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Kharazan Raiding / Forming a Wednesday Group
Hey folks...

I'm looking to form a Kharazan group for Wednesday evenings. I'm sure there are many of you who, like me, aren't able to make Friday raids and still want to explore that content. I expect that the first week or two will be spent keying people for the instance, but I also expect that that will be lots of fun and a good way to figure out how we work together. I've posted already in the "Raiding - Outland" forum, but I suspect that many of you don't scroll down that far, as only two people have replied. In any case, those who've expressed interest so far include:

Mellith (me Big Grin)
Cloudjumper (Feral druid)
Amaran (Shaman)
Achai (Rogue)
Kaerrah (Feral druid)
Nocturnus (Warlock)

Please let me know if I should add your name to the list! Again, I'm more than willing to help people get keyed if that's an issue. Thanks for readin...

<3 Melly
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We wish you good luck on your quest to make a third team. Rawr.

Vanguard management
We're all going to die.

Clearly you don't have enough feral druids!
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
noc here - am game Smile
Sreng you don't need much else if you have Feral Druids Tongue

Kretol does that mean you would prefer a Wednesday group?

One thing to consider is that once we take out a boss we will be locked to this version of the instance and won't be able to participate with other raids to Kara.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Cloudjumper sent me a message and I thought I should share the details with all of you folks...

My work schedule changes frequently, but I'm usually available Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays in the evenings. Since I live on the East Coast, I would be hoping to be nearing the end of the raid by midnight EST, 9pm server time.

As far as getting this group together, I'm having a hard time gauging interest. As it stands right now (just look at the roster) we're in dire need of healers, and a mage would be lovely.

So... reply if you're interested, or send me a message or a tell in game. Even if you can't make it every week, setting up a pool to choose from would be a huge step forward.


P.S. Sorry for not noticing your post from before, Kretol. I didn't mean to steal your thunder. Big Grin
Yeah, healers... they're a myth I tell ya...

Oh yeah- you can add my fire mage to the list too, if it turns out we have enough tanks. His gear is crummy and he hasn't even started the key quest, but he's available. Kaerrah, slightly less crummy gear, still needs the tempest keep segment of the key.

Also, I really like enhancement, but if we wind up desperately short on healers- I can finish Faul's last 19 levels and swap him over to restoration, but he quite literally has zero healing gear.
Kaerrah's version of crummy gear > my version of decent gear. I'm not worried. Smile
Well, Verr has only seen the inside of like two instances- so he's mostly in quest greens.

Of course, he's a mage- he doesn't need to have more than "Conjure X" to do his job.
I don't know how well I can set aside time on a weekly basis due to changing work schedules, but I would be able to make it this week at least and would be interested in doing so.
(70 hunter)

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