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Last Journal Entry
Excerpt from Dispaya's Journal - Last Entry

...and so we go North.

This will begin what I know will be the final chapter of my story. My human father often said "life is a circle" and indeed unlife must be the same. Now the time has come for the circle to close.

The tribe is ready. I have prepared them as best I could. The rest will now be up to them. They are a great tribe. They have the ability to make a difference in the coming war. I hope they will bond together and not let the trials ahead tear them asunder.

I will meet my end in the North, for this is something I have forseen and have known for all of my time with this tribe. My only hope is to live long enough to see the day Arthas is finally defeated. He has done far too much damage to the world to be allowed to continue.

This will be my last journal entry. I will leave my crypt under the care of my faithful servant Cadavera, and I will leave Pesky the roach and Whiskers the rat behind to keep her company in my absense. My raptor, Violet, was killed during the scourge invasions, and though her loss has left my undead heart empty, I know she would not have survived in the harsh wilderness of Northrend. For now I will re-conjure Musty, my faithful undead steed for he cannot feel the terrible coldness of that land. Perhaps one day the Trolls will grant me another such mount, however I do not think I will see them again.

I know I will face him again...the dark wizard who made me. I cannot say what the outcome of such an encounter will be. I only know that now he has no where else to go for sanctuary, and our meeting again is now imminent.

I leave this book to whoever might gain insight from the wisdom and journeys contained in it's pages. It is the story of a simple girl who did her best to make a place in the world for those with none. It is the story of a being with many names.

May the world never forget the legacy of the Singerlady, Dispaya of the Darkspears, Adopted daughter of the Warlord Sreng, The White Lady of the Scourge who did her best to make amends, and the most heralded of all, Dispaya Farseer of the great Ironsong Tribe.

May these words and deeds always Sing True to any who read them.

Caroline of Gilneas

Sing True Ironsong!
A note is left on the outside of Dispaya's crypt written in a trollish mannerism. It reads the following:


Dis be da last ting ah ever be writing for da curse that has tormented and seared my body for years has finally reached me internally, both in da body and da spirit. Dere nothing dat can be done. Me strength is giving out with every word dat ah write here, but ah will not perish until ah be telling ya what ah be wanting ta. Da first ting ah wanted ta say is ta tank ya for helping me as much as ya could. Dis curse ah knew would never be lifted, but ya helped me to try to find a way anyway. Ya be a good friend, ya? Ah tanks ya wit every amount of me tormented soul.

Dere be another ting dat ah be wishing ta say before me body gives out. Dis be important, ya? In da past, ah have been able ta predict grave events in da yet ta be seen future. Why dese visions come ta me, ah dunna know...perhaps dey be a side effect of me curse? Who can say. Dis, however, be da last time dat ah ever be predicting anyting. Da North....a place ah would never see....dere be a great enemy of da world. Dey call him Arthas, ya? Da evil Scourge ruler...will test every resolve da Tribe has ta offer, ya? In da days ahead, ya will be tested against dis terrible creature. Dis, however, be not da only single threat ya be facing. Ya be facing da ting dat dis Tribe be facing before...a ting dat always returns no matter where ya all go. Deception. Dat be da ting. Who or what...ah canna say. Even if ah be telling ya, it be already fated. Da Tribe must rise up and meet dese threats...or ya all will perish. Dat be all ah can tell ya.

Me body burns...it be almost time...ah dunna fear death. Ah welcome it wit me arms open. Before ah perish, ah will speak to da Tribe one last time and tell dem briefly what ah be telling ya here. Da pain...it soon be over fa me....at last ah will be free from dis torment...and rejoin me brother in da next life....ah hope...dat he can forgive me.

Me heart and me soul be eternally grateful, Dispaya...me last request...ah be dying here in da Undercity. Please return me body ta Senjin...ah wish ta be buried near da shore...tank ya.

Next to the troll's note is another small piece of paper. The first thing noticeable is that it's a pencil sketched picture.

Petals of some kind fall around a roughly drawn humanoid figure. There is but one small written phrase near the bottom.

So I have seen. - S.G.
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