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Karazhan Trash Mobs
Note: Melee damage values stated are against 16k Armor (60% reduction). Improved Demoralizing Roar may or may not be active.

The Stables

Note: Make sure you pull Midnight within 25 minutes of killing the first trash pull. Engaging midnight will pull any trash that has respawned.

* Attumen the Huntsman (Boss) is located in this section.
* Midnight (Boss) is located in this section.
* Skeletal Charger ( 71 Elite Undead ): Immune to shackle. Random Charge for 2.2 to 3.8k. Short duration aoe fear. Ice trapable.
* Skeletal Stallion ( 70/71 Elite Undead ): Casts a stackable debuff ( -20 Stam and -20 Str ) can stack up to ten times on a target. Also will cast a fear. Best to be tanked away from the group if possible. Ice trapable.
* Spectral Stable Hand ( 70/71 Elite Undead ): Shackleable. Heal spectral horses. Ice trapable.

The Grand Ballroom and The Banquet Hall

Moroes (Boss) is located in The Banquet Hall.

* Ghostly Steward (71 Elite Undead). 60k HP. 1200-2000 melee damage. 3500-5000 melee damage when enraged. Immune to shackle. "Drunken Skull Crack" hits for 2250 with a non-cleansable stun for ~3 seconds. Enrages at 50%.
* Phantom Attendant (71 Elite Undead) Can be shackled. Also heals with a Shadow Rejuvenation spell. Can not be taunted.
* Phantom Guest (70 Undead) - Paladin tanking recommended. Pulls of up to 10 at once. Use a lot of heals over time and spam healing to keep tank(s) up. Single mobs phase in The Grand Ballroom (east) near the seats, may also breathe fire. "Dance Vibe" aura - increases the dance and attack speed of all nearby party members by 20%. [1]
* Skeletal Waiter (71 Elite Undead) - 4,500-5,500 Melee Damage (0 Armor). Immune to Taunt. Can be shackled. Casts a debuff which has a chance to cause "Rattled" (another debuff) with effect of "No Armor".
* Spectral Retainer (71 Elite Undead) - Immune to shackle. Also heals with Spectral Rejuvenation spell. Has Mind Control and Mass Dispell. The Mind Control is un-purgeable; best to sheep the Mind Controlled target till debuff wears off.
* Phantom Valet (72 Elite Undead) - Immune to shackle. immune to taunt. Hits very hard, focus all heals on your main tank. all heals on kush.

Servants' Quarters

* Coldmist Widow (71 Elite Beast). 50,000 HP. 1300-1600 melee damage. There are usually two Coldmist Stalkers near each pull. Frost Mist covers an area of the floor and reduces movement speed by 75%. Druids can hibernate.
* Coldmist Stalker (70-71 Elite Beast). 20,000 HP. 275-400 melee damage.
* Shadowbat (70-71 Elite Beast). Sonic Blast ~1300-1600 AoE shadow damage. Dark Shriek - ~3 second stun. Wing Beat - movement speed reduced by 50%.
* Greater Shadowbat (71 Elite Beast).
* Vampiric Shadowbat (71 Elite Beast).
* Phase Hound (70 Elite Demon). Phase Shifts.
* Dreadbeast (71 Elite Demon).
* Shadowbeast (70 Elite Demon). Howl of the Broken Hills - "A foul chill courses through you" - Periodically burns Mana, Energy, or Rage for 10 min. [2]

The Guest Chambers

* Phantom Guardsman (71 Elite Undead). Summons a Phantom Hound. Hounds are strong enough to eat squishies quickly, tank them.
* Spectral Sentry (71 Elite Undead). Appears to be rogue class.
* Spectral Servant (69-71 Elite Undead). Curse of Past Burdens - Strength and Movement speed reduced by 70%.
* Concubine (71 Elite Demon). ~70,000 HP. Temptation (~6 second debuff) - Your attacks have a high chance to heal your target. ~5sec AoE seduce. Can be banished.
* Wanton Hostess (71 Elite Undead). ~60k HP. Alluring Aura - reduces physical damage done by 50%. Switches to Bewitching Aura at lower health - reduces spell damage done by 50%. Can be shackled. Recommended to be killed first or shackled out of range.
* Night Mistress (71 Elite Undead). ~60k HP.
* Phantom Valet (72 Elite Undead). Immune to Shackle. 2000-2500 melee damage. 3200-3500 when enraged.
* Skeletal Usher (72 Elite Undead). Immune to Shackle. 2000-2500 melee damage. Ice Tomb - 4 sec. stun to tank(s) - Aggro likely to go to squishies. Frost Shock - Slows movement.

The Scullery

* Spectral Chef (71 Elite Undead). Roast (Magic) Burns an enemy for 2250-2750 fire damage, then inflicts additional fire damage of 500 every 3 sec. for 21 sec. [3]
* Spectral Baker (71 Elite Undead). Melees for 1500-2000 damage.

The Opera Hall

The Opera House (Boss) event is located in this section.

* Spectral Performer. Spotlight - Increases damage taken by 20%. Bad Poetry - Asleep. Curtain Call - 2,750-3,000 damage instant AoE on mob death.
* Sepectral Stagehand. Throws an axe - Hits for about 2,500. Melees for 1.4-3k (~70% damage reduction).
* Ghostly Philanthropist. Ill Gift - 3,000 damage, 1,500 mana gained. Drops about 10-13 Gold.
* Spectral Patron.

The Broken Stair

* Trapped Soul. Frost Damage.
* Ghastly Haunt. 75k HP. Stunnable.

The Menagerie

* The Curator (Boss) is located in this section.

* Arcane Watchman (72 Elite Mechanical). ~2k melee damage. Crystal Strike: 2.5-3.2k spell damage. Overload (debuff) - Overloaded with arcane energy. Periodically damaging nearby friendly targets, inflicts 1,200 -> 3,200 damage.
* Arcane Anomaly (71 Elite Elemental). 51,324 Mana. ~3k melee damage (crits to 8k). Immune to Banish. When pulled, spawns 4 mana-draining Syphoners that hit cloth for about 1,500. The Anomalies themselves hit moderately harder, about 4k on cloth wearers. They lose mana when damaged, instead of health, and when they are OOM, they will die. Will periodically blink during the fight, wiping aggro, so a quick-thinking tank who will taunt again and dps that stops dps when the blink occurs will really help. "Loose Mana" buff-debuff, restores 175 mana/period when killed, so it is a good idea to kill the Anomaly first to counteract the mana drain from the Syphoners.
* Syphoner 20k HP. Mana Drain (interruptable). Can be afflicted by most forms of crowd control.

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