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In a room in the Falconwing Square inn, a beautiful female elf begins to write her application for entrance into the Ironsong Tribe.

Hello, my name is Kure'ei. At least, that is what I am called now. It means "redeemed one" in the Draenei and Eredun languages. I have no titles to speak of. I am a paladin by trade, as well as a member of the blood knights.

She pauses, thinking of just how to word the next part, then begins writing again.

I remember very little of my past. My earliest memory is of waking up to see the naaru A'dal, the draenei prophet Velen, and the blood knight leader Lady Liadrin standing over me. Everything before that is a blur. Sometimes I get the feeling that I have done terrible things, and I see flashbacks of these in my dreams, but they are forgotten when I awaken. In any case, I am now a devoted follower of the light and the horde.

I have began studying inscription and herbalism, as well as fishing. I sometimes like to experiment with new recipes over the campfire when I have the time.

As far as I can remember, I have never been in any clans, tribes, or guilds.

I have heard many great and awe inspiring tales about your tribe and its members. I feel that it would be a great honor to fight alongside such mighty people. I have not had any real interaction with members of your tribe, but I hope that will change soon.
(( unless you count asking Gashna about how to join. she was really helpful and nice Big Grin Smile ))

My greatest trial would have to have been mastering my magical addiction. It is very difficult to keep it under control, as I'm sure some of you can relate. I believe I have found a temporary way to releave the pain and I will be happy to share it with those who need it. The second hardest thing would be my paladin training. Those big swords don't swing themselves.

My first goal would be to re-discover my past of course. Even if I never get my memories back, it would be nice to have a real name. My next goal would be to see the land of Quel'thalas restored, then perhaps the rest of the world would follow. My third goal is to see peace restored to Azeroth, if not for our sake but the sake of our children and our children's children. My final goal is to find love in the arms of another, although my scars will most likely keep me from that.

She pauses, pondering the next question for awhile, then writes down: I would have to say the thing I like most about my travels is the interesting people I meet. The beauty of Ashenvale cannot be forgotten either. I suppose I enjoy pretty much everything about my travels.

I have read your laws and find them not only agreeable, but utterly fair.

Kure'ei putts down her quill, reads through it one last time, then leaves to post the message on the totem.
*Velandra eyes the application with one hand on the jagged scar on her face while the other held the massive axe on her shoulder and attachs a note to the application*

Greetings I am the Master Blood Knight and second-in-command of the warchiefs elite forces Velandra "Tutelary" Lightblade. I am also a pround member of the Ironsong Tribe and your wish to join is a good thing but I believe that our minister of culture and recruitment mentioned that the Ironsong will not be accepting new applicants as we prepare to venture into the frozen north. So do not be disheartend if you are not allowed admission for a while hold on and I'm sure that your application will be considered.

P.S. The orc believe that scars are marks of honor and are not something to be ashamed of.

((I couldn't find Dergash's post but its somewhere so if you really want to join you might have to wait a while. But very good application imo. ^.^))
((alrighty then. I suppose i can wait awhile *wink*. I've been reading some of the other posts and was wondering, even though i'm not a member can i still come to moots? They sound like a lot of fun so i thought i'd ask. if not thats fine too. Thanks for reading!))
Anyone is welcome at a Tribe moot, as long as they show respect to the other people there and accord themselves in a proper manner. Moots are held every Thursday at 6pm Orgrimmar (server) time in a random location. Contact myself or any guild member on the day for the location.

Right now we are evaluating if we should close guild recruitment for a time. Given that your application is technically in before the "official" announcement I think we will let it stand. However, I would encourage you to attend as many events with the guild as you can, as well as participate with guild members in raids or questings. We will shortly be requiring all new applicants to have a guilded sponsor, so you will want to make yourself known to us.
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