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Letter to Shillatae -- A Cure for Valtrinity
Farseer Shillatae,

An apology and a warning is owed to you. First, I apologize for placing you on the path of one quite determined as knowledge did pass from my lips in this affair. Thus, I will warn that, the daughter of Delgarsida and she who brought Valtrinity back to the tribe afflicted with deathly curse, Sivaras has knowledge that you are the operative that has concealed the soul of said Delgarsida. If you would read further, then the words of this deed may mitigate my breach.

This occasion did begin its course during the moot where Gholjan lost his last vestige and fell into the hands of the lich king. While in observance of this event, I was approached by one of the tribe for discrete consultation -- as wrath may follow in the wake of this letter, the name will elude text, and as I have many sources in the tribe, the source shall be obfucated by associations. Regardless, a vision was disclosed that placed me on a path to find Sivaras.

As personal favour, and a similarly shared familial story, I did set upon this pursuit. The knowledge of what had come before and what had transpired since Valtrinity's return was not unknown to me and it was my hope that no more than simple threat of violence or a payment of coin would be necessary for this dealing. Yet, I held in my sleeve, my protege -- another fiery member of Ironsong -- who would have assisted if words became violence.

The encounter with Sivaras proved her resolve and a transaction of knowledge was necessary to coax a recipe that would heal the soul of Valtrinity. Three pieces of knowledge to one was the deal. Her questions I did answer as best that I could and are written as follows:

1) Who gave me direction that helped me locate Sivaras?
2) Why was it the fact that Veramorla was not affected by the dark aura of her 'mother' Delgarsida?
3) Who is the person who hides the soul of Delgarsida?

As said earlier, the name of my source remains mine alone, and so in answer to the first question I lied and told only half truth of the vision and substituted my name for that of my confidant. To the second, I speculated on truth as I am only a vagabond and not a philosopher on the nature of being, and yet said truly that only Delgarsida could reasonably know well the answer to such query. The third answer did wait until after details of a concoction were told.

Sivaras spoke plain about the nature of Valtrinity's affliction and did impart the ingredients necessary for a cure. Blended together, the following would prove a liquid taste enough to wake Valtrinity's soul:

1) 10 vials of Winterspring Firewater
2) Dust from the crushed remains of 5 Brilliant Chromatic Scales
3) 10 bits each of Fadeleaf and Sungrass
4) The blood of the caster -- though her words did mean that only the blood of herself or that of a relative would suffice

A fifth 'other' thing was made mention, but not made to sound and said to not matter. My warning to her was such that if Valtrinity were to die because of the lack of this unmentioned fifth, then she and I would meet under more deadly circumstance. And yet, she held resolute and demanded the final answer to her questions three. And in that answer, I used my student and his allegiance to tribe to prove the veracity of my words. The name Shillatae brought anger from my apprentice and did satisfy Sivaras' mistrust. Sivaras then told me that her desire for the soul of her mother was not towards ends most foul but to ends of her own. As these words were not part of my deal, I merely recite them here as content for you to think on as you wish.

The list did prove fortuitous, and perhaps fate did play a role in my being selected for this task, as I and my minion knew of many ways to acquire the items with great haste. The fadeleaf and sungrass proved easiest to acquire as I retain memory and comfort from the harvesting of such plants and did have on hand more than sufficient quantities of both, The firewater was found in a cache, hidden from one of the tribe who had succumbed to its lure. In Orgimmar, the scales were found and proved most difficult.

A cunning test of sleight of hand and mastery of misappropriation were required and for that my student proved worthy. His hands were swift and his movements unheard and the scales were ours. The story of that adventure I leave to my pupil, should he dare to tell it.

With the ingredients in hand, we found Veramorla in Thunder Bluff and conversed. She refused, at first, to assist in the blending of her blood to the potion. For, as Sivaras had claimed, if Veramorla was not her relation, then Valtrinity would die, but yet, if Valtrinity did wake, then no dispute of family could be raised. Anger, disgust and apprehension finally led to the mixture and by my hand, I did serve the liquid to Valtrinity in sips.

One can measure the breadth of time in the moments that hang between the balance of life and death. One moment you stand at the cusp and stare into the void, the next...

Valtrinity does live and though weak from the ordeal she seems likely to recover. By her side, I did sit for a night to ensure she did not again succumb and at dawn she left me to speak to the Spirit Rise elders.

As for Veramorla, it would seem that no other answer can be given except that she is sister to Sivaras.

Knowingly, I did give counsel to one who is considered enemy to the tribe. As in all things, the end does not justify the means, but it is an end for Valtrinity that proves a new beginning. Weigh that as it may against the crime I have committed.

~ Saezhur
If it ain't broke, then you really aren't using it are you?
Heari stared at the new notices hanging in the Ogrimmar bank, his lips moving slowly as he sounded out the shorter words and guessed at the ones between. His brow furrowed, reflecting on the chastisement he had recieved the previous night. Sloppy, he had said, and something about... about the other stolen items being traceable, maybe. Then he had to explain what "traceable" meant. Heari had come away with the vauge notion that "traceable" meant shiny and fancy. This worried him.

It did not worry him half as much as the drawings on the notices. The first looked very much like a dragon scale, which was to be expected, but the other two caused him to peek discreetly into his pack a few times, glancing between the objects nestled inside and the illustrations on the notice. The drawings looked... well, they looked like a very pretty necklace that, theoretically, a troll might want to present to a prospective mate if he really wanted to make a good impression; and a ring that Heari suspected his Priestess might like very much, because it had very interesting textures carved into the band. He glanced back into his bag, and his stomach turned a sommersault. Yes, very shiny and fancy indeed.

(( Anyone is welcome to get in on this, as it appears these items are probably someone's... Smile ))
Eyes followed his path as Saezhur made his way to the valley of shadow. Words whispered only so quiet as to not discern the speaker but to hear the content, the theft was known and the signature, though slightly different, was clear enough; at least for those who paid attention to the work of such shadowy deeds.

Words such as these meant work in the city of Orgrimmar would be difficult to find in future. Some knew better the real culprit not being Saezhur but a protege. The schemers and the opportunists, though, would seize upon the chance to take one down who had sorely impacted their business in the past.

Saezhur shook his head slowly. Orgrimmar would soon be no refuge or place of business, of that he was sure.
If it ain't broke, then you really aren't using it are you?

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