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Letter from Mula
((Mula is my main. Rincewindy is my alt. This is mainly Mula's application.))

Hello. My name is Mula Stronghoof, but my friends call me Mula. I shall respond directly to the questions on the application. I have earned many titles. "Ambassador," "Crusader," and "Elder" are a few. I have been called "The Explorer," "The Noble," "The Seeker" and even "The love fool" (I suspect by a childhood acquaintance). Most recently I have been called "The pilgrim" for my efforts to seek peace with the Alliance. (Sadly, all I got was a knife in the back from my most recent attempt at peace with our neighbors.)

I am a Tauren warrior. I have been known to defend fellow horde members with my sword and shield, and recently I have taken up my mace and sword in the fight against evil.

I was born in a small village in Mulgore. My father was a proud warrior who I admired greatly. He died in the fight against the forces of the Lich King when they invaded Azeroth. I have taken up my father's sword to carry on his goal to defeat the evil that gnaws on the innocent peoples of Azeroth.

I have travelled all over Azeroth, fighting for the defenseless and oppressed. I have fought the evil that resides behind the Dark Portal. I have travelled across oceans to take up the fight against the newest threat to Azeroth - the self proclaimed "King" - the fallen knight - Arthas. One day I will be strong enough to face him and defeat him.

I am a blacksmith, with capacity of creating the finest armor a blacksmith can make. I use my on materials that I have mined across the globe. I can mend the most grievous of wounds. I can fish up anything in the world - and even some pretty weird things. I have an accomplished skill in cookery, but there is still room to improve my culinary abilities.

One of the first guilds that I have been a member of was "Deus ex Machina" which fell apart due to desertion and fighting. I was a member of "The Order of Storms" ((consisting of my friends and their alts)). The guild has diminished greatly due to the guild leader's long absence and the member's inactivity. My friend Rincewindy is one of the few remaining members. He will soon wish to find a guild with more support.

I was travelling through the Eastern Kingdoms when I ran across a group of denizens who were participation in an initiation ceremony of some kind. I stopped in my tracks. I had never seen such a ritual. I honestly thought a fight was going to break out between the members. I then realized that there was no ill-will between the members. This was the first time I encountered the Ironsong Tribe. I wanted to introduce myself, but I had commitments to my friends in Order of Storms.

Then the guild fell apart. I had long forgotten about the strange initiation ceremony. I was at this point desperate to join a group that might help me find that which might make me a formidable foe. I fell in with the wrong crowd and was committed. This prison was called "Death Sentence". The longer I stayed the longer and more severe my sentence became. The members with the deadlier sentences would be sentenced to fighting the deadliest of foes. I remained behind. They did not think me worthy enough to try my blade against such foes. My heart yearned for the fight.

Early on, I was more accepted. Things changed when the Alliance showed up. They murdered my family. I vowed revenge. I joined the other members in "Death Sentence" in the fight against the alliance. We went in and took out the leaders of the Alliance. I thought that I had proven myself to them. All I got was a harsher sentence. But they still did not consider me worthy. I fell into despair.

I locked myself away in an inn. I took to drowning my sorrow in the bottom of a barrel of strong mead. The locals began to call me "Brewmaster Mula" . I took pride in the title, but I then realized it would never help me achieve my goal to face the terror of the Lich King. I managed to escape from the prison that was called "Death Sentence". I vowed to never let the apathy of others get in my way from achieving my goal of defeating the Lich King and his minions.

I am currently working on a more peaceful goal. I am working up my reputation with the Horde factions with hopes that one day I may be able to seek peace with the Alliance. I realized that forgiveness for the actions of the few will help in the fight against the greater forces of evil.

The thing I most enjoy about my adventures in Azeroth is being able to help those in need. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to know that I was able to do good in the world.

And so I am petitioning to your leaders of the Ironsong Tribe to accept me as a member, so that I may once again see the glory that is the Horde. I will abide by your Code of Conduct to the best of my ability, and have thusly acknowledged at the bottom along with the others.

With hopes that this letter reaches you,
Mula Stronghoof.
Greetings to you Mula. Please join us on the 3rd at 6pm at our weekly moot. We look forward to seeing you.
[Image: 3994085VvROm.png]
How interesting, someone who is NOT an elf! I think we should invite her just on that fact alone. Still, I suppose she should serve a peonship like everyone else.

Greetings mighty warrior of the Horde!

We appreciate you taking the time to give us an overview of your history. It sounds like you have faced many hardships and deserve a place to call home.

Please come to our weekly moot this coming Thursday, at 6pm Orgrimmar (server) time. This week is a special event in that we are merging another Tribe with our own. We look forward to meeting you this week.
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