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((Sorry if this is a bit lengthy. Once I get started on something, I usually have a ton of ideas. Also, as far as the lore, I hope everything is accurate. I'm ready for critism anyway haha. Hopefully you all get the gist of what I am trying to say though. Just another thing, the moot I attended the other night was very enjoyable and I thank you all for the experience. I hope to meet more of you in game. Now, a background story.))

Kilro was a typical orc, burly and possessed of an almost super strength. He was also very intelligent, being raised by Taurens from a very young age. His parents were long dead, or at least his mother was. He believed his father dead also, but since he’d been enslaved, Kilro couldn’t be sure of that. He stood in front of the Warlord Sreng, who was leader of the tribe called Ironsong, and told his story:

All I remember of my childhood before the massacre of my village, is hunting with my father. I can’t remember his name, but I remember his bow, because I still have it. It was the only thing I took from the decimated village that was my home, when I escaped the Burning Legion and certain death. There is one other thing I remember…

I remember that night, waiting for my father, who was late. I went out to look for him, he worked a bit outside the village chopping wood. When I realized he was nowhere to be found, the very next moment took me by surprise. Suddenly, I heard bloodcurdling screams from the village, and ran back to find it under attack. The demons of the Burning Legion were setting fire to the huts and taking orcs prisoner, left and right.

I ran for my father’s hut, ducking into the shadows so the demons wouldn’t notice me. Right in front of me, a demon struck down a female of the village, and then turned to another and struck her down too. Blood misted the air, and the screams of the dying echoed against the trees. All around me, females and children were screaming and dying, while males were taken prisoner to fight against the Alliance.

I finally got to the hut and I looked in the window and saw my mother on her knees in front of my father. A demon was holding her and ordering my father, bound by a shackle spell, to kill her or she would be tortured. My mother looked up at my father with tear-bright eyes and barely nodded. He got the message, and raised his axe. As he swung it in a downward arc, toward my mother’s head, her eyes cut to the window where I stood looking in. She smiled at me. And then she died.

My father must have known I was there, because of my mother, but he didn’t give me away to the demon. As they moved toward the door to exit the hut, my father in the demon’s clutches, my mother’s blood spattered on his hands and armor, I ran around the back of the hut. I broke out a window and climbed inside, looking for… I don’t know what. I found it though. I saw my father’s prize hunting bow in the corner and grabbed it, just as the hut caught fire.

The smoke from the fire filled the hut in seconds, and I choked as I tried to find the window. I had to jump out another window, and I hit the ground running for my life. The woods were not far behind the hut, and that is where I headed. I ran into the trees and kept running until I couldn’t run anymore. It seemed like I ran for hours. I finally had to stop from exhaustion and shock, and from there it is a bit fuzzy.

I ended up in the Barrens, wandering and lost, dizzy most of the time from dehydration and lack of food, and it was there I found Vincent… or Vincent found me. Vincent, or Vinny, is my vulture pet. He saved my life… brought me food and water. I was not long for this world, but he helped me. Who says vultures are dumb?

But I was still lost. I wandered for a long time. Once I got dizzy, and fell, hitting my head, which knocked me out. I don’t know how long I was out, but when I came to, I was lying in a wagon. At first, I thought the Burning Legion had captured me, but no, they would have just killed me. I looked around and saw a Tauren driving a massive team of kodos which shook the ground as they took long strides and there was a female Tauren, who was laying a cool cloth on my head as she spoke to me.

She said her name was Kary Thunderhorn, and her mate driving the wagon was Urek. I stayed with Urek and Kary in Thunder Bluff. It was very different from any orc village I had known about.

During the time I was growing up in Thunder Bluff, Urek, being skilled with a bow, saw that I had been toting around my father's old beat up bow for some time, so he decided to show me how to use it. Also, I picked up the skills of a leatherworker from a village friend along the way. Being skilled at both, I was prepared to make my journey to Orgrimmar to find others like me. I was ready to take out any demon in my path, not to mention those human pests I don't have much regard for either.

When I got to Orgrimmar, I met with Warchief Thrall, who stationed me at Alterac Valley. It was too cold for Vinny in the valley, so I left him behind in the stables in Orgrimmar.

During my stay in the valley, I was out walking, and I met a white wolf. She seemed friendly, so I coaxed her to me and began to play with her. We played for awhile, and I was absorbed in our play, so I didn’t hear anything behind me, but suddenly, I was attacked. The wolf snarled and leapt for my attacker, and the fight was on. I’d never seen a wolf fight like that before.

Stunned, I stood watching, and before I could blink, another came up from the snow and swung, knocking me down and throwing my bow from my hands. Luckily, there was another there to save my life, a rogue that had been waiting in the shadows and watching me.

A voice yelled to me, "Snap out of it" and tossed me my bow. I got to my feet, ready to fight. Not another would get past. The three of us fought together, as a team, and viciously trounced our mutual foe.

After the fight, the voice was gone and a body, nowhere to be seen. However, the wolf has been with me ever since. I call her Mystikal.

After the fight, Mystikal and I were walking toward the Frostwolf camp, and this strange human stepped out of the shadows. He introduced himself as Lucinther, and the person who had helped me. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had never seen a human stripped to the bones before. He told me he was undead, and claimed to be Horde, and then he said he’d been watching me to sort of test me. Then he asked me to travel with him to meet Warlord Sreng, and apply for acceptance into the Ironsong Tribe. I was doubtful at first, but after Lucinther told me of the tribe and its legends and triumphs, I agreed to his proposal. All of this brings me here, to the present moment. I stand ready to fight and help the tribe of Ironsong remain the mighty force it is.

I just want to add that so far I have had many enjoyable talks with other members of the tribe. I know Konfucius is a trifle on the looney side, but I can forgive him that, as I'm sure you all do. Now that you know my story, my intentions are simple. I wish to extinguish this inferno of hatred I've had for the Burning Legion ever since I can remember. I wish to grow with the tribe of Ironsong, and become stronger as a group. You have my salute as an honorable hunter, to follow you into the darkest depths of the great Molten Core and back. Thank you all for your time, and I hope to have many adventures with you all in times to come.

Kilro looked directly into the Warlord’s eyes as he finished speaking. He waited for the leader to respond…
An engrossing tale, Kilro.

(Did you happen to read and agree with the code of conduct? It is requried to have written acceptance of our CoC))
((Yep, Thanks Merrina. I had read all of that stuff earlier, but just never posted. It is done now.))
Your application is suitable, you may attend a moot on a thursday and not expect to simply be turned into a peon for your wood gathering skills.

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