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Kin'garoth is a two-phase encounter, with an "up" phase when he engages the raid, and a "down" phase when he shields himself and begins the construction of powerful adds.  During the first "up" phase he'll engage the raid alone, but in subsequent "up" phases he will be accompanied by the adds he builds over the course of the fight.

During the "down" phases we will split into two equal groups, which will each enter a construction bay to kill a construct.  He builds three constructs in three bays but we can't get them all -- we'll try to kill two of them before the phase ends.

The encounter takes place on a narrow ring with three construction bays leading off of it.  


Kin'Garoth's abilities

Forging Strike:  anti-tank ability. Does damage with a 5 yard radius, + debuff.

Reverberating Strike:  targets a random player, does damage with a 5 yard radius AND leaves a permanent zone that explodes for heavy damage on targets within 5 yards each time subsequent Reverberating Strikes are cast.

Diabolic Bombs: spawned in sets of 3, they orbit the platform.  They detonate if they contact a player and do damage to all players within 200 yards, but the damage done is reduced by distance.

Ruiner:  Kin'garoth targets a random player with a channeled laser that can travel in either direction around the circle.  Anyone hit by Ruiner will take massive damage.  Ruiner travels about a third of the circle before the channel concludes.

Shattering Strike: light raid-wide damage.

After the first down phase, Kin'garoth will be joined by constructs that he builds during the up phase.  These constructs are:

Garothi Constructs

Feedback Overload:  when a construct dies, it removes 4% of Kin'garoth's maximum health, ignoring all damage reductions.

Garothi Annihilators cast Annihilation, which is a rain of missiles that need to be soaked.  Players hit will absorb the missile and take moderate damage, but any missile that isn't soaked triggers Annihilation Blast which does raid-wide damage.

Garothi Decimators target random raid members with Decimation, which applies a debuff that expires after 5 seconds and does raid-wide damage plus additional damage to everyone within 10 yards.  (We need to run from these!)

Garth Demolishers target random raid members with Demolish, which applies debuff that expires after 6 seconds and inflicts massive damage split between all allies within a 10-yard radius, and increases Shadow damage taken.  (We need to stack on these!).


Kin'garoth's abilities

Kin'garoth will shield himself with Apocalypse Protocol, which reduces his damage taken by 99%.  He will open his three construction bays and begin construction of the three Garothi Constructs.  This phase lasts 40 seconds.

During this phase Kin'garoth will cast Initializing, a 30-second cast at the end of which the constructs will become active.  Constructs take increased damage during this 30 second cast.  They start with 30 stacks of a debuff that increases damage done to them.  These stacks decay over the course of the 30 second cast of Initializing until all the stacks are gone and the constructs become active.

In addition to this, we will have to deal with the following abilities:

Apocalypse Blast targets random players.  An 8-yard zone will spawn beneath the targeted player's feet, get out of it before the impact.

Flames of the Forge deals moderate damage every 2 seconds during this phase.

Purging Protocol:  Inflicts moderate damage on players in the construction bays at the end of the phase.  After 5 seconds, the bays close and any player still inside is instantly killed.


FIRST UP PHASE.  This phase lasts about 35 seconds.

The boss is in the center of the room.  The tanks should stand near the Decimator bay (at about 5 o'clock on the ring).  The two tanks should always be at least 5 Yards apart to avoid splitting damage and debuffs from Forging Strike.

The current off-tank can also occasionally soak Diabolic Bombs as they travel around the platform.  Do this liberally during the first Up Phase.

The rest of the raid should occupy about half of the ring starting to the left of the tanks in front of the Demolisher Bay. Leave the other half of the circle empty.

The raid should maintain a 5 yard spread at all times to avoid extra damage from Reverberating Strike.  Avoid the detonation zones too.

Ruiner will be cast once, right at the end of the first up phase.  Avoid Ruiner at all costs!  It's safe to pass through Ruiner by any means of teleportation.  Once Ruiner concludes the first Down Phase begins.


Each Down Phase lasts 40 seconds.  During the Down Phases we will try to kill the constructs that are under construction, starting with the Annihilator, then the Demolisher.

The raid will split into two balanced groups for each Down Phase.  One group will head to the Annihilator bay while the other heads to the Demolisher bay.  We can place warlock portals between them in case one group finishes first, in which case they can come help the other group.

Save DPS cooldowns for the Down Phases and do front-loaded burst damage to the Constructs as they take maximum damage at the beginning of this phase.


Kin'garoth will engage the raid once more, but this time he'll be joined by at least one of the constructs.  If we leave the Decimator alive, we'll have to deal with Decimation (run from 10-yard explosion) in addition to all of the regular abilities.

Prioritize the construct over Kin'garoth (but cleave and put damage on both if you can.)  Kill the construct as fast as possible.

If the Demolisher is up, we'll need to soak the Demolishes (get within 10 yards of targeted players), while if the Annihilator is up we'll need to soak all the Annihilation missiles (one player per missile).

The off-tank should hold the construct on the side the raid is on for efficient cleaves.

Tanks should soak the Diabolic Bombs as they go past.

We'll use Bloodlust during the first down phase.
Just a quick note about what we learned when we downed Kin'garoth before break:

1. We'll divide the raid into two equal groups and have each group hit one of the adds during the intermission.  This lets us utilize the damage-increasing debuff to maximum advantage and means that the adds don't live very long once the intermission ends.

(On our first set of attempts we'd tried hitting one add with the whole group, which let us get that first add down pretty quickly, but then the second add was up for a long time as there was no more debuff.)

2. Back out for the Ruiner beam attack.  The increased distance and spread means there's more time to react to his direction and less of a chance that he hits a clump of people and kills them all.

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