…” Aru’Adan stated as the air froze around him and tiny ice crystals could be seen in the air. His sword began to glow blue, and ice formed from hilt to tip.

Eru’Adan charged at his brother, his mind focused, he closed his eyes for a fraction of a second before letting out a deep bellowing scream that send his brother running. Eru’Adan stopped short and muttered dark and evil words, echoing in the passage, that seared into the flesh of his brother who came to and grabbed his arm in pain. Eru’Adan stopped and watched his brother for a brief second before unleashing a blinding light from his hand that knocked his brother several feet onto his back.

“Impressive…” Aru’Adan said as he got up and charged at his brother in response.

Aru’Adan threw out his arm and ice flew out of it, hitting Eru’Adan in the chest freezing him to the core. The ground beneath him began to rot and die. Aru’Adan raised his sword to strike his brother but Eru’Adan quickly protected himself with a shield of light that absorbed the strike, throwing Aru’Adan back but dissipating immediately.

Both elves breathed heavily after their first engagement with each other. Both had shown immense power in their first strikes. Eru’Adan was clutching his chest, feeling the deep cold from his brother’s attack. Aru’Adan was holding his arm from the searing words that Eru’Adan had muttered against him.

“You use your abilities well Eru’Adan, you would have made a powerful Death Knight.”

“Let me help you Aru…please.”

Aru’Adan looked through his helmet towards Eru’Adan and yelled as he engaged his brother again.

Eru’Adan reacted quickly and summoned a shield of light again, drawing his gavel to defend himself. Years of physical training had given Eru’Adan the nimbleness to dodge his brothers attacks, occasionally Eru’Adan would bring up his gavel to deflect his brothers sword that would otherwise sever a limb.

One attack slipped through and sliced Eru’Adan across the ribs which immediately froze from the blades touch. Eru’Adan went immediately pale as his brother stepped back and stared him in the eyes. Eru’Adan stared back at his brother as his gavel fell out of his hand onto the ground next to him. Eru’Adan positioned himself onto his knees, and closed his eyes. Blood flowed like a river from his wound, but he did not react, instead he spoke calmly but, not to himself or his brother.

“Today I seek the light that is within this lost and bent soul. Aru’Adan, my brother, needs my help, but I am afraid that I have wronged him too deeply. I ask of you, please grant me the power to help him become what we had sworn to become."

Light began to emanate from the large wound on Eru’Adans side. The blood began to flow backwards into the wound and began to heal. Aru’Adan stood in shock, not by the wound healing itself, but from the words of his brother. Eru’Adan stood up and began to levitate slightly above the ground. An aura of light surrounded him as he healed and then he spoke.

“Brother…You have always been the driving force for me to do good in this world. My compassion and kindness are a result of the bond that we have always shared. Know that when you are all alone, I am with you. Know that when you are confronted by your enemies, I am with you…”

Aru’Adan dropped his weapon in shock at what was happening and did not speak. Eru’Adan’s wound was fully healed and he slowly levitated back to the ground and walked up to his brother. The light faded…

“You are my strength Aru’Adan…know that. We share a bond that cannot be broken, no matter how bent and twisted either of us become…”

Eru’Adan turned around and whistled. His kodo came running up several moments later and Eru’Adan dug through the saddle bags and pulled out a flint and some tinder.

“Let us talk brother. There is much to catch up on.” Eru’Adan said as he set up a small camp off the road near some trees in the Ghostlands.

“I…” said Aru’Adan, unsure of what to say.

Eru’Adan gestured for Aru’Adan to sit. Several moments later he did, after retrieving his sword, caked with the frozen blood of his brother and laying it next to him.


Eru and Aru both sat on either side of the fire. They both sat with legs crossed and back straight, Eru with his hands relaxed in his lap, Aru with his hands pressed on his knees. Both were silent, Aru stared into the fire through his helmet and Eru with his eyes closed as if he was meditating.

“I was never always like this Eru. I was angry at mother and father for sending you away, but I knew that you would not have wanted me to grieve for long. I did not want to become a Blood Knight any longer, I did not want to learn how to fight or defend, but I did so, because I knew it is what you would have wanted. Here we are, together again after so many years, and I am at a loss of words. I do not know what to say to you, brother.”

Aru looked from the fire to his brother who sat there, eyes closed, breathing steadily, unmoving.

“I learned how to fight from a retired Blood Knight. He provided me with personal training and I came to respect and honor him as I am sure you respected and honored those who trained you. His name was Orthorien. He was very old, but very wise. I saw in him qualities I knew you would possess. Patience, compassion, and understanding, though he was hard to push me when I failed a task he set out for me. That only drove me to excel beyond my abilities where I learned I could do anything.”

“I found a beautiful wife, and had a son….” Aru said without emotion.

“Tell me of them, my brother.” Eru said as he opened his eyes and looked to his brother.

Aru breathed in deeply.

“Her name was Amariel. We were married almost thirty nine years ago, at the home we grew up in.” Aru smiled slightly as the memories of that day flooded his mind.

“She wore a beautiful white dress, with purple borders. Here hair was tied up with the purple ribbon that our mother wore when she was married to our father. She had such a beautiful smile. If only you could have seen her, Eru…” Aru looked back into the fire. For what seemed like several minutes he spoke again.

“She was killed several years ago while I was training with Orthorien in the hills near Silvermoon. If only I had been there to protect her. The killer was there when I arrived at our home, I took my blade and thrust it through his chest with such anger and hatred…is that justice Eru?”

“To have anger in your heart when taking a life is not something you should allow, Aru. It is true he took something dearly from you, but such an act leaves a black scar on your soul and it will consume you.”

“What does it matter…he was a murderer and now he is dead and can harm no one else.” Aru said angrily and took off his helmet.

Aru’s skin was a greenish brown, his hair was pale and white that hung down over his shoulders and back like a mane, much like Eru’s. His eyes shone a bright blue and his cheeks were deformed. Eru looked up at his brother but did not react to the sight, and looked into the fire.

“I have taken many lives Aru…most that needed to be taken in order to benefit a great many people. However I am constantly seeking forgiveness for these acts. Constantly I am praying for the souls of those lives that I take…I forgive them for the choices they have made and through that I have found a peace that most cannot find.”

“That’s because you have never lost anyone close to you Eru.” said Aru in disgust.

“I lost a brother who was closer to my heart than any other…”

There was silence between them. The flames of the campfire danced in the night, casting shadows of the two brothers as it crackled through the night air.

“...you said you had a son, Aru?” inquired Eru.

Silence again…Aru stared deeply into the fire breathed in deeply but remained silent.

“I’m sorry, brother. I did not mean to…”

“…its ok, Eru. I did have a son, he was extremely young when he went missing the night my wife was murdered. I have not heard nor seen him since. It’s my fault that these things happened. It’s my fault, everything I have done, because of the blind choices I made.” Aru sighed deeply.

“For almost an entire year after my family was ripped apart, I wandered the land aimlessly. I had no direction in life. Then I went north, it was there that I met up with a camp of death knights. Knowing the evil things they had done I felt compelled to end their lives. There I fought them and slaughtered all but one of them, when he showed up…Razuvius, trainer of the Death Knights. Observing the bodies of those Death Knights I dispatched, he made me an offer to join them. Without thinking, I accepted blindly, not realizing what I was in for. My wife, dead…my son, missing…and my brother, gone to train for over two hundred years at a temple I have never heard of, there was nothing else, what more could I lose?”

Quietly, Eru continued to listen to his brother speak.

“I was ordered to drink a mysterious potion, which turned me into the abomination you see before you, there I took my training as a Blood Knight, and became a Death Knight. I excelled quickly through my training. Almost two years had passed, when they gave me a “special” mission to complete. I was accompanied by one of the commanding Death Knights and several others. It wasn’t until moments before, I realized that we were approaching the home of our parents.”

Eru’s ears twitched. He feared what his brother was about to say, even though he had received a hint as to what his brother did from Daeron. He remained silent and accepted his brothers on coming confession.

“The door opened as we approached and our Mother and Father came out to meet us. No words were exchanged openly between us. My commander ordered me to end their lives immediately or he would end mine as well as theirs. I stood there, emotionless. I then felt the presence of our mother within me. It was so comforting, then without thinking I reached for my sword. I tried to resist but it was though my body was acting on its own. I approached our father and he dropped to his knee’s and smiled at me, I tried so hard to stop it but the sword came up and swing itself across his shoulders…”

Both brothers remained strong and showed no emotion. Eru however did feel that something was out of place within his brother’s story and continued to listen.

“I stood there as the Death Knights behind me laughed. I walked up to our mother. I tried hard not to but something was forcing me. I wanted to kill those that laughed while I did this. Then I heard her voice, our mothers…”

“Worry not my son, this is not the end. You must find Eru! I love you my son…”

“My sword came up and swiftly came down as I closed my eyes, afraid to see the result...”

Aru looked up into his brothers eyes and they looked at each other.

“I killed our parents Eru…I didn’t mean to, I tried so hard to turn around and walk away from it all but…please forgive me, Eru…”

Eru raised his hand to silence his brother. He closed his eyes for several moments, gathering his thoughts. He slowly got up and walked over to his kodo and mounted.

“Where are you going?” asked Aru.

“Seek out the Ironsong Tribe, more specifically, Dispaya, she knows who you are and will welcome you. Tell her what you have told me and she will understand. There is something I must do. I refuse to believe you committed such an act.”

Aru reached over behind him and revealed long wooden box wrapped in cloth. He carefully slid the box out and removed a long Rune Blade from within.

“This was the weapon I used to murder our parents, and countless others. Take it, brother. Help rid me of my nightmares.”

Eru looked at the blade as his brother placed it back into the box and walked it over to him. Eru gestured with his eyes to the empty pack hanging on the side of his kodo where Aru placed the sword and tied it securely.

Eru whispered several blessings upon his brother and rode off into the night leaving Aru alone with the guilt of murdering his parents. He stood there staring into the fire. Finally the brothers were together again, even if for a short time, Eru knew they would not be separated, not again.

Aru approached the door to Dispaya’s apartment. He hesitated a moment, but gathered the courage and knocked on the door. Dispaya, stood there at the entrance and smiled at him. She lead him into the apartment and offered him a seat at the table…he waited.

“I don’t know why I remembered her. I had seen her once before in the Plaguelands. There I witnessed other Death Knights swear themselves into their tribe. Here I am, now seeking a place of belonging. A place where I can become the Knight I should have been.

She speaks to me of my brother. How she knows of our mother and father, what I did to them, and how Eru was sent away to become a priest, where I did not see him for a great many years. My brother confided in her what I know he would share with few others. Her smile and compassion invited trust and confidence…

I tell her of my past, what I have done. I tell her of the atrocities that have made me a beast among the races, even among my own. She smiles at me, she does not wince at the knowledge I have taken many lives, or slain my own parents. I tell her of my wife, and my son and what happened to them. She listens…

She tells me what the Ironsong Tribe is and what it stands for. She talks of compassion, honor, understanding, freedom, friendship, and trust, qualities that are prevalent within the tribe. She tells me that those who dedicate themselves to the Tribe are respected and honored for their dedication, and in some cases awarded worthy titles. She assures me that if I am anything like my brother, I will show the tribe that my past, is not an indication of the level of these qualities.

“Swear upon your Rune Blade, Aru’Adan…”

I told her I no longer possess a Rune Blade. I told her it is now in the possession of my brother. She smiles at me and gets up from the table. She walks over to a dresser, slides a drawer open, and reaches in carefully, pulling out a tabard. As she folds it, I see a large Red Hammer in its center. When she was finished, she walked over and handed it to me.

“You must still prove yourself, Aru’Adan of The Ironsong Tribe.”

I nodded in understanding, and she smiled…Aru’Adan of The Ironsong Tribe.

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