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Kormrok Nutshell Guide
Kormrok is a single-phase encounter.  We fight Kormrok himself, and at certain points, we will also fight similar adds.  The fight revolves around the boss empowering some of his abilities, causing them to be much more dangerous.  When an ability is empowered, Kormrok also temporarily gains a new ability.

The room plays an important role here.  There are three large colored pools of energy in the room, each one near an edge.  One is purple (shadow), one is orange (fire), and one is green (nature).  Two minutes after the fight begins, and every two minutes thereafter, Kormrok will jump into whichever pool is closest to him.  (In order to revisit that pool, he must first have leaped into the two others.  If he’s closest to a pool he’s already jumped in, he’ll choose the next-closest).

When he jumps into a pool, he’ll do raid-wide damage (shadow, fire, or nature) and becomes empowered with the energy from that specific pool for 2 minutes.  This empowers an ability associated with that pool AND grants him a new tank-only ability for the same two minutes.

Players standing in any of these pools take high damage.


* Leap.  He Leaps into a pool.
* Pound:  heavy physical damage to all raid members and anyone else within 4 yards of them for 4 seconds.
—> Use healing cooldowns.  Spread out lightly for Pound, which happens every 60 seconds.

* Fel Outpouring: Purple globules spawn from the purple pool and travel erratically across the room, eventually disappearing.  Can’t be attacked.  Do damage if touched.  Empowered by purple pool.
Empowered version:  globules spawn from all three pools, tripling the number of globules, which move in different directions.  
Anti-tank ability: Swat:  knockback + damage inversely proportional to distance traveled when knocked back.  Also applies Fel Touch to the tank, a stacking debuff that increases magical damage taken by tank.  Requires a tank swap.
—>  stay away from the globules.  Close to the purple pool it’s easier.  When empowered, try the door.

* Explosive Runes: 5 runes placed on the ground which slowly expand in size over 15 seconds.  Can be absorbed / detonated by players running over them, which does damage in an 9 yard radius.  If the runes are not absorbed within 15 seconds of spawning, the entire raid takes massive fire damage.  Empowered by orange pool.
Empowered version:  the 5 runes spawn in a circle shape.  Running over a rune will absorb it, BUT will also cause it to respawn roughly 8 yards in front of the player who ran through it.  They don’t spawn on top of existing ones, though, nor do they respond if there are no other runes left.
Anti-tank ability:  Explosive Burst:  10-second stun + massive fire damage to all raid members within 40 yards of the tank when the stun expires.  Also applies Fel Touch debuff (stacking debuff that requires a tank switch).
—> Raid members must detonate them.  Use defensive cooldowns.
—> When empowered, raid members should try to “cattle herd: the runes together by “pushing them” toward a central point.  Raid members form a vague circle and run on top of their runes at about the same time.  Eventually the runes will meet in the middle and become a final explosive rune that disappears entirely when detonated.

* Grasping Hands: All raid members except for tanks are grabbed by attackable adds called Grasping Hands that spawn from the ground.  Deals moderate damage to grabbed player and anyone else in a 4 yard radius.  Grabbed players are crushed until they die or until hand is killed.  Grasped players can’t move but can attack.  Empowered by green pool.
Empowered Version:  Dragging Hands:  these are like the Grabbing Hands but they ALSO pull affected players to the nearest pool.  Pools do a lot of damage to if players are dragged into them they’ll die quickly.  Dragging Hands can’t be CC’d or tanked.
Anti-tank ability:  Foul Crush:  Grabs the tank with a Crushing Hand, similar to a Grasping Hand, but which deals much more damage and has much higher health.  The hand stuns the tank, and when it is killed, it debuffs the tank with the same Fel Touch that requires a tank swap.
—> Kill the tank’s hand quickly.
—> Group up for the Hands, but remain least 4 yards away as the hands do damage within a 4 yard radius.  Kill the hands quickly, especially if a Pound is coming up.  Hands + pound = wipe.
—> For dragging hands, run toward the same pool so entire raid can be dragged toward the same one, and we can help each other.  Use DPS cooldowns for the Dragging Hands.

5 minutes and 40 seconds in to the fight Kormrok becomes Enraged.  He gains attack speed and uses all his abilities more often, and ALL the pools become empowered at once.


Empowerment order.  The Shadow pool is the most problematic, so it should be the last one Kormrok jumps in, each cycle.  This way we may kill him before he reaches that point.  We choose whether Fire or Nature goes first.


* Handling Swat:  The tank WANTS to be knocked far back with Swat, as its damage is inversely proportional to distance knocked back.  Experiment with positioning to balance distance of knockback, damage taken, and time spent running back.  Once Swat is cast, the other tank should pick the boss up.
* When one tank gets Explosive Burst, the other one should taunt Kormrok and THE ENTIRE RAID SHOULD MOVE 40 YARDS AWAY FROM AFFECTED TANK. This must happen within 10 seconds.
* When a tank is affected by Foul Crush (the hand) the other tank must taunt the boss and the DPS must kill the Crushing Hand quickly.


* Spread out lightly as Pound affects people within 4 yards.  Pound is cast on a 60 second cooldown so we can spread out for that.
* The globules of Fel Outpouring:  move toward the entrance of the room as it’s easier to avoid the globules there.
* Stack up for Grasping/Dragging Hands as this allows for AoE.


At the start, as the 5:40 enrage does not vary.
Nutshell's nutshell version

Single phase fight with Kormrok empowering himself with energy pools around the room.  We'll Bloodlust at the pull.  He enrages at 5:40.

* Frequently casts raid-wide splash damage called Pound.  Spread out 4 yards to reduce damage.

* Five Explosive Runes spawn on the ground in a pentagon shape, lasting 15 sec.  If nobody steps on a rune it'll explode for raid-wide damage.  Raid members must use mitigation and run over them.

* Grasping Hands.  Like Kromog.  All players except tanks are grasped and rooted by a hand, taking damage and dealing splash damage.  Raid stack loosely and AoE.

* Fel Outpouring.  Globules pour out of purple pool.  Don't tank next to this pool.  Avoid globs.

Every 2 minutes boss jumps into a pool, empowering one of the previous three abilities.

* Empowered Explosive Runes:  When detonated rune respawns a few yards in front of player who ran over it.  Rid runes by forcing them to overlap each other.  To do this, 5 players face center of room and detonate first runes at the same time, forcing runes toward the middle.  Maintain pattern and herd them toward the middle so they spawn on top of each other.  Player activates the last one and it disappears.
Note:  Tank will be rooted in place then 10 sec later will EXPLODE for 40-yard raid-wide damage.  Tank switch and all move away from the rooted tank.

* Empowered Dragging Hands:  While grasped, players will be dragged slowly to the closest pool.  If you reach the pool, will take huge damage.  When boss jumps into the green pool, all players run to center so we'll have enough time to AoE the hands down.
Note:  Tank will be grasped by a hand which stuns/crushes the tank.  Break tank out asap.

* Empowered Fel Outpouring:  Globws spawn from all the pools.  Fight in a more corner area so we won't have to dodge as many globs.
Note:  Boss will Swat the Main Tank, knocking him far away.  Tank swap and make sure tank's back is not toward a pool.  Easiest to be knocked toward entrance.

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