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Kriistle's Request
Hello, I am Scout Kriistle. Grunt used to be my title until I went raiding with the wrong folks and poor undeserving patrons were slain thus stripping the rank from me.

Since my youth I have chosen to follow the Druids in their teachings. I am of the 60th season, with very much still to accomplish.

The professions that I have chosen to take up has been cooking, skinning, first aid and enchanting. I knew that I wanted to pursue enchanting, saw the benefits of cooking and first aid, but skinning became my small source of income to help me with my travels.

I come from a different world than yours. The lands are identical but the world has a different name. The guild I am with is called Dark Democracy and while it is a good raiding guild, the world it is on does not offer the self expression that your world does. While I will miss many dearly, your world calls to me.

I am still on the world of Durotan, but my friend Brilyna came to your world to seek a home that we could express ourselves more fully. Once Brilyna was here, she sought out others for information that could lead her to like kind. Noram, took the time to talk with her and invited her to your weekly moot. She listened intently and watched others as they interacted with one another and could see us benefiting from The Ironsong Tribe as well as contributing to it as well. So after much effort to get in touch with me, Brilyna's excitement and joy of finding The Ironsong Tribe has led me to this totem to seek home.

Certainly, there have been many trials along the way to reaching the 60th season, but I don't believe there has been any that I would say were greater than the others. Unless you mean the creatures in Molten Core, Black Wing Lair and such. I've seen a few creatures take out parties again and again, blood shed that makes one cringe at just the idea. /shudder I have not laid eyes on Onyxia however. There are tasks still unfinished as of yet before I will receive that honor.

My goals, that is truly a tough question to face. There are many things to do and to accomplish. I truly have no set goals ahead of me.

What I most enjoy about Azeroth....again, another tough question to face. There are so many things to enjoy. The people, the towns, the honor and the challenges to behold. I enjoy it all.

It would seem I missed one of your questions that you request on your totem, and that is to tell you about myself. I'm a Tauren Druid that is kind and loves to help others. Seeing me succeed in challenges or others succeed is all the same to me. It brings great joy to me when someone else is joyous. There is a vast empathy in my heart for others. I have experience raiding and slaughtering creatures with others. I have been through Molten Core, Black Wing Layer, ZG, and AQ20 (pardon for using initials only). To keep up with the guild I am currently a part of I have missed a lot of dungeons and new areas of exploration. There is so much to see and do and I would like those chance to grow with a family and have them show to me all of the things I have missed. I would love to leave my hoofprints in new areas. Of all that I have seen, I am still an humble druid.

I have read the code of contact and do agree with all that was written.
Code of conduct that is, not contact. My apologies, this druid is a wee bit tired.
(( I have started the process of transfering from Durotan. The draw for me to make the transition has been RP motivated. I played EQ for a very long time on the Friona Vie server which was RP. When I came to WoW, I went to the server that friends of mine from the EQ server had went.

I have very much missed the RP experience. I have quite literally been on every RP servers and Silver Hand offers the best RP experience in my experience. Then I met The Ironsong Tribe as Brilyna and found home.

While it saddens me to leave guildies, RP is what I want. They say it takes up to 5 days for the transfer. I'm resto spec'd 10/0/41, currently with a +317 Healing. My FR still needs some work, I have a mere 130ish.

I'm very much the team player, and will help out where ever I can, so please while Kriistle may be a new presence among you, don't hesitate to ask for help. I look forward to have Kriistle here, I'm a tad impatient .. up to 5 days *boggle* ))
Hi Kriistle,

Well met!

First of all Ironsong is a Role Playing & family orientated tribe.
While we do run instances as a tribe, it is not our primary focus (I am mentioning this because, we do not run some of the instances that you participated in your former world).

I’d like to invite you to come to our Tribal meeting Thursday night (the location is usually posted by Wednesday – so just ask any Ironsonger to tell you) you can get a ‘taste’ of Ironsong, and we can get to know you too.
Vote Akora for MA!

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