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Let it begin
As some of you know Tybirius has reached his 60th season. Now with that out of the way, the real work can begin. I've already attained attunement to the Core (Soloed MC attunement. Never under estimate the sneakiness! 8-) and will be pushing to gain admittance to Onyxia's and Black Wing's lair as well. But as you all know, this has many tasks involved that I will need help with. So if anyone has time available, I'd be most appreciative of the assistance.

[Image: 18177.jpg]
Irasis will fight along side you! (assuming we can coordinate schedules.) It'd be fun to run the whole attunement with the same group of adventurers.
Kyiee needs some stuff out of LBRS (like that GFR pot thingie...) as well as some stones for her UBRS seal and I rarley object to an good UBRS run. Feel free to talk to me anytime I'm on the game and I'll problaby be up for it.

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