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Keerth Windborn. Windcaller of Mulgore. Blood Guard of the Horde.

I was born a shaman. Though I didn't understand it at the time, my life was blessed from the begining. I arrived in this world during conflict. Not all who protected me survived. I can only hope to honor their sacrifice by serving as they served, by the Earthmother's grace and kindness.

In addition to collecting herbs to experiment with potions, I've mastered the art of healing without the Earthmother's guidance. I fish during the lulls to relax from the stress of battle and though I've no real desire to eat meat, I can provide for myself if need be.

Currently, I guard Kalimdor as a member of Guard of the Horde. I fear, though, that my time with the guild is all but exhausted. My leaders have not returned from their quests in some time while still others have moved on. I try to stand proud on the battlefield, but I'd prefer not to stand alone.

A close friend of mine, Vor'Tok, has fought innumerable battles by my side throughout Azeroth. I hear tales of great conquest by Ironsong, but I in turn hear tales of great joy. It is these two qualities that have lead me to apply for a post in the Tribe. Every time I've encounted members of the Ironsong Tribe, they've been helpful, whether in the jungles of Zul'Gurub or the Gulch. Few others have approached the level of honor and courage that I see so many of the Tribe hold dear. Your Code of Conduct is inspiring, though I've lived most of my life by this code without knowing it. Those words express my actions already.

- What are your current goals, or some of your greatest desires, and the reasons behind them?

At present, the winds scream at my beckoning... but one day I hope the Earthmother finds me worthy of commanding storms.

- What do you enjoy most in your adventures in Azeroth?

The rain.

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