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Key Status
Please post your key Status under this thread.....

Lymoria needs fragments 2 and 3 yet... If anyone wants to run Steamvaults to help with the 2nd fragment, please flag me down on any of my alts (if you don't see me around, try yelling in the ooc channel or asking one of the rangers if I'm on [Sound/Shantow/Gholjan/Umu].
[Image: Dokcha.png]
If you, or anyone else, needs a tank for your key quest, just let me know.
Evenin' folks, just comin' on to give ya a bit of an update on me key. Las' night got a bitta assistance from de crew and got me arcatraz piece. Dat just leaves me with de steamvault part and all dose aftah it. Big t'anks again to all dose dat been helpin' me wit dat. It be most appreciated.
Zeen - lets shoot for wednesday night to see if we can help ya make some further progress. I should be on by 3pm server time.

Greets all,

Those that need further help with keys and such - let me know. I have already spoken with Sreng - and we will assist Fleet when she gets a bit further along.

Lookin forward to seeing more Tribe members in the ranks for our efforts...

I can help with getting others through the quest chain for their attunement. I've just been goofing off on my alts lately (mostly going to be on Sygeara now), so toss me a nudge if ya need a paladin.

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