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Legion tips- No Story Spoilers!
As someone who spent waaay too much time in the Legion beta, I wanted to post a few things that might be helpful for folks to know going in.  If anyone else wants to add, please do! Also, if anything is  spoilery, I apologize and I'm happy to change or delete stuff.  
  • You are locked to one artifact until 102, at which point you can get all of the other specs' weapons.  I *think* you can still switch specs before 102 and use whatever previous weapons you had, you just won't have the artifact. 
  • The artifact quests are really neat bits of lore, and very worth doing on your other specs just to get the story.  Every spec has its own questline.
  • If you have a tanky/more survive-y spec, do indeed get that artifact asap and get that spec set up. There are things you run into out there that really do a number on the suddenly-more-squishy dps.
  • You have two means of leveling your weapons: artifact power and relics. AP comes from quests, world loot, class hall missions and probably from completing instances. It gives you access to new abilities and/or enhances your current ones.  Costs start small and grow.  This makes it fairly easy to give your off spec weapon a few AP levels without sacrificing too much power in your main spec. AP is not spec-dependent, but you can only apply it to your equipped weapon, and weapons are spec-dependent.
  • Artifacts gain ilevel solely by putting relics in the weapon sockets.  These are crafted, quest rewards, and drops in instances.  They are spec-dependent.  It's very handy to keep your off spec weapon at least a little bit updated with a relic or two, though I was still able to do fine on a tank off spec at 110 with no relics in that weapon.  There are a few times where you get an equal level relic as a quest reward as one you already have. That's a perfect time to change loot specs and pop it in your offspec.
  • All professions can craft and gather normal Legion items at skill level 1. You may get more to drop if you are higher level, but you don't have to grind up the skill before hopping into the Broken Isles.
  • Some gathered mats are BoP, which makes two-crafter or two-gatherer toons a little less optimal. However, there was a lot of discussion about that in beta, so I would not change professions before you see how it will shake out. One might level with two gathering profs and then swap one to a craft at 110 when you have a lot of mats to work with.  Or it might be easy enough to get mats you need from world quests and dungeon runs.
  • It was not at all obvious on beta, but after you pick your starting zone to level in, you can still go back to the same place and pick up the quests for the other starting zones. You do not have to fully complete one zone before opening up the others.
  • Goblin gliders are really nice in Highmountain if you are not a DH.  I'm working on stockpiling them for y'all.
  • Look in all the nooks and crannies and behind things and under things.  Exploration has rewards.
  • Beware the Dalaran Sewers.  Big Grin
Nganga Nyeusi
He is fast and is the danger.
What's a dazzling urbanite like you doing in a rustic setting like this?
Good stuff!
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
  • Don't forget to buy toys & extremely nice looking shoes from Ravika(?) after you've accepted the Broken Shore initial quest (but before you get on the boat). She's near the tower by the boat docks, and goes away after you've done the scenario.  And check out Fo'rum, who has some nice posts for sale. 
  • If you have a 100 Alliance character doing the Broken Shore, when you get to stage 6/7 (razing the demon city, with the vehicles) you can loot an item off of an ash pile on top of an altar.  This is turned in at Eastvale Logging Camp for a remarkably plain cosmetic item. Details under 'charred locket' on wowhead. You cannot loot this item after moving past stage 7 of the scenario.  Also, wow Blizz, that's cold.
  • New pro tip: when cruising around Suramar City, turn off your enemy nameplates so you can more easily see the "Detect Stealth" circles above guards' heads.
Nganga Nyeusi
He is fast and is the danger.
What's a dazzling urbanite like you doing in a rustic setting like this?

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