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Leave of Absence
Hi all!

As many of you know, I'm in my first semester of law school. I've been juggling my workload with periods of fun with varying degrees of success since classes started in the last week of August. Things have really started to pile up recently, however: I have a memorandum due this Thursday and a midterm next Wednesday.

For the time being, WoW is being put on the back burner and I'm letting my subscription lapse when it expires in three days. I may be back mid-October, but I don't know for sure; it depends entirely on what type of work I get saddled with and how much, and I know starting the second week of November things are going to be chaos until finals are done mid-December.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has fun when MoP goes live tomorrow! If you want to get in contact with me, feel free to PM me, since I check my e-mail often and a PM alert will find its way to me.

Best of luck to you all!

Good luck! We'll be waiting for you when you return.

p.s. You were always my favorite law gnome.
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
Hope you do well in school and find some time to have fun!

Best of luck!
Stalkinghoof, 85th level Tauren Hunter
Krinar Cloudcleaver, 85th level Tauren Warrior
Zerthis Waterwalker, 85th level Orc Shaman
Good luck to ya!
Go be awesome, lawyer-gnome! You'll always have a place here when your studies are done.
Oryx - Jadox - Koryx - Atorax - Cabochon - Hargrim - Morwen - Stillweaver - Talindrys
Study hard. Not to name names, but there are various members of the tribe who might need your services after graduation. As a matter of fact, most of us might need a good lawyer.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
You rock, gnome! We will miss you, but you are absolutely right to focus on your studies. Work hard, be excellent. Your place will always be here for you when you return.

I am actually happy to hear you are taking a break from WoW. My best friend attended law school, and during his busy periods we basically weren't allowed to contact him, lol. All he had time for was a little food....and TONS or reading/research.

I wish all the luck and concentration in the world. Be safe, and we eagerly await your return.

Oh, and I may be in need of your services one day....you gonna be a Defense Attorney?
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
Gnomes!!!! Just as i come back.....you leave. Total sadface here. Well miss your awesomeness!!!!
We'll miss you Lailya!

Study hard! We'll totally still be here when you get a chance to come back. Smile
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When you come back you must say "I have been busy in my absence."

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