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Karazhan raiding mini-groups
Throm'ka, tribemates.

With the introduction of small raid-groups, several folks have taken it upon themselves to start up regular and semi-regular runs into Karazhan. Any group that forms is free to get a separate subforum to encourage more organized discussion. All I require is a name for your mini-group! I want to encourage a bit of creativity, and the only guideline is that it doesn't mention any names.

Furthermore, in your subforum, please make a post with any general information about your group and report it (by clicking the [Image: icon_report.gif] icon in the upper right of the post), requesting a sticky in the report reason. Alternatively, you can simply post a reply in that thread requesting a sticky - either way will work.

Feel free to trade ideas and strategies between your groups in this forum (Raiding Review - Outland) - however, keep in mind that there is no competition between groups to be the 'first' to do anything.

EDIT: Please refrain from linking items acquired in these raid instances in guildchat. There are those that have no desire or ability to go, for one reason or another, and I would prefer that constant reminders are not given as to what they're missing.
Edited the first post to include this, but adding it as a reply as well.

To everyone in these raid groups (or others) - please refrain from linking every item acquired in Karazhan or another raid instance in guildchat. There are many that would rather not know every single new item you get from such a place for various reasons. There may be no inclination to go, or perhaps they don't have the ability due to real life reasons or otherwise.
I would rather there not be constant reminders as to what they're missing out on, plus I have a big pet peeve with linking items in guildchat as it is. Wink

Thank you!

P.S. I would highly recommend the guild groups post who got what in either a central thread or a thread for each endeavor into the dungeon in their appropriate subforums.
For all OOG (Out of Guild) raiders, they will need to apply to the 'OOG Raiders' usergroup to be able to view this forum and all subforums (ie, all the Karazhan group subforums). I highly recommend the raiding groups encourage any out-of-guild folk to register here and apply as I mentioned above so they're included in discussion for your group!

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