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Knights of the Flag disbanding
Posted by Kyre on the SH realm forums:

"The Knights of the Flag will be disbanded next Saturday July 29.

Due to The Knights being one of the older guilds on Silver Hand, and that it is part of many people's memory of events I felt it right to announce this here.

Over the last few months The Knights have lost many of its older members. It started with a core few members, but due to the nature of The Knights being quite a tight nit group a chain of departures occoured.

Kinships and families had formed in The Knights, and if one person departs, another is tied to them, which created a chain reaction of departures.

Initially I felt the Knights would continue on steadily, but as members leave of a guild which is based more on a quality of kinship than anything else, the guild loses its sense of identity.

The initial departures were likely sparked by leadership choices of mine, which while I stand by, were likely ultimately responsible for the departures. The cumalitive loss of more and more quality people changed the Knights into something I do not believe it could quite recover from.

The Knights of the Flag were formed on February 19, of 2005. Its purpose was to create and encourage honorable PvP combat on our server back when there were no honor points, when there were no battlegrounds, when there was no permanent /pvp mode. I fully believe The Knights acomplished that goal.

The final parade of the Knights

A final parade of The Knights of the Flag will begin at 5:30 PM in Stormwind next Saturday. All former Knights are welcome to attend, as well are anyone else who wishes to attend. At the conclusion of the parade the guild will be officially disbanded.

Thanks to all the great Knights I have had the pleasure of leading. And of course thank you to the Horde who would attack Alliance locations to give our guild a purpose."

While it would be disruptive for us to show up en masse as Ironsong, I wanted to give folks with Alliance alts or who wanted to create Alliance alts for this purpose a chance to attend. The Knights have been part of the warp and weft of Silver Hand RP for a long while and deserve a big send-off.

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
I hate to hear this.
That sucks. I always did like them. Maybe I'll wake Fenna up and take her over there.
"You can never run from trouble, 'cause there ain't no place that far." - Scissor Sisters, "Lights"
I'd bring Aramis, but I have to work that day. That, and she never like Kyre IC.

As a player I must admit I do like Kyre, and I liked his guild. Pity that they are breaking up. There are so many guilds I would want to see shatter, and a good one goes down instead. I just hope they had a fun run while they were at it.
It has been a while, my friends. Time to come back in time.
I think I'll take Kynes along for that if I can. It's sad too, cause I was seriously considering moving my paladin over to KotF.
[Image: 85443.png][Image: 85444.png]
Heh, Rawne will be there...
This is a sad day indeed for the Server Silver Hand. Losing Knights of the Flag is a blow not only to the RP community, but possibly to the World PvP community, obviously Zandier wil be there.
"Is it any wonder, under such a burden, they seemed mad? We all have found ourselves railing against them and later consoling them. Theirs was a burden we each bore but a fraction. They shouldered it, and in the end, it crushed them."
I have a nice story semi-related to this.

I saw one of the knights of the flag, pvp enabled and losing a battle to 3 minions in the foyer of Black Rock Depths. He knew I could have ganked him, but I decided to try to save him. I pulled aggro off two of the mininos, but his wounds were too severe and he fell to the minions.

And then I got a thank you tell from a horde friend of the Knights of the Flag thanking me for my attempts to save him. I wished him well in his future and told him best wishes from Ironsong.

Ah feel good story hugs all around.
Vote Akora for MA!

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