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Kragmar's application to serve.
I am Kragmar, I am young so I do not hold any titles of strength or rank, yet.
I am ((currently)) a 16th season Warrior of the Fury specialization.
I have recently awoken from what I am told was a deep coma, the doctors at Horde Trauma had taken me under their care for what I am told has been a matter of years.

From what I can remember of my history and breeding is only my Sire's name, Krazmagh, and from what I have uncovered from dark and shadowy books, he was merely a petty warlock, and I strive to rid myself of his cursed blood through proving myself to Thrall and all the members of the Horde.

I am a blacksmith by trade, forging weapons and armor from ingots of metal that I smelt personally. I take great pride in my skill as a smithy and hope to one day rival the greatest armorsmiths upon Azeroth.

The only clan I have been in was FEW, a honorable guild, but lacking of what I want. ((roleplay)) ((my main's guild, I would leave for the Ironsong Clan as him, but my gf would kill me))

I would risk a guess that Master Kretol has made me take an interest in joining the Ironsong Clan. I have witnessed many feats of valor done by him, and his avid love for the Horde.

The greatest trial I have ever faced in reality was mustering the courage to write this application. I am fearful that I should make a mistake and be punished, but will try my absolute best to work hard and master my words.

My goal in life is to become a great and respected armorsmith, the reason behind it is care for life. Do not get me wrong, I cherish the opportunity to cleave an elf in half, but I care for my comrades, and I wish to forge them armor of protection and power to help them further their goals as well.

I have been stricken with "wanderlust" apparently, and love the opportunities to venture forth in the world with friends and allies.

Zug zug, I have read the rules, and would cherish the opportunity to carry them out.
Kretol only deals punishment to the Alliance, besides that he is Carebear Smile
Vote Akora for MA!
-thinks- -remembers he isnt supposed to think-
I am not a thinker, thinking is for mages and scholars.

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