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Krothos Stormhoof
I, Krothos Stormhoof of Mulgore, Eldest of my Family come before the Ironsong Tribe seeking a place among those who honored me by allowing my voice to be heard at your recent Moot. My Sister Nicorah and Friends Gholjan and Zeengo have spoken well of you all, and their words paled before what I came to know that night.

I have wanders the lands of Azeroth for sometime, and until recently had lost my way. I longed for more than what I saw before me. I was empty, my spirit longing for so much more. When I was young I yearned for the glory of the hunt, but in time, the kill did not bring pleasure, the blood did not quench my thirst. I had mastered the Art of Elemental Leatherworking, First Aid, and Skinning. I had reached my Sixtieth Rank among the Hunters of Mulgor. I had helped to found a Group that would continue on after my departure, in which my youngest brother might lead one day…but where was my place in the world I knew? Without strong comrades at my side, what glories could I find in the days ahead? My way is the way of Honor. My way is the way of the Land and of the Hunt. Where would I be welcomed where my skills could be honed to what I longed to be? I lost my faith, in myself and my goals….and I wandered.

Eventually my path lead me to my Home, and I consulted the Elders. A Vision quest it was said would help me find my path, and that part of myself which I had lost….My Spirit for the Hunt, for Victory. I have returned to find my Sister among the Ironsong tribe, and I see she has found what I had so long sought. A place where my skills can be tested, and where I can fight with Honor for the Horde once again.

Once I was I held the rank of Sergeant, I have found I have been placed among the Scouts of the Horde in my absence. I will again get to test myself against those of the Alliance that have defiled the land my people have walked. This is not their land, it is Our’s and they shall not take it. I have fought along side the Argent Dawn against the Scourge, A Blasphemy against all that is Natural. I have however seen true Honor among those who’s will have broken the shackles that once held them. What I respect among the Ironsong Tribe was clear to me the night I attended your Moot. Many of different backgrounds, but one Tribe, one people.

I place my mark among you. I wish to be one of the Blood of the Ironsong.

((OOC: I have read and will abide by the CoC))
Krothos Stormhoof
Hunter of Mulgore
Scout of the Horde
Moots, thursdays, attend.

That is all.
My Apologies but I was detained this evening and unable to attand. I shall however make it a point to ensure I am available for the next Moot and shall speak to Gholjan and my sister Nicorah to be certain I know where to find you.
Krothos Stormhoof
Hunter of Mulgore
Scout of the Horde
She reads, and re-reads her brother's words. Then silently stabs the old worn dagger he had given her when they were younger into the note. Then turned and strode off.

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