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Leatherworking Epics
For some torturous reason I have been working rather diligently at my leatherworking to get enough Hardened Magnificent hides together to make one of the very nice new 553 epics. Since I am not raiding on my rogue or druid I have decided that I would offer an item up to a guild member first before going to the mercy of the AH. I am at 16 hides and every item takes 21+ hides. At the rate I am going I am getting a hardened hide every second day since it takes 2 regular hides to make one hardened and the regular hides also have a 1 day cooldown.

Currently I have for recipes:
Krasari Power Belt (mail spirit: 21 Hides)
Pennyroyal Belt (leather spirit: 21 Hides)
Gorge Stalker Legplates (mail agility: 28 Hides)
Krasari Prowler Britches (mail spirit: 28 Hides)

And with every time I make a new hide I learn a new recipe so I may get many nice new ones before I have enough hides for one item.

As for what I would like in exchange... not really sure. I could always use some more cloth as getting enough to make my daily cloth is a pain. I would most likely let this epic item go for a steal of a deal though. Heart

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