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Hey dere. I bein Killani, or iffn yas wants ta be real formal likes, Killani Bloodskull - I ain'ts very formal tho. Da elders o' da tribe be tellin me ta carve out a lil wood an be tellin abouts meself, so here I bes whit'lin.

I bein a specialized troubleshooter, or as some o' da locals call me, a rogue. I also bein a troll goddess o' lovin, but dats goes witout sayin - dere ain'ts a troll woman alive dat can't be claimin dat title. Ain'ts gots much ta say 'bout me past. I comes from da plush jungles of Stranglethorn Vale. When I was mid-growns me family gots murdered by dems humans dat be callin demselves "Defias" as dey be pushin dere terratory down from Westfall inta da jungle. We puts up a good fight, and some o' us, like meself, survived, but not many o' our lil village, an' we bes scattered now likes seeds in da wind. I killed dose dat I could in retribution, and soaked me hair in dere blood as was our custom. I be havin no love fer dem alliance an dose dey breed, but I sated me revenge a long time agos, an' any troubles dey brings up now will be dealts wit as is necessary. I ain'ts lookin fer a fight, but I bes defendin what's wort' defendin.

Bein as me life an me occupation depends on da dependabilities of me blades, I took up da craft o' blacksmithin, eventuallies specializin in da longblades. Naturally, dat be needin a lot o' metal, so I also took up da learnin of minin as I wandered da Horde lands, doin what I coulds ta help dose dat not bein so capables of helpin demselves. I done a lil' fishin, buts I be feelin I could be bettah at dat yets, an bein a troubleshooter I decided knowin hows ta patch meself up might be a good ting too, so I know how ta weaves da good bandages. Also, ya don't get very fars on an empty stomach, an' stale bread don't goes very far, so I learned how ta cooks good, an be keepin me eye out fer any new recipies.. 'specially out in da Outlands where stuffs bes different from whats we bes use ta back in Azeroth. Some of it ain't half bads neither!

So as I be sayin, I wanders and troubleshoots, and meets up wit dis orc huntress roamin da Barrens wit a black lion dats almost as scary as da great Bhag'thera backs home. She be convincin mes ta join dose known as 'Twisted Fury', and wit dems I was able ta troubleshoots bigger problems den jus da ones I be solvin alone. Dey bein kinda small tho, an bein fallin under some sleepy plague stuffs, so I be lookin ta moves on before I bes catchin what deys got. Dokcha found da family she been lookin for in all y'alls, so I been followin an checkin yas out. An I bein tinkin dats y'alls bein good folk fer da most part an we cans be helpin each others out good. Y'ain'ts all lookin fer a fight, an yas be doin good in Azeroth an' beyond da big Portal in Outlands. I be travlin wit da sexay trolls Gholjan an' Zeengo latelies - dey helped me much wit some o' da trickier problems in Hellfire an Nagrand. An den a couple o' dem ranger folks an dat orc warrioress, Jivundus, done helped me find some lost stupid nelf and a poor tauren druid in da bowels of da Underbog. Ya mon, dey be havin fun while dey takin care of business right quicks, an yas can'ts beat havin fun while ya workin, an not makin a mess o' it and endin up in some naga's cage waitin ta be turned inta stew. But 'nuff o dats, ya knows whats y'all like.

So anyhoos, I be lookin ta join in da fun, an' solvin da big problems of da worlds wit y'all. I enjoy seein new places, cookin, eatin, partay'in (who don' like a good paraty? an I hear ya be havin some good ones), an helpin dose dat follow da wisdom of Thrall, Cairne, and Silvanas unda da horde flag. It bein a tough world out dere, an it be survival o' da fittest.. or da smartest.. an' it be smart ta be askin fer help iffn a problem not of yer own makin bein too big for yas ta handle on yer own. Iffn ya callin down trouble on yer own head, dat ain't smarts, an' ya bettah suck it up and take yer bruises an learn from dem. On da othah hand, no one should needs ta feel helpless when larger powers be bringin da trouble to yas. Wit me smithin skills, I hopes ta empower some o' y'alls wit da tools ta solve da big problems of da worlds, an in turn be able ta lend me experience, knowledge, and troubleshootin skills ta help ya solve dem problems wit yas.

Well da hand be gettin tired o dis whit'lin business, so I guess iffn y'alls wants ta know more, yas gonna have ta speaks ta me. Oh, an' da elders be sayin sometin about codes an stuffs.. ya mons, I looked dem over an dey be all good 'nuff. I ain'ts gots no trouble wit dem an stuff.

-:- Killani -:-

(( OOC: Yes, Killani is another alt of mine, but I want her to be accepted on her own merits, and not just 'grandfathered' in because she is an alt ))
I say we keep her, if only for her incredibly accurate views on troll women.

<cheers> I was wondering when you'd be joining us, Killani!
Good to see you, Killani!
(O.o )
( > < ) This is Bunny. Copy Bunny and this attached message into your signature to help him on his quest for world domination.

Zhebra, 70 Troll mage
Polled, 70 Tauren huntress
Diljabar, 38 Orc warlock… reincarnated…
Dis one gonna be trouble, whatcher back round her! <grins> Glad yah 'sided ta do dis girl. Be seein' yah wit da red hamma on yah soon, I hope!

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