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Kelkalis Application
My name is Kelkalis, i am a Alchemist Rouge for the Forsaken undead. I was awaken only 10 seasons ago, i know nothing of when i was 'alive', but the thing i do know is i am a decendant of Kel'Thuzad, Lord of Naxxramas, and agent of King Arthas. I do not know more than that. The guild i am in now means nothing to me, i am willing to pledge my whole to the Ironsong Tribe, i have not seen much in this world but i am eger to learn all i can. i will uphold the Code of Conduct to the best of my ability. i would be honored if the Tribe would welcome me in the Ranks.

We encourage our applicants to role play his/her character a bit more in thier application.

The sticky (Ironsong Application form) toward the top of this section also has our application questions that all applicants must answer.

Coranda & Vanea's applications are excellent examples. (both entries can be reviewed in this section)

We look forward to seeing a more robust application from you.
Vote Akora for MA!

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