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'Allo. Mah name be Khorda and if you be likin you kin call me Punky 'ah some such, I been called dat since I was a little girly. I don't got any u'dah names 'cause I ain't done nuttin for dah Horde yet, I still be throwin rocks at scorpids and all dat petty stuff. Ain't no title fah' dat.
I be trainin tah be a might huntress and all a' dat. I ain't real smart with dah artsy magic stuffs our little elfie pals are in'tah. I'm likin tah go see dah world wit a tiger at mah side an' a bow in hand, ya know? Jus' feels like da right ting to do.
Like I be sayin, mah name is Khorda and I been growin up right near da Sen'jin Village. I used ta watch all ya heroes a da horde roll through, everyone be cheerin and sayin "For da Horde!" to em, and me bein a lil girly, I got all jealous. I wanted tah go be a hero like dem and go see da world for mahself. All da village been sayin "Nah, girly, ya don't belong out in da dangerous world, you jus settle down right here and find ya self a strong man." I ain't be takin kindly tah that philosophee. I been wantin tah play wit dah big boys, and I came here ta and applied tah do just dat. I been a trouble makah since day one, and I wanna keep bein one fah dah rest of my days. *snicker* I ain't got no siblins or nuttin, I'm on mah own, left dah village behind tah grow big and strong and show em I ain't no little girly. Dere ain't any-ting special bout me, dat is tah say dere ain't nuttin special about bein real pretty and strong and strong. *giggle* Nah, buh don't be tinkin dat I'm sometin speciah-I jus' wanna prove dat I can be a hero and I ain't no useless trouble maker-ahmma be a helpfuh one.
I ain't know nuttin good yet, ahmma get intah skinnin and mebbeh keep ya all warm wit da animal skins when ya gotta go somewhere real col', wherevah dat be. *gives a toothy grin* Also, if ya be needin someone real good at throwin stones or makin funny faces, I kin do dat, too.
An' I do not belong tah nobody-ain't no membah of a tribe or whatevah. I came to dah Ironsong Tribe cause I be hearin ya all are dah big boys ah dah Horde, an' I wanna play wit da big boys, ya know? I wanna meet new folks and get a bettah family, my old one is a bit bland fah my tastes. *snicker*
Guh. I have not gone 'troo any big trials or nuffin yet. I been havin a borin life, I tink dah biggest tings are yet tah come. I am gonna leave mah home and go 'splore dah world. I tink dat is big enuff in itself, yah? Ahm sorry I ain't much of an asset to ya all but I wanna prove dat I can be 'dere when ya need me. Khorda gonna stop bein a little girly, 'stead I'm gonna be a strong adventurah. In time, ya know?
I dunno what I'mma like when I advent'cha. I be lookin tah see new sights and meet new peoples, jus' make mahself a nice new family and even'chully find mahself a mate tah settle down wif. Mebbeh we kin go explorin togevah? Who knows. I jus' want people tah look at me and say "Lookit Khorda. What a flower she bloomed tah be, a helpful membah a' da horde." People be doubtin me now and I got ta proove I got da stuff. *flex*
I be lookin tah hear from ya, Ironsong.

(I have read and agreed to the code of conduct! Sidenote: I am Hepzibuh from Alahni Lo Andu alliance side. ^.^)
*blinks and looks again* Well, hello, young one!

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