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Lady Jaina Proudmoore
This fights has three phases and two intermissions.


Marines and Bombs:  You start on a ship in Phase One with Jaina and some Marine adds.  The marines will leave bombs around which blow up -- you can pick them up and throw them off the edge using your special action button.

The marines also fixate on players, but they can be CC'd -- kill them before they reach anyone.

Alliance Ships:  Throughout the phase Alliance ships will come alongside us and bombard our ship, doing a knockback and leaving fiery patches on the ground.  Fight these ships off by using the siege vehicles.  You'll need to hit each ship three times to get rid of it.  There are three siege engines so if each one shoots once the ship will be sunk. We will assign a person to each siege vehicle.

Avalanche on the Tanks:  Sometimes bombardment may set a siege vehicle on fire.  This is helped by Jaina who casts Avalanche on the tank. This debuffs the tank and targets the tank's location with icy projectiles. These will put out the fire.  So when the debuff comes out, the tank should run over the fires to remove them.  But don't clear the whole ship -- leave one patch, as we'll need it later.

Chilling Touch:  We'll need fire patches because Jaina applies Chilling Touch to players with some of her abilities.  This stacks.  If you get 20 stacks, and drop below 80% health, you will be ice blocked.  The ice block needs to be DPSed down but it has a lot of health so this can take a while.  Standing in the fire, however, will remove your stacks.

Tank Swap mechanic:  Jaina doesn't melee, she casts Ice Shard, which stacks.  Tanks should swap around 10-12 stacks of Ice Shard, and run into the fire to reset Chilling Touch stacks.

Ring of Ice:  At 100% energy she'll cast Ring of Ice, which creates a large zone of ice around her.  At the end of her cast those within the ice zone will take damage and be frozen for 30 seconds.  Those beyond will just get rooted.  So when she casts, get out of the ice circle and stand in a fire patch.

She'll also randomly root people with Grasp of Frost -- just dispell this.

She also does a frontal cone and knockback called Freezing Blast.  Tanks face her away.

At 80% health she will cast Time Warp on herself, which buffs her.  We will need to react more quickly to her abilities.

At 60% health the first intermission will begin.


At 80% health Jaina will freeze the ship and cause a storm.  We need to jump off the ship and find her in the storm to interrupt her Howling Winds cast to end the intermission and begin Phase Two.  Our vision is limited and we need to dodge tornadoes (these move back and forth so they are predictable).

She'll also send out Glacial Shards, which will freeze you in an ice block if you are hit.  This is bad as you can be frozen outside the next encounter space.

Rogues can run ahead with Cloak of Shadows up to interrupt her Howling Winds cast quickly.

But there is no need to rush -- it's more important to be careful and avoid all her abilities.


This takes place at Jaina's location on the ice.

Chilling Touch stacks will be applied to everyone every 6 seconds.  The only way to reset the stacks is to use the three unexploded ordinance barrels in the encounter area.  They spawn in the same locations and can only be used once each.

Here's how the barrels work.  The barrels are protected by a shield (Refractive Ice) which we need to get through to explode the barrels and gain their warmth, which resets our stacks.

Jaina helps here, though, by debuffing several players with Broadside.  This will cause a large targeting circle to appear, dealing massive damage to all players in the circle, but also burning off the refractive ice from any barrels.  So when the debuffs come in, the debuffed player needs to stand on top of a barrel to remove its shield.  But don't kill the barrel right away -- wait until the raid is around 12 stacks, then kill the barrel, which makes it explode.  Once it explodes it will cast burning explosion in an orange circle.  Standing inside this circle will give you the warmth buff, resetting your Chilling Touch stacks.  At the end of its cast the barrel will explode, damaging anyone still in the circle, so at the last moment make sure to get out the circle before it explodes.

Tanks will still get hit by Ice Shard, as in Phase One, but it won't be possible to reset their stacks every time, so tank just swap the moment you are frozen.  DPS must switch to the ice blocked tank to free the tank up.

Avalanche still happens to the tank too.  You leave patches of frost behind, so drop these far from the raid.  These patches of frost also cast hands of frost projectiles, which apply stacks of Chilled Touch.  The root from them can be dispelled.

Watch out for Glacial Ray, targeted at a random player, as it does a lot of damage and a lot of stacks to anyone hit.

Watch out for Icefall, which marks on the encounter space.  A mass of comets will fall in a line across the room, starting from the mark.  Getting hit does a lot of damage and leaves a line across the room.  Move toward the next barrel so you don't get blocked off.

Siegebreaker Blast debuffs one player with massive raidwide damage when it expires.  Move far away.

At 30% health the second intermission starts.  She'll teleport to the middle of the room and reset our stacks.


She will cast Flash Freeze, which creates a circle that grows until it covers the entire room.  Anyone caught will be ice blocked, and if her cast finishes, those who are ice blocked will be killed.  To stop this we need to fight our way AWAY from Jaina by killing the ice wall near the last barrel.  It has a lot of health -- we will need to use DPS cooldowns to get it down before the Flash Freeze reaches us.

Once through it we enter a narrow corridor, with Nathanos in an ice block at the far end, with a Tide Elemental add.  Freeing Nathanos stops Jaina's Flash Freeze.  She'll cast Arcane Barrage which creates targeting circles under players' feet, so we need to keep moving.  Get the Elemental BACK to the arena, avoiding its abilities.  Kill it, interrupt Jaina, and Phase Three begins.


Phase Three is similar to Phase Two, except that there is NO heat source, so there is NO WAY to reset our Chilling Touch stacks.  So we need to kill her before we all get frozen.  We'll also need to break the tanks out of their ice blocks periodically.

When a player IS frozen, Jaina will spawn a Shattering Lance next to her and, after 7 seconds, she will fire it toward the frozen player, which damages everyone in its path and does TRIPLE damage to the frozen player.  This is not enough to kill them, especially if they're topped up, but if multiple people are frozen near each other and they get hit by multiple lances, it could one-shot people.

Jaina will also spawn Prismatic Image adds, which are images of her that copy some of her spells.  These need to be killed quickly.

Once the first one dies, she will cast Glacial Ray.  Get out of it and avoid the ground effect.

Take Broadside out of the raid, move away from Icefall.

She'll also cast a massive frontal cone called Crystalline Dust -- face her away from the raid.

Dealing with the stacks of Chilling Touch:  I am not sure how much we need to deal with this on Normal.  I am assuming that we will avoid mechanics at different rates so that people get frozen at different times, which means that some people will get frozen and others will be available to break them out, then other will get frozen, and so forth.

However... if it looks like we are gaining stacks at the same rate, then we'll all get frozen at the same time, and there will be nobody to break us out.  Therefore, if this is a problem, we will need to make sure that some people pick up additional stacks so that they'll get frozen sooner, get broken out, and are available to break out others.

Here's a way to do this:

Aim to kill her before each player is frozen more than once.  This requires a "break out team" who will be responsible for breaking out the rest of the raid when they get frozen.  They need to free the raid quickly, before any of the lances hit.  This team should be full of AoE DPS with high on-demand burst damage:  Demon Hunters, Ret Paladins, Shadow Priests.

After the raid is freed, the boss should die before everyone gets 20 stacks again.  The break-out team simply moves into melee before they get tombed and are broken out by cleaves.

Then kill her before everyone gets frozen again.

Note:  if a player dies and doesn't benefit from bloodlust, you can cast bloodlust AGAIN later in the fight for that player, and Jaina will ice block again for 20 seconds, which gives us 20 more seconds to get the fight under control.

(On Heroic, the majority of the raid stacks on the Orb (Heroic mechanic) to soak it and gain stacks, then after the first add when she casts Glacial Ray which leaves behind a ground effect that applies stacks, this group stands in the ground effect.  They will get frozen, we will Bloodlust (Jaina stops doing most of her abilities during our Bloodlust) and the AoE group will break them out.

And here's a high-coordination, easy-to-mess-up strategy which is likely not required on Normal:  Divide the raid into three, and have each group gain stacks deliberately at different times.  Then each third will get frozen together -- they can even stack before the freeze so the rest of the raid can AoE and cleave them out.  If they are broken out before 7 seconds then we don't need to worry about the Shattering Lance.  If it takes more than 7 seconds, then our groups will need to spread out a bit more to avoid getting hit by multiple lances.)

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