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Lei Shi nutshell guide
This fight doesn't have any positional challenges. The difficulty comes from the strict 10-minute enrage timer, especially as Lei Shi is often unattackable. At 10 minutes her damage will greatly increase but she will not instantly kill the raid.

This is a two tank fight, who must alternate tanking the boss. As the fight goes on her casting speed gets faster and faster, leading to more and more tank damage. When Lei Shi reaches 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20%, she summons several adds and goes immune until at least one add has been killed. She also sometimes disappears and must be damaged through AoE in order to return. A few times during the fight she'll channel a wind that will push players away from her and damage them. Players will have to fight the current and damage Lei Shi to break the effect.


* Spray: Lei Shi does not melee. Insstead, she spams her Spray attack at her current target. It does lots of Frost damage to that player and all players within 2.5 yards, and it stacks.

* Afraid: Lei Shi gains a stack of the Afraid buff each time she loses 10% of her max health. For each stack her fasting speed is increased by 8% permanently.

* Protect: Every 20% she shields herself and spawns several Elemental Adds called Animated Protectors. She will still need to be tanked and will still cast Spray on the tank. The adds have normal threat tables and no abilities. Their melee attacks are very damaging. They are susceptible to crowd control. Lei Shi will remain shielded until one of these adds is killed, at which point her shield will vanish and all the remaining adds will deswpan. For the first two casts she summons 3 adds, for the last two she summons 4 adds.

* Hide: She goes invisible and can't be targeted. She continues to cast Spray, at random members. She must be AoEd to bring her out.

* Get away: She teleports to the center of the platform and begins channeling a 30 second spell that pushes all players away from Lei Shi and does a lot of Shadow Damage to them every second. Players who run toward Lei Shi take only half the damage. She can be forced to stop this channel before the 30 second timer is up by dealing 4% of her max health in damage.


--> Tanks alternate taking, in order to keep the Spray debuff from stacking too high.
--> During Hide, DPS should be distributed evenly on the platform so we can find her fast and break her out.
--> When she casts Get Away, run towards her and do as much damage as you can through instant casts to force the channel to stop
--> When she summons her Protectors, focus down ONE of them. The others can be CC'd or tanked. Do not AoE, we only need to kill one and they don't have a shared health pool.


--> The raid will form a triangle with one corner as the main tank, the second corner as the off-tank, and the third corner as the rest of the raid, with Lei Shi in the center. This will allow the tanks to taunt Lei Shi without both being affected by the same Spray. The raid can safely stack together.

Dealing with Protect

We will switch tanks right before the protectors reach the raid in order to have a fresh tank on Lei Shi (and taking Spray). We will have a few seconds of warning. The newly-free tank will pick up the Protectors. We will do this because once a tank picks up the Protectors he cannot also tank Lei Shi because the damage is too high. We will need to kill a Protector before a new tank switch is required by Lei Shi's Spray stack on the current tank.

Dealing with Get Away

All raid members must move forward, toward Lei Shi, in order to spare themselves 50% of the incoming damage. Use cooldowns to survive -- both defensive (Devotion Aura, Rallying Cry) and offensive. Blow DPS cooldowns.

Damage Lei Shi for 4% of her max health as quickly as possible to break the effect. Dots are good, as are classes that can do a lot of damage while moving, such as hunters.


We will use it toward the end, after Lei Shi is below 20% health, as this is when Lei Shi does the most damage so we want her down as fast as possible. Ideally, we will use it immediately after dealing with a Get Away wind, Hide, or Animated Protector phase, to minimize the downtime.

Learning the fight

This is not a complicated fight, but there are still several points to master:

--> The tanks must learn to swap properly. They must stand far enough apart that they don't get splashed by Spray. The triangular positioning is important here.
--> Surviving the damage of the Get Away phase, and dealing the 4% damage needed to break the cast. Blow DPS cooldowns
--> Handling the damage from the Animated Protectors, which is surprisingly high.

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