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Kilrogg Deadeye nutshell guide
This is a single-phase encounter in which we fight Kilrogg himself, and a number of adds that spawn frequently.  To defeat the encounter, we need to kill Kilrogg without getting overwhelmed by the adds.

In addition to this, there is a special realm, called the Death Realm, that several members may enter at once, by standing in a frontal cone ability that Kilrogg occasionally uses.  In this realm the objective is to kill enemies and survive as long as possible, in order to gain two damage & healing buffs that may be used outside the realm.

Fight Mechanics

When the encounter starts, we must deal with the boss and with the first round of adds that spawns.  Through the rest of the fight, waves of adds will spawn every 45 seconds.  In addition, one of Kilrogg’s main abilities will spawn an add whenever it is used.

Fel Corruption:  This is a passive aura that is active from very early in the fight (it starts when the first Hulking Terror spawns).  Fell Corruption acts as a resource, with a maximum capacity of 1—.  Each raid member can track their own Fel Corruption level using the power bar provided in-game.  Several abilities during the fight cause players to gain Fel Corruption, and one ability lets players reduce their Fel Corruption.  Additionally, Fel Corruption decays slowly over time if no Hulking Terror adds are alive.

Fel Corruption has two effects:  first, it deals fire damage every second to all raid members, with the amount of damage proportional to the overall amount of of Fel Corruption on the raid.  Secondly, if any raid member reaches 100 Fel Corruption, they instantly become permanently mind controlled.

Kilrogg’s abilities

* Shred Armor: anti-tank ability that applies a stacking debuff.  The debuff is NOT applied to tanks who have an active mitigation cooldown en effect at the time Shred Armor is used.  If the tank does not use mitigation to avoid the debuff, then this ability requires a tank switch.

* Heart Seeker:  Targeted attack against one random player that damages and applies a 30 sec DoT to everyone standing between the boss and the target.  When the targeted member is hit, a pool of “Blood Spatter” appears beneath the player. 
Blood Spatter is a short-lived void zone.
— It spawns Blood Globules, which move towards Kilrogg, and if they reach him they inflict massive raid-wide damage on the whole raid.  They are low-health adds that can be CC’d but not tanked.
— It also spawns Fel Blood Globules which have more health and deal more damage if they reach Kilrogg, AND they heal him for 15% if they reach him.  Fel Blood Globules spawn instead of Blood Globules IF the player hit by Heart Seeker has any Fel Corruption.

* Death Throes deals heavy raid-wide fire damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds, which is reduced the further away you are from him.  With each tick of damage a green area is marked underneath each raid member.  Each green area is hit by a projectile shortly after appearing.  This deals high damage to any players in the green area.

* Kilrogg also buffs himself with Death’s Door, which is a stacking buff that increases Kilrogg’s damage done by Death Throes, making each Death Throes more difficult than the last.

* Visions of Death:  Marks a green cone-shaped area in front of hi, and places three runes on the ground inside that area.  After a few seconds, one raid member standing in each rune is KILLED (reduced to 0 health, but without actually dying or losing buffs) and teleported to the Death Realm.  If a rune is UNOCCUPIED by any raid member, the entire raid takes lethal fire damage.


Throughout the fight, adds will spawn in waves about every 45 seconds.  Each wave consists of 2-3 Salivating Bloodthirsters and 1 Hulking Terror.

Salivating Bloodthirsters are low-health adds that can be CC’d but not tanked.  They have no abilities, but as soon as they spawn they move toward a green pool on the ground (where Kilrogg stands before we pull him).  If they reach it, they become Hulking Terrors.  Each time the adds spawn one of them spawns right on the blood pool and transforms instantly into a Hulking Terror (the one mentioned above).

Hulking Terrors can be tanked, but not CC’d.  They have much more health than the Bloodthirsters.  Hulking Terror abilities:

* Savage Strikes:  anti-tank ability that deals moderate frontal cone damage and applies 2 points of Fel Corruption to all affected players every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds.

* Fel Claws:  passive ability that grants the Hulking Terrors’ melee attacks a chance to inflict 2 points of Fel Corruption on their current tank.

* Rending Howl: interruptible ability that deals high physical damage to the entire raid, AND applies a 10-second DoT to everybody.  If interrupted, the Hulking Terrors’ casting speed is permanently INCREASED by 75%.  This only applies to the casts, not melee attacks.

* Fel Rupture: ability used upon death.  Deals heavy damage to all raid members close to the Hulking Terror, and launches Fel Spray (damage + 30 points of Fel Corruption) to the 5 closest players.

The Death Realm

Raid members that stand in the runes created by Killrogg’s Vissions of Death are teleported to the Death Realm.  This is a room with 4 doors from which adds with modest health pools continuously spawn at an increasing rate.

Whenever an add is killed within the Death Realm, all DPS players inside the Death Realm gain a stack of Undying Resolve, which increases their damage done by 10% per stack for 1 minute.  In addition, all healers inside the Death Realm gain a stack of Undying Salvation, increasing healing done by 10% per stack for 1 minute.  This buff stacks up to 20 times, at which point players inside the Death Realm are automatically transported back into the main room.

Players who die inside the Death Realm are also taken back to the main room.  They respawn alive with all their buffs still intact.

When healers leave the Death Realm they gain the Cleansing Aura buff for 1 minute.  This reduces the Fel Corruption of nearby raid members.  It’s indicated by a visual effect around the feet of the buffed healer.

Players inside the Death Realm will face the following adds:

* Hellblaze Imp.  These cast Fel Blaze, an interruptible spell with a 10-sec cast time.  Deals lethal fire damage to a random raid member inside the Death Realm.

* Hellblaze fiend.  These cast Fel Flames, which cause the fiend to explode, killing itself and dealing heavy damage to everyone inside the Death Realm AND leaving behind a patch of Fel Flames on the floor.

* Hellblaze Mistress.  These cast Cinder Breath, a frontal cone ability which does damage + applies a fire DoT.

Strategy:  Basics

* Important targets must be killed as quickly as possible.  These are the BLOOD GLOBULES and SALIVATING BLOODTHIRSTERS.

* A few assigned raid members must enter the Death Realm.

* Do not reach 100 Fel Corruption.

Strategy:  Tanks

Both Kilrogg and the Hulking Terrors must be tanked, and require an occasional tank switch.

Kilrogg’s Shred Armor ability can be avoided entirely by his tank using active mitigation, so no tank switch is required until that tank has used all their active mitigation cooldowns (should not happen) or until the tank makes a mistake.  At this point, tanks should swap as soon as the current tank has 1 stack of Shredded Armor.

The Hulking Terror’s Savage Strikes has two important consequences for tanks:

* Tanks must swap when the Fel Corruption of the Hulking Terror’s tank gets uncomfortably high. This will happen eventually as the Terror’s Savage Strikes will increase the tank’s Fel Corruptoin. When the Fel Corruption decays to comfortable levels, or after it has been reduced by a healer affected with Cleansing Aura, the other tank may take over again.

* Hulking Terrors must be faced away from the raid at all times, because Savage Strikes is a cone attack that applies Fel Corruption.


Stack up behind Kilrogg Deadeye.

Players targeted by Heart Seeker should step to the side of the raid and run as far away as possible.  This ensures that the resulting Blood Globule or Fel Blood Globule spawns as far away from the boss as possible.  We will have a raid target up for people to run to.  

Tanks may also need to sidestep to avoid getting hit by Heart Seeker.

The raid can remain stacked like this through most of the fight.  The only time we need to spread out is for Death Throes.

For Death Throes, all raid members must move as far away from Kilrogg as possible.  Additionally, they must keep moving in order to avoid the void zones they constantly leave behind, which explode almost immediately.

Handling the Adds

• Burst down the Globules as quickly as possible. CC helps slow them down, too.

* Burst down and CC the Salivating Bloodthirsters to prevent them from becoming Hulking Terrors.

* Interrupt the Hulking Terror’s Rending Howl.  It is feasible for the Terror's tank to do this.  Each interrupted Howl makes the next one faster, so at some point they become uninterruptible.  Don’t hold off on interrupting them, though.

* When Hulking Terrors cast Fel Rupture, raid members get away from them to avoid gaining Fel Corruption.

Handling the Death Realm

* The best classes and specs to go in are those with powerful DPS cooldowns, as they can capitalize best on the damage bonus they receive.  Each Visions of Death should have 2 DPS and 1 Healer go through, and possibly 3 DPS.

* As Visions of Death is cast multiple times, most DPS and healers will end up going through.

* Inside the Death Realm, the objective is to stay alive and kill adds until they reach 20 stacks of Undying Resolve or Undying Salvation, at which point they’ll be sent back.

* Healers should use healing cooldowns, if it means they can exit the Death Realm with another 10% boost to damage and healing from the players inside.

* Once out of the Death Realm, DPS players should use their damage buff to kill high-priority targets.

* Healers exiting the Death Realm should strategically place themselves near players with high Fel Corruption.  High Fel Corruption players should seek out these healers.

Managing Fel Corruption

We don’t have a lot of power over Fel Corruptoin.  Mostly, the tank needs to face the Hulking Terrors away from the raid.  Next, raid members with high Fel Corruptoin should stand near healers with Cleasing Aura.

If a player becomes mind controlled due to reaching 100 Fel Corruption, they should be killed.  It is not yet known whether rezzing them will reset their Fel Corruption or drop Mind Control.


We’ll use it at the start.

Learning the Fight

* By executing the Death Realm phase well, the encounter will be made easier as numerous stacks of buffs are applied to players.

* The adds have higher priority than the boss.

* Important tasks, in order of importance:
1) Interrupt Rending Howl until it becomes impossible to do so.
2) Get as far away as possible from Kilrogg if you are targeted with Heart Seeker
3) Kill order:  Blood Globules -> Salivating Bloodthirsters -> Hulking Terrors -> Kilrogg Deadeye
4) Minimize damage taken from Death Throes by getting away from Kilrogg and staying in motion
TL;DR version (with compliments to Kretol for his handy summary guide!)

This fight is all about ADD MANAGEMENT.  We’ve got to kill adds or be overwhelmed.

Fel Corruption Mechanic

Resource with a maximum capacity of 100.  It does raid-wide damage proportional to level on the raid  Players gain Fel Corruption through attacks by the Hulking Terror adds (cone attack + explosion on death).  Decays slowly over time, or can be reduced by standing near a healer with Cleansing Aura.

Dealing with the Boss

* Shredded Armor:  anti-tank attack.  Can be avoided entirely with mitigation.  Tank swap if Shredded Armor is applied.

* Death Throes:  raid-wide damage every 2 sec for 6 sec.  Green swirls appear at every tick, followed by damaging projectile.  Raid must RUN AWAY and KEEP MOVING.  Death Throes gets worse at each cast.

* Visions of Death:  3 green runes spawn in front of boss.  If nobody stands in them, huge raid-wide damage.  Three players (1 healer, 2 DPS) must stand in each rune, and get teleported to Death Realm.  In realm goal is to survive and kill adds as long as possible.  Receive a +dmg/healing buff for each add killed.  At 20 stacks will be returned to boss room.  If you die, will be returned to raid alive and with buffs.


Throughout the fight, adds will spawn in waves of 2-3 Salivating Bloodthirsters and 1 Hulking Terror.

* Bloodthirsters (can be CC’d but not stunned) move toward a green pool.  If they reach it, they become a Hulking Terror. Ranged CC and KILL BLOODTHIRSTERS ASAP.

* Hulking Terrors must be tanked.  Face them away from the raid, as cone attack applies Fel Corruption.  Interrupt Rending Howl (raid-wide damage + DoT).  Melee kill Terrors ASAP, ranged target them after Bloodthirsters are down.  Melee get away as it dies as explosion will apply Fel Corruption.

* The Boss targets players with Heart Seeker.  After 8 seconds will throw a spear (direction indicated by arrow on ground).  Spear will hit target and anyone in its path.  Each player hit will:
- spawn a damage pool
- spawn a Red Blood Globule which moves towards the boss and explodes with raid-wide damage if it reaches it.
- OR spawn a Green Fel Globule if the player is affected by Fel Corruption.  It has 3x the health, and upon reaching boss explodes for raid-wide damage and heals the boss for 15% health.
—> IF MARKED WITH HEART SEEKER RUN TO X TO GIVE GLOBULES A LONGER PATH.  Ranged kill Globules ASAP.  Melee/Tanks need to avoid being hit by spear because their Globule would hit the boss immediately.  If Globules get close, melee switch to Globules and tanks pull boss away.
Role-based summary

We will position the boss and melee at the front of the room.  Ranged will be in two groups on either side of the room.  We’ll leave the middle axis of the room free for Heart Seeker.  Ranged will thus have a “kill zone” as the adds will spawn at the back of the room and move toward the boss past the ranged group.  The blood globules will spawn where they are dropped by players in the middle axis of the room, the bloodthirsters will jump down from caves on the walls (and blood thirsters can be targeted up in their caves, too).


* Tank the boss just out side the circle on the left side.  Have him face the red X, just opposite.
* Use active mitigation for every Shredded Armor.  If you miss one, tanks must switch.
* The other tank must pick up the Hulking terrors.  They can be positioned on top of the boss but must face away from melee.  Face the terrors toward the center of the circle.
* When a terror is about to explode, drag the terror out of melee.
* If a blood globule is about to reach the boss, drag the boss away a bit.


The melee kill order is: Blood Globules close to the boss —> Bloodthirsters close to the boss —> Kill / interrupt Hulking Terrors —> Boss.  Ideally, when we get the fight ironed out more, few or no blood globules or blood thirsters will reach the boss, so melee can just kill / interrupt Hulking Terrors —> Boss
* Do not stand between the boss and the door, where the Heart Seeker arrows go.
* During Death Throes, run moderately away from the boss and don’t stand in the green circles you leave behind you.  If a terror is up, consider staying on the terror if damage is not too high in order to continue interrupts (need to experiment with this).
* If you get targeted by Heart Seeker, run as far as you can down the middle axis of the room toward the door until you drop your void zone and blood globule, then return to your spot.


* The ranged kill order is:  Blood Globules —> CC / Kill Bloodthirsters —> Kill / interrupt Hulking Terrors —> Boss.  Ideally, when we get the fight ironed out more, the terrors can be handled largely by the melee.
* During Death Throes, run moderately away from the boss and don’t stand in the green circles you leave behind you.
* If you get targeted by Heart Seeker, run along the middle axis of the room as far as you can toward the door until you drop your void zone and blood globule, then return to your spot.


* If you are part of the Visions of Death team, you will stand in one of the three runes cast in front of the boss (between his position and the red X).  The melee team member will get the closest rune to him, the healer will get the middle one, and the ranged will get the third.
* Inside the Vision world kill as many mobs as possible to gain a stacking buff.  If you die in there you’ll return alive with all your buffs intact.
* If you are a healer, use the cleansing aura you gain to purge Fel Corruption off raid members.

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