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((1)) I am Kazgore Bloodstorm. Some say that I am an expert with daggers... I won't lie. I stealthings, I'm sort of the... sneaky type. ((2))A rogue if you will. ((3)) I'm not just a regular old run of the mill orc. My mother Gornash has Mok'Nathal blood in her. Though she is not a true blooded Mok'Nathal... it still runs in the family. I did not know my father, he was slain during the second war and my mother gave birth to me in an internment camp. Luckily she was able to keep me concealed before the pink skins could find out about me. Unfortunately when they did... it cost her, her life. Shortly after a orc raiding party attacked camp and I was taken into the hands of the orc Drak'Gal. He too was a rogue of sorts and tought me my art as I grew. I am now 22 years of age. ((4)) I have taken up the art of engineering ((and mining naturally)). ((5)) I have not belonged to any other tribe, clan, or anything else of the sorts. ((6)) Word of the Ironsong Tribe flies with the wind these days, it is hard not to hear of it's great accomplishments. ((7)) I have faced many trials in my life, some of which... I do not feel comfortable sharing at the moment. However... I will tell you this, when I was only 1 year, two months old... living in the pink skins internment camp, one of them attempted to gouge my eye out. Luckily... one of the other prisoners stopped the human... and I watched as his eyes were torn out instead. I am not marked with a scar just below my eye, an ever reminded of that horrid day. ((8)) As far as goals go... I haven't set that many, I pretty much play things by ear. But you can be certain that I will be joining my brethren on the battlefeilds. I seek some sort of revenge for the pain an agony brought to me by those wretched pink skined humans. ((9)) I have been on some long... trying adventures in my time on Azeroth. However, as much as I hate those humans and as much as I love slaying as many as I can... I'd have to say I enjoy some more pratical things. Sunsets, freshly smoked fish... friends. Hmpf... haven't had many of those really. ((10)) Er... enough of this blabber! No need to dawdle... I read the rules, I understand the rules, I agree to the rules. Er uh... That it then?
(( A recurring dream of Kazgore's... thought I would share, made it in photoshop with WoWmodelview and WoWmapview. http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c176/R...diance.jpg

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