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King Rastakhan
This is a four phase fight.  In Phase One, we fight Rastakhan and two adds.

PHASE ONE:  Rastakhan and his bodyguards

The fight starts with 2 adds, shortly followed by Rastakhan himself.  During this phase Rastakhan takes any damage he receives and splits it between his 3 adds.

One tank should pick up Rastakhan, while the other picks up the adds.  Tank them all on top of each other.  

Rastakhan's Abilities:

Rastakhan's tank will also be hit with Scorching Detonation.  This is a damaging channeled spell.  When the channel ends the tank explodes, doing large drop-off damage to the raid.  This can be reduced by having the tank run far from the raid before it expires.  (Rastakhan doesn't move while he is channeling the spell, so there is no need to tank swap during the channel, but at the end of the channel the second tank may want to pick him up as he'll start chasing his tank.)

Rastakhan will cast Plague of Toads.  Three yellow swirls will spawn around the boss, and one toad will hop out of each one and head to the edge of the room in a straight line.  Avoid the toads!

[Heroic only:  the toads will leave poison void zones behind them.  Don't step in these.]

[Heroic only:  Rastakhan will put a Serpent Totem in the ground.  It looks like a tall, translucent, cobra.  This Serpent Totem will face a random player and breathe fire at them (Serpent's breath). When this totem spawns, swap to it immediately and kill it, while getting out of the breath.]

The two initial adds:

Prelate Zalan:  casts Seal of Purification, which spawns a holy beam that fixates on a player.  It does damage to anyone it touches so kite it away from the raid.

Siegebreaker Rokha will cast Meteor Leap on a random player, which does massive damage, but the damage is split between any players within 8 yards.  Entire raid should stack on the player to share damage.

We'll focus Rokha first while cleaving Zalan and Rastakhan.

[Heroic only:  there will be a third add, Headhunter Galwana, who casts Grevious Axe, a debuff which does a burst of damage to a random player, then applies a DoT that ticks until that player is healed above 90% health.  Top them fast.]

Immediately after Meteor Leap, Rokha will hit the tank with Crushing Leap, which does massive physical damage and applies a debuff that increases damage from the next Crushing Leap by 500%.  This is not an issue if we kill Rokha before the second Crushing Leap.  If, however, Rokha lives to cast another one, tanks will need to swap or stack cooldowns to survive.

Phase 1:  Kite the beam away, avoid the toads, stack on player with Meteor Leap, tanks swap or use mitigation for second Crushing Leap, Rastakhan's tank run out for Scorching Detonation.

[Heroic only:  Kill the Serpent Totem, heal the players with Grevious Axe, avoid the pools left by the toads.]

When both adds are dead, Phase Two begins.

PHASE TWO:  Bwonsamdi

Bwonsamdi will come down from his throne and will debuff any players within 30 yards of him with a stacking DoT,  Aura of Death.  Tank him far from the raid to stop players from getting these stacks.  A healer will need to stay in range, though, to keep Bwonsamdi's tank alive.  Tanks should also swap Bwonsamdi at some point to keep their Aura stacks from getting too high.

Bwonsamdi absorbs all damage during this phase so it is pointless to attack him.  DPS must focus on Rastakhan instead.

Bwonsamdi will cast Caress of Death on the tank, which does shadow damage and absorbs all healing for 5 seconds.  Healers make sure the tank is topped off before the cast goes through, tanks may also need to use mitigation.

Bwonsamdi will also debuff players with Death's Door, which is a DoT that does ticking damage until it expires, at which point it spawns a Death rift where the player is standing.  The rift looks like a portal.  These rifts are very important for the next phase.  Place them toward Bwonsamdi's side of the room.

Rastakhan gains two new abilities in this phase.  He will cast Zombie Dust Totem, which mind controls random enemies and uses their long cooldowns.  This lasts until the totem is killed.  Kill the totem as fast as possible and CC the player.

There's also a jumping debuff to watch out for, called Plague of Fire, which targets ranged players and does moderate ticking damage. Then, after 2 seconds, it will jump to anyone within 7 yards.  Ranged players should maintain a 7 yard spread, and get out of the 7-yard targeting circle.

[Heroic only:  Plague of Fire will spread after 1.5 seconds, instead of 2 seconds.]

Phase 2:  Tanks:  Tank Bwonsamdi far from the raid with one healer to heal the tank, healers top off Bwonsamdi's tank before he casts Caress of Death, tank may need to use mitigation.  Tanks may want to tank swap on Bwonsamdi so the Aura doesn't get too high.  Rastakhan's tank will still need to run out for the Scorching Detonation channel.

Ranged: maintain a 7 yard spread, kill the Zombie Dust Totem and CC the mind-controlled player, and run to Bwonsamdi's side of the room when Death's Door debuff is about to fall off to place your rift there, and keep dodging the toads.

PHASE THREE (Rastakhan at 60% health):  Death Realm & Living Realm

Bwonsamdi will cast Bwonsamdi's Boon.  This is a long cast that will drag the nearest half the raid into the Death Realm.  We want half the healers and the rest very mobile DPS to be closest to him.  We do not want ANY tanks to go down, as there's no way to get back until the final phase begins.

The Death Realm looks like a black and white shadow world.  Bwonsamdi will be in the middle of the room chain-casting Caress of Death (shadow damage + healing absorption for 3 seconds (instead of 5)).  Healers need to keep everyone topped up.

Everyone in the Death Realm will gain a stacking DoT called Deathly Withering.  You can clear stacks in one of the Death Rifts from Phase Two, but this will deal a burst of damage to every player in the raid, so we can't do it all at once.  One strategy is to have one player call out which player will reset their stacks and when, to avoid overlaps.

Orbs called Dread Reaping Shards will be rolling randomly around the Death Realm.  Avoid them as much as possible.  If they hit a Death Rift they'll pass into the living world, so people upstairs have to avoid them too.

Bwonsamdi will also cast Inevitable End, a long cast followed by a channel that sucks players toward Bwonsamdi.  Any players too close to him when it finishes will be instantly killed.

The Death Realm may be the hardest part of the fight.  Save cooldowns and Bloodlust for this phase.

So, in the Death Realm, players need to clear their stacks of Deadly Withering by standing in the Death Rifts one at a time (we'll have someone call this).  Dodge the orbs, healers keep players topped up, and run from Bwonsamdi when he casts Inevitable End.  Use cooldowns and Bloodlust to get through this phase fast.

This phase ends when Bwonsamdi is brought to 50% health.

Living Realm

Meanwhile, in the living realm, two adds will appear at the locations that the two adds from Phase One died.  These two adds are Phantoms:  the Phantom of Retribution and Phantom of Rage. The adds can be CC'd for 60 seconds, then they will be immune, but we probably just want to just cleave them down.

One tank should pick up the Phantom of Retribution along with Rastakhan, while the other picks up the Phantom of Rage.

Retribution casts Grave Bolt, which does a small burst of damage on the tank, which cannot be interrupted.  

Retribution will cast Seal of Bwonsamdi, which spawns zones randomly around the room, that look like clear blue-green circles.  These explode for large raid damage to anyone with in 40 yards, but they can be soaked by players, who then share the damage.  One player could potentially soak one, but it's better to have as many people as possible to share damage.

Rage will cast Shadow Smash (or Necrotic Smash) which is a cone attack that does a lot of damage and debuffs any players hit with a healing-reduction debuff.  Dodge the cone!

[Heroic only:  a third add will spawn, Phantom of Slaughter.  Slaughter should be tanked with Retribution and Rastakhan.  Slaughter casts Focused Demise on a random player over a 5 second channel.  Can ONLY be interrupted by the targeted player.  Interrupt this if possible, otherwise, healers spot heal this person until the channel ends.]

Kill order is not critical, but one suggestion is to kill Retribution to get rid of the blue-green circles which do a lot of damage, but ultimately we want to cleave them all down as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Rastakhan will be gaining a stacking damage buff which will act as a soft enrage.

In the Living Realm, one tank will pick up the Phantoms of Retribution and Slaughter, along with the king, while the other tank will pick up Rage.  Pile in the blue-green circles to soak them, and get out of Rage's cone attack (Shadow Smash).  We still need to kill the Zombie Dust Totem and CC the mind-controlled player, and the tank still needs to run the Scorching Detonation channel out, and Raztakhan will still be casting Death's Door on players which spawn the Death Rifts.  Place these near the other ones, or, if there are too many orbs coming through those, toward the edges of the room.

PHASE FOUR (Bwonsamdi at 50% health)

When Bwonsamdi hits 50% health the Death Ream people are brought back into the Living Realm and the final phase begins.

There are no new mechanics in this phase.  We'll still get the Scorching Detonation, Plague of Toads, Plague of Fire, Death's Doors, and the king will randomly spawn Death Rifts around the room.  There will also be a lot of orbs rolling around.  Keep placing Death Rifts at the edge of the room as this will make Phase Four a little easier, but even so there will be a lot of orbs.

The boss will cast Inevitable End in the Living Realm, which sucks people toward him and kills them if they get too close.

Finish off any remaining adds then nuke the boss down before the room becomes so crazy that there's nowhere safe to stand.  Tanks run the channel out, avoid the toads and orbs, place Death Rifts at the edge, and run against Inevitable End.
Okay, so we have Phases 1 and 2 pretty well down.  Phase 3 is where we split into two groups, one in the Death Realm and the other in the Living Realm.

Death Realm

The hardest part of this fight is the Death Realm.  It requires high DPS, high mobility and situational awareness, and lots of healing. We'll use Bloodlust to help us get through it.

Players in the Death Realm need to:
1.  DPS Bwonsamdi down to 50% as fast as they can
2. Dodge the orbs
3. Clear stacks of Deadly Withering by stepping into a portal
4. Run away from Bwonsamdi when he sucks you toward him with Inevitable End

Living Realm

Meanwhile, up in the Living Realm, two new adds will appear:  the Phantom of Rage and the Phantom of Retribution.  One tank should pick up Retribution and the King, while the other picks up Rage.

They cast shadow damage on the tank and Rage has a cone attack.

The most important thing will be to soak the blue-green circles, which are cast by Retribution. (called Seal of Bwonsamdi).

MMO-Champion suggests CCing Rage while we kill Retribution (the adds can be CC'd for their first 60 seconds).

So, in the living realm, players need to:
1. CC Rage, if possible.  One tank picks up Retribution and the King.  Kill Retribution first.
2. The other tank picks up Rage.  Kill Rage.
3. Stay out of Rage's cone attack.
4. Several players should soak the blue-green circles (Seal of Bwonsamdi)

And, as in Phase 2:
5. Place Death Rifts around the room
6. Tank still needs to run Scorching Detonation out.
7. Kill the Zombie Dust Totem
Heroic King Rastakhan

Phase One

At the beginning of the fight, there will be a THIRD bodyguard.  This is Headhunter Gal'wana.  She will throw an axe at a random player (Grievous Axe) which will do a burst of damage AND will apply a DoT to that player.  The DoT can be removed by healing that player above 90% health.

--> Gal'wana is not super-dangerous, so we should focus down Siegebreaker Roka first (due to her Meteor Leap) while cleaving Prelate Za'lan and Headhunger Gal'wana.

Rastakhan gains one more mechanic during Phase One:  the Greater Serpent Totem.  This will face a random player and channel Serpent's Breath, a burst of fire damage and a 5 sec fire DoT.

--> Quickly focus down the totem to kill it, while dodging its Serpent's Breath.

The Plague of Toads will now leave behind Poison Toad Slime pools.  Just don't stand in them.

Phase Two

The Plague of Fire will spread more quickly on heroic, which gives players less time to react.

--> Ranged should make sure to be spread out 7+ yards apart before the ability comes in.

Phase Three: Living Realm

One additional add will spawn in the Living Realm: the Phantom of Slaughter. This add will cast Grave Bolt and Focused Demise on a random player.  Focused Demise can only be interrupted by the player it is cast on.  

--> Targeted players should interrupt Focused Demise if possible.  If they can't interrupt they need to be spot healed.

--> This add can be stacked up with the other two adds and cleaved down.
Okay, so, combining the summaries from Normal and Heroic (because it's been a while since we've done this guy on Normal), we get:

PHASE ONE:  Rastakhan and his bodyguards
Fight starts with Rastakhan and three bodyguards.

-->  Tanks: One tank picks up Rastakhan, the other takes the three adds.  Tank them all on top of each other. Rastakhan's tank runs out for Scorching Detonation channel.  Tanks swap OR use mitigation for Rokha's second Crushing Leap.
[Right after casting Meteor Leap, Rokha will hit the tank with Crushing Leap (damage + big debuff).
--> DPS:  Focus Siegebreker Rokha while cleaving Prelate Za'lan, Headhunter Gal'wana & the boss.  (Rastakhan splits the damage he receives with his bodyguards). Kill fire-breathing Serpent Totems.
--> Healers:  Heal players with Grievous Axe to >90% to remove debuff.
--> All:  Kite the beam away (Seal of Purification), avoid the toads and their void zones, stack on the player with Meteor Leap.

PHASE TWO:  Bwonsamdi
Bwonsamdi comes down and debuffs anyone within 30 yards with stacking DoT, Aura of Death.  Bwonsamdi absorbs all damage during this phase so no point attacking him.

--> Tanks:  Tank Bwonsamdi far from raid (with one healer in range).  Tanks may want to swap on Bwonsamdi so the Aura doesn't stack too high.  May need to use mitigation for Caress of Death (damage + healing absorption), Rastakhan's tank still runs out of Scorching Detonation channel.
--> All DPS:  focus on Rastakhan, kill Zombie Dust Totem (mind-controls players).
--> Ranged: Maintain 7 yard spread for Plague of Fire (jumping debuff).
--> Healers: top off Bwonsamdi's tank before Caress of Death (damage + healing absorption); one healer must be in range of Bwonsamdi's tank.
--> All:  Run to Bwonsamdi's side of the room when Death's Door debuff is about to fall off to place your rift there.  CC the mind-controlled players.

PHASE THREE (Rastakhan at 60% health):  Death Realm & Living Realm
Half the healers plus the very mobile DPS (and NO TANKS) get close to Bwonsamdi when he casts Bwonsamdi's Boon.  At end of its cast they will be dragged into the Death Realm.

Death Realm
(Ends when Bwonsamdi hits 50% health).  Bwonsamdi will be in the middle of the room chain-casting Caress of Death & occasionally casting Inevitable End.

--> Clear stacks of Deadly Withering in a Death Rift, BUT doing so will cause raid-wide damage, so we need to coordinate.
--> Avoid the orbs (Dread Reaping Shards).
--> Run away from Bwonsamdi when he casts Inevitable End.
--> Healers keep everyone topped up due to Caress of Death (shadow damage + healing absorption).
--> Use cooldowns and Bloodlust in Death Realm to get through it fast.

Living Realm
Rastakhan and three adds.  Rastakhan will be gaining a stacking self-buff during this phase which acts as a soft enrage.

--> Tanks:  One tank should pick up Rastakhan, Phantom of Retribution, and Phantom of Slaughter.  The other tank picks up Phantom of Rage.  Tanks still needs to run Scorching Detonation channel out.
--> All:  Pile in the large blue-green circles to share damage (called Seal of Bwonsamdi), get out of of Rage's cone attack (Shadow Smash).  Keep killing Zombie Dust Totem and CCing the MC'd player.  Run out Death's Door to spawn your rifts near other ones or toward edges of room.
--> If YOU are targeted with Phantom of Shadow's Focused Demise, ONLY YOU can interrupt it.
--> DPS:  kill order not critical, but if we kill Retribution we get rid of the blue-green circles faster.
--> Healers:  heal players with Focused Demise.

PHASE FOUR (starts when Bwonsamdi reaches 50% health)
Death's Realm players are brought back into the living realm.  No new mechanics.

--> Finish off any remaining adds then NUKE THE BOSS down before room becomes so crazy that there's nowhere safe to stand.  Tanks run channel out, everyone avoid the toads and orbs, place Death Rifts at the edge, ranged keep 7 yard spread for Plague of Fire, and run against Inevitable End.

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