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Lady Ashvane Heroic
Hi all,

Lady Ashvane is a DPS and gear check.  I've done some reading on tips for getting h down:

Three-shield strategy:

We should aim to get her down in three shields -- in other words, kill her during the third shield break.  This means getting her to about 65-60% on the first shield break, and to 25-20% or so on the second.  Then we go nuts on the third shield break to finish off the last <third.

The more damage we can do during the earlier shield breaks, the better, because the mechanics and healing will be INTENSE during the third shield break -- we may have very little room to stand, lots of bubbles to soak, and lots of raid damage.  So:

* Use DPS cooldowns for the first shield, and Bloodlust on the second or third (experiment.  Need to allocate raid's burst DPS to get her down in three shields).

* Get rid of the corals in the the shield-break phase to cut down on bubble soaks later.  Need to work on this.

* Stagger coral-bubble soaking as they inflict raid-wide damage.

* Tanks stack cutting coral patches efficiently as the room can easily fill up on the third shield break.  (Note:  if we have plenty of healing, tanks can take barnacle bash while briefly standing in cutting coral and thus drop a new patch onto an old one, conserving space).

* Drag the boss onto the briny bubble prisons so DPS can cleave the trapped players down.  As on Tuesday, players with bubble can run a little ahead of the boss, against the wall, so it's easy for the raid to reach them.

* Healers:  shouldn't need CDs on first shield.  Use CDs for second and third shield breaks.

* May need an additional healer to survive the third shield break.

Two-shield strategy:

Ultimately it would be good to get her down in two shields.  This involves using cooldowns on the first shield break and Bloodlust on the second, and hitting her with everything we've got + ignoring mechanics during Bloodlust:

* Prepot and use 1-minute cooldowns on the pull.

* Use DPS cooldowns for the first shield break (everything but Lust), and Bloodlust + cooldowns + potion on the second shield break.  Go nuts during bloodlust:  all remaining cooldowns, healers DPS too, ignore arcing azerite and other mechanics during bloodlust.  Use warrior shout, darkness, and call for players to use cookies and health pots.  Healers have CD rotation on second shield break.
Suggestion for Thursday:  for the three-shield strategy, use Bloodlust on the third shield (as opposed to the second vulnerable period, which is what we have been doing).

So far we have been dying during that third shield, which lasts a long time because it has so much health.  So Bloodlust it down, then kill her during the third vulnerable period.

We'd need to get her down by 35-40% in each vulnerable phase, which should be do-able.  We'd use personal cooldowns during those vulnerable phases to help with that.

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