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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Krahg, orc of Kalimdor. In my dreams, journeys into the spirit realm, I have walked many paths. I have nurtured life and balance as a druid. I have explored the mysteries of the arcane as a mage. I have even walked the tragic path of a deathknight. But these were dreams of other lives, shown to me by spirit guides as they taught me their ways. In this life, I walk the path of the Shaman, communing with the spirits and the very elements. In this life, I have much to atone for, and the road is not easy.

My father before me was Shaman, long ago on Draenor. He was one of those few that cursed us all, one of the few that were lured by Gul'dan into that dark pact that had such a terrible price. This I did not see, for it was before my time. I was born on Azeroth after the second war. While our people lived like dogs in the human internment camps, my mother and I hid in the mountains. It was here, early, that I heard the calls of the elements. My first and only friends as a child. Mother spoke little of father, but when she did there was pain, and spite, and anger, but also sorrow. My father, oh how I hated him, though my own memories of him were vague.

In time, the spirits revealed to me what I did not know of my father. The proud man of his youth that many were glad to call wise and friend. The hardened man, who later made a fool's bargain. The dark man who was old before his time, a Warlock, who only too late saw what he had done. He never got the chance to make things right.

Bah, but enough of this sentimentality. Know only this. I have a debt passed on from my father that I must repay. Honor demands it, and if it eases my father's torment in the after life, for this too I would be glad.

The one you know as Turinis, I knew, but not as you know him now. In my youth avoiding capture and internment, I had no love for humans. There was one however, that treated me with respect and kindness, even if I could not claim friendship. A simple farm hand, who's name I never knew. It was a lean winter, and poor hunting drew me closer to the human fields than was safe. I was tracking a small dog. Not a good meal, but a needed one. I had trapped it on the outskirts of a small farm, and was about to deliver a fatal blow, when a young human man cried out. I could see on his face, concern for the beast and love. Though my stomach complained loudly, I could not take this beast's life. It was days later before hunting and foraging brought me in the area again. I was wary that I would now find soldiers eager to capture a free orc, but hunger would not be silenced. To my surprise, at the precise spot where I had encountered the man and the dog, I found a small sack of root vegetables. I am no thief, but the meaning could not have been clearer.

Each week, for the remainder of the winter, I found another sack. I would leave behind whatever I thought might interest a human. Animal skins and chunks of shiny metals from the mountains. I also would request the elements around the farm to treat it kindly. How his neighbors must have wondered how his farm was spared the worst of winter's wrath!

I met him more recently, and the spirits whispered to me "This is the same man, though tragedy was his fate. It can be no coincidence that you have been brought back together. Your paths are entwined. Though they may be dark paths, you must see where they lead." Perhaps redemption for a man left dead is a good start for redeeming a father...

Turinis has informed me of the Ironsong Tribe's Code of Conduct, and this I can swear to when the time is right.
Yes I am aware of this one. He could have easily have killed me back then to ensure my silence, but for whatever reason he chose not to. A few root vegetables from my personal rations were a small price to pay for that kindness. I will leave it to the Tribe to determine his worthiness, but I would support his inclusion.

((OOC: Krahg is my roommate and about as solid a player as I have seen. Good dpser, decent tank and when he plays a healer usually one of the best you can snag for your group.))
Started peonship 12/17/09
Stalkinghoof, 85th level Tauren Hunter
Krinar Cloudcleaver, 85th level Tauren Warrior
Zerthis Waterwalker, 85th level Orc Shaman

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