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Lessthrons application
My name be Lessthron the great, Back in my hometown they call me Less, or Big B because of RL things. Serous, a good man has told me many great things about the tribe and had refered me to a good guild.

I be Lessthron the hunter of the green foreest, I bring many good hunts to and end with my bow, i have many skills in hunting, i can catch many things in my traps, and my pet Midnight also helps me to do the deed.

Through the years i have had many different professions i have gone from enchanting and leatherworking, to mining and blacksmithing, to my current professions that keep me in buiness mining and engineering.

I have been party of many good families in my days, The first family that agreed to take me in was ''Last Stand", A good family indeed.. we had many adventures through kara but came time to move on. I was then accepted into "Blood Testament" our family and friends began to fall apart because of problems within... was sad to see but i was then accepted into "Darkspear Voodoo" a great guild... I still go on adventurous runs through the serpentshrine cavern, I visit mag and gruul every once in a while.. jsut to remind them whos boss.. but we arent doing to well... so it's time to find another group of people that get along and i can go on more heroic adventures with... I still have failed to meat Kael, but one day he will see his fate from the tip of my arrow.

There was once a very wise Warrior i had fought many battles with, He went by the name of Serous. Was a great friend but he moved on in his adventures through Azeroth. I was left behind but still kept in touch every once and so often. He has told me many good things about the Tribe. This is why i would like to join and follow in the footsteps of those who are wise and strong and become that of myself one day.

The greatest trial i have faced latley, Would have been the other day against Leo the blind kid. We were coming very close to defeating him as he went into an untamed, uncontrolable rage. Where i had used all my potions and my comrads began to fall by the second. I then took iniative and shot a few of my most powerful arrows Leo, was no longer abel to kill anymore of my people... we had deafeated him, because of my courage i was rewarded by receiving the gloves of the rift stalker. a very memorable trophy.

My current goals, Are still to make it to lady Vashj, she still holds me rift stalker helm.. which i hope to one day reclaim as the greatest hunter of the orcs. I would also like to get my sword from kael, so when i walk around people knwo i am the one to have slayed the king of the blood elves. I would like to then move onto some more raiding with my fellow raiders in the Mounts of the hyjal, where we can show mr.archimonde who deserves to stand and who deserves to fall and bow down to those who are greater than others. And eventually see illidan, he has put many people to rest.. and i think its about time we put him in his place.

What i enjoy most abotu my adventures in Azeroth are doign things with the people around me, I never travel alone. When i travel to higher raids.. i will not go into these fights without my Good friend Serous the only real trust worthy tank i know.

i have read and agree to abide to the law and conduct of the tribe.
Hmm....Your name seems familiar to me though I don't know where I heard it before....

((I think I met you before on one of my chars just don't remember what you were like.))

Anyways though I can't really say anything about when I might have met you before, by your application, you seem to be focused purely on bloodletting and perhaps would not find the Tribe to your preferance......but I could always be wrong. *shrugs*
Lok'tar Hunter,

While your spelling and punctuation leave much to be desired at least you have learned to write in paragraphs so for that I commend you. Our guild meetings are held every Thursday in various locations, at 6pm Orgrimmar time. You can contact myself or any of the Tribe members for the location on that day. We shall see if you have what it takes to become a peon in our Tribe.

In addition you may want to join our ironsongooc and ironsonglfg channels to get to know folks and participate in available groups.

We will see you at the moot.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Hiyas! I has just a few questions.

OOC: (( First off, why do you want to join the Ironsong tribe? We're not a raiding guild, and it seems that all of your goals are raiding oriented. That's not a bad thing, I just am not sure the Tribe would be what you are looking for. Your reason for leaving your current guild seems to be progression oriented, and if that is the case, the Ironsong Tribe isn't for you.

The Ironsong Tribe is a family oriented role-playing guild. We have a very wide range of people in it with a variety of play styles ranging from extremely casual to very pvp oriented, to very raid oriented(like myself) and some dedicated to the role-play which we all enjoy, and everything in between. However, much of the raiding members of Ironsong do is outside of the guild in raiding groups, not guild associated. Well, I hope this rambling has helped you. =) ))

"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

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