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Krosus Nutshell Guide
We will be attempting Krosus first thing tonight.

Krosus is largely a single-target encounter with a single phase.  This fight is a DPS check, requiring high DPS to beat the enrage timer.  The mechanics and strategy are pretty straightforward.


Krosus is a single-phase fight with a SIX MINUTE ENRAGE TIMER.  We will mostly fight Krosus, but he'll occasionally spawn Fire Elementals.  The fight takes place on a LONG, NARROW BRIDGE, which Krosus will shorten over the course of the fight.  There will be a clear line showing where the break will occur, everyone make sure they're behind the line.

Slam:  Cast every 30 seconds.  Lethal raid-wide damage UNLESS players soak each of the circles where he slams his fists, which reduces raid damage to survivable levels.  The soaker will take high physical damage and should use cooldown.
--> Tanks soak all the slams.  Non-tanks can soak them in an emergency but this will probably be lethal (which may be worth it if a tank is down).  Melee be very aware of the slam zones so you don't get one-shotted.

Bridge Smash:  Every 90 seconds Krosus will break the bridge, making it shorter and shorter over the course of the fight.  Anyone who falls off the bridge into the water is instantly killed.  The bridge will be destroyed completely at the fourth Bridge Smash, wiping the raid -- that's the hard enrage timer.

Searing Brand (anti-tank attack):  Stacking debuff applied to the current target.

Fel Beam:  High damage beam attack.  Krises will raise one of his arms and fire a beam that will go the length of the bridge on one side, hitting everything in its path.
-->  Get out of the beam.  Watch for his raised arm, then run to the other side of the bridge.  The beam takes up 3/5 of the bridge's width so get past the middle.

Orb of Destruction:  Targets a random ranged player with an orb which deals fire damage to the raid after a 5 second grace period.  The damage taken is reduced by distance from the impact.
--> Targeted player should run to the BACK of the bridge.  We can place a warlock gate to make this easier.

Burning Pitch:  He'll cast multiple green void zones on the ground. If they are not soaked, they'll spawn a Burning Ember add which will cast Felburst (ranged attack that damages everyone within 5 yards of the impact point.)  If soaked, the soaker will take moderate fire damage.
--> Everyone spread out and soak as many void zones as possible. Kill the adds that do spawn.

Isolated Rage:  obligate melee range spell.  He casts this if nobody is actively engaged in melee combat.

* Soak ALL the Slams
* Taunt every 7-10 stacks of Searing Brand.  After the initial taunt swap it is safe to trade every time the other tank's stacks fall off.

* Kill the Burning embers
* If you get an Orb take it to the back of the bridge.

* Don't get hit by the Fel Beam
* Soak Burning Pitch void zones to minimize spawns of Burning Embers
* Don't fall off the bridge as it is shortened.

We'll Bloodlust on the pull.
Here is the Line of Sight two-minute guide for Krosus.  Please watch this!


Overview:  Krosus is a single-phase, largely single-target DPS race.  It takes place on a bridge and has a 6 minute hard enrage timer.  Krosus stands in the water at the end of the bridge, and every 90 seconds he'll knock a piece of the bridge off.  If you fall in the water, you will be instantly killed.  He'll do this four times, and the fourth time the last part of the bridge will fall in, wiping the raid.  This is his hard enrage timer.

Positioning:  Tanks and melee will stand in front of Krosus, with ranged and healers in the center of the bridge at max range.  As pieces of bridge fall off, we'll be backing up along the bridge.  As the bridge gets shorter the ranged should get closer to melee.

Tank-swap mechanic:  Tanks will get stacks of Searing Brand, a stacking DoT.  Taunt at 7-9 stacks.  After the initial swap you can taunt every time the other tank's stacks fall off.

Krosus will blast one side of the bridge with Fel Beam.  Watch for his raised arm (which indicates which side of the bridge he will blast) and move to the other side of the bridge.

Krosus will target a random ranged raid member with Orb of Destruction.  Damage is higher the closer players are to the impact point, so the targeted player should run to the BACK of the bridge to receive the orb to minimize raid damage.  Raid-wide damage will get higher as the bridge gets shorter.  When we're down to one bridge section the targeted player should run to one back corner of the bridge while the rest of the raid moves to the opposite front corner to maximize distance.

Krosus will scatter Burning Pitch swirly green void zones on the bridge.  There will be one swirl per raid member.  If these aren't soaked, an add will spawn.  We will divide the raid into groups with responsibility for covering different sections of the bridge, front to back.  The shorter the bridge gets the more condensed the swirls will be.  If swirls are on top of each other a player can soak more than one.  On later phases we'll assign a group to each quarter of the remaining platform.

Every 30 seconds Krosus will Slam the ground in front of him with both fists.  The impact points are indicated with yellow concentric circles.  The tanks should soak both of these -- decide who gets which side.  With the second slam we'll see the bridge crack, with the third slam the section will fall into the water. Melee and tanks need to run behind the big crack before the third slam.

Early in the fight, the biggest challenge will be soaking all the Burning Pitch due to the size of the bridge.

Later in the fight the biggest issue will be the Orb of Destruction due to the limited space available to run the explosion away.

We'll bloodlust at the start of the fight.

Quick summary:
--> Soak the Burning Pitch patches
--> Do the Felbeam dance
--> Tanks soak the Slams
--> Tanks do your Searing Brand swap
--> Run the orb as far back as possible.

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