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Karazhan Boss Encounters
The following is a compilation of areas in Karazhan and the corresponding bosses of the apparent layout of Karazhan. The pictorial layout has temporary "inaccuracies" that will be corrected as more information is compiled. (Examples: There is no flight path.)

* NOTE (As of 2.0.7) A teleporter has been added to Berthold the Doorman (in the front entrance of Karazhan) that activates after the Shade of Aran is killed. This will port players back up to the Aran's room to allow more attempts on Prince Malchazzar.

The main entrance

* The Gatehouse (Leads to A1, A2, A3)
* (A1)The Livery Stable: (Attumen the Huntsman) can be found herein. (Links to A1+)
o (A1+)The Guardhouse and Scullery (Links to B2)
* (A2)The Servant's Quarters: Random Animal Boss. (Leads to B1 or A2+)
o (A2+)The Master's Terrace (One may summon (Nightbane) should the need arise...) (dead end)
* (A3)The Grand Ballroom (Leads to B1,B2,B3)
+ (B1)The Guest Chambers: The(Maiden of Virtue) stands watch here.
+ (B2)The Banquet Hall: (Moroes)
+ (B3)The Opera House: (Random Stage Production)

All paths lead into the Broken Stair.

* (AA)The Broken Stair ( Leads to BA)
o (BA)The Menagerie (The Curator) (Leads to CA, CB, CC)
+ (CA)The Repository (Terestian Illhoof)
+ (CB)The Guardian's Library (Shade of Aran)
+ (CC)The Celestial Watch (Netherspite)
# (??)The Gamesman's Hall (A side event encounter of epic proportions)
# Medivh's Chambers (Leads to D)
# (D)The Topmost (Onwards to X)
# (X)Netherspace (Prince Malchezaar) lurk within.

* Random Servant's Quarters Bosses include:
o Hyakiss the Lurker (spider boss)
o Rokad the Ravager (darkhound boss)
o Shadikith the Glider (bat boss)

These bosses drop "epics" that can be worse than virtually any level 70 blue. They follow the pattern of green drops (of the Owl, of the Whale). They may or may not spawn at all, or spawn after multiple clearings of the basement, which repops very quickly. Essentially they are a waste of time, as the drops cannot even be disenchanted.

* Random Opera House Bosses include:
o Dorothee, Tito, Roar, Strawman, Tinhead, & The Crone
o Romulo & Julianne
o The Big Bad Wolf
* Kings for each side of the Chess Encounter are King Llane Piece and Warchief Blackhand Piece

* How to reach Chess event:

After having defeated The Curator head to the Library, clean your way up the upper part of library till you arrive at Shade door, continue your way and go down on the first crossroad you encounter.
Attumen the Huntsman

General Information

* Level: Boss
* Location: Karazhan
* Type: Undead
* Health: approx 350,000

Attacks and Abilities

Phase 1


* Basic Melee: Melees from anywhere between 1600 and 2100 damage on tank, 8000 on cloth. He can, and should, be disarmed.
* Shadow Cleave: 360 degree Cleave for around 4k.
* AoE Curse: Wide-area curse that reduces chance to hit with melee and ranged attacks and spells by 50%. Can be removed by mages and druids.
* Mount Up: When he or Midnight is at 25% he will mount up. All aggro will be wiped and Attumen will be fully healed. Phase 2 will then start.


* Basic Melee: Around 1800 damage

Phase 2

* Basic Melee: Melees for anywhere around 1600 to 3300.
* Shadow Cleave: Same as Phase 1.
* AoE Curse: Same as Phase 1.
* Charge: Does a knockdown to the targeted player. Also does a significant amount of damage.


Tank and DPS

Before Phase 1 Draw aggro on Midnight. This will also pull all the trash mobs before the boss. These mobs will begin to respawn after approximately 25 minutes, if the fight sequence is not active. After a few seconds Attumen will show up, presumably when Midnight is at 95%. The hard part is getting aggro of Attumen right as he spawns, otherwise he will run to your healers and probably one-shot them.

Phase 1

Midnight should be offtanked a bit away from the raid. Tank Attumen and DPS Midnight down, there should be NO DPS on Attumen. Attumen can be disarmed, which reduces his damage by quite a lot. Do so until Midnight is at 25% (or Attumen at 25%), when Phase 2 will start. Remember, all aggro will be wiped and Attumen will be back at 100%. Top off everyone's health because he may charge someone randomly, which does about 6k damage to your cloth wearers.

Phase 2

DPS down Attumen. Watch out for random charges. Bandages and healing potions are plus here. Disarm Attumen whenever possible.

* A better strategy is actually for everyone to get in melee range. Have the main tank face Attumen away from the raid and have everyone else behind him, at maximum melee range, even hunters, casters, etc. This prevents Attumen from randomly charging people. No one should get hit except the MT. If people are getting hit, someone might be too close to Attumen and the cleave could be chain hitting people. Just back up if this happens. Also, Attumen gives a debuff to everyone that decreases chance to hit with melee or with spells by 50%. The MT is most likely to get this debuff shortly after engaging Attumen. Remember to cleanse it (can't remember if you can) and give the MT a few extra seconds to build aggro since most of his attacks will be missing. The debuff does not last long (about 5-7 seconds). Other than that, phase 2 is a simple tank-and-spank. He has a lot of health, but as long as only the MT takes damage, the healers should be okay.

Role Specifics

Tanks This seems to be a very aggro sensitive fight so watch out just incase you lose aggro. Besides, get aggro of Attumen RIGHT as he spawns (he spawns next to Midnight), or he will go on a rampage on the rest of your raid. After getting the -50% hit debuff, count in your head to 28, then pop shield reflection. This will send his next debuff back to him, helping your healers dramatically in their quest to keep you alive, and keeping the debuff off of you to keep threat production up.

DPS A very aggro sensitive fight so do anything you can to stay below the tank in the threat meters.

Healers Keep the tank alive. One healer should be enough for the tank offtanking Midnight (in phase 1).

* Attumen the Huntsman & Midnight Strategy GuideBosskillers.com

Additional Notes

* Attumen is primarily a gear check. Most people consider him a pushover in terms of strategy, but he hits very hard. If you find yourself having trouble it may be that your gear is simply inadequate. Collect more loot from the level 70 wings of the 5-man dungeons or from Naxxramas.
* When you kill the first trash mob in his room, you have 25 minutes to engage Midnight before it respawns. Attumen should be engaged before that time or the respawned adds will engage you when you pull. You don't need to kill the 5 "humans" near the quest giver (the friendly <Blacksmith>).
* Attumen is immune to bleed effects, but his mount isn't.
Maiden of Virtue


* Holy Fire: 1 sec. cast, 2 sec. cooldown, consumes an enemy in flames for 3000-3200 damage, burning it and inflicting additional 1750 fire damage every 2 seconds over 12 sec. (DoT, dispellable). Blockable with Grounding Totem. Spell Reflection also works on it. Targets the closest person not in melee range.
* Holy Ground: Waves of virtue emanate from the caster, infusing nearby ground with holy power, for 240-360 holy damage every 3 sec. 12 yards. Silences for 0.5 seconds every 1 second, preventing non-instant spellcasting.
* Holy Wrath: AoE chain, inflicting more damage for every target it hits. Similar to the ability High Priest Venoxis uses.
* Repentance: Puts the enemy target in a state of meditation, incapacitating them for up to 10 sec. Any damage caused will awaken the target. Also deals about 2000 holy damage. She casts Repentance at random intervals, but no more often than about 30 seconds. This affects all players, not just humanoid players. This effect cannot be dispelled, but warriors who pop Berserker Rage can become immune to it (or break it if in berserker stance), just like normal paladin's Repentance. Tip: Warriors (tanks especially) should treat this like the Magmadar fear, which does also make you immune to the 2k frontload damage as well. A paladin can cast Blessing of Sacrifice on the tank to break Repentance.


The rooms off the hallway prior to the Maiden do not need to be cleared.

Maiden of Virtue should be tanked where she is standing. A warrior or druid tank makes no difference as Repentance will break almost instantly on the melee due to the Maiden's Consecration.

Everyone must spread out to avoid chaining the Holy Wrath. All casters should stand in between two pillars alone. There is enough room for everyone to place themselves like this. There is a large hitbox around her from which she can be hit by melee. It is not recommended to have more than 3 players in melee range as to avoid Holy Wrath.

The animation for Repentance is visible before the spell is cast and it occurs about every 30 seconds. Casting HoTs and a Power Word: Shield on the tank will be enough to keep the tank alive during Repentance. A paladin can cast Blessing of Sacrifice on the tank during Repentance which will break Repentance when the tank takes damage (however as of 2/22/07 this appears to draw agro off the tank and onto the paladin, which may be a bug). Another counter to Repentance is to have a healer stand within melee range range of the Maiden when she is about to cast Repentance. The Maiden's consecration does not do very much damage and the healer can easily keep himself alive and the damage from consecration will break the effects of Repentance, allowing the healer to heal the tank. Because the Maiden's aura silences spells, the healer must be quick to run out of the aura's range to be able to heal the tank. Strafe works well for this purpose. While the Maiden is not using Repentance, the healer should be dedicated to cleansing Holy Fire as to conserve mana. A Treeform druid can also do this easily, since their HoTs are instant cast and wont be interrupted by the periodic silence.

Its also advisable to have a Shadow Priest (if available) DPSing in the melee group, since the Vampiric Embrace heals will keep the melee up through the consecration, leaving healers free to concentrate on the tank. It's a relatively short fight so the healers/ranged DPS won't miss the Vampiric Touch.

Casting Dampen magic on melee DPS reduces holy ground tick to 150-200 and single HoT can keep them alive pretty well.

Besides Repentance and Holy Fire, this encounter is a typical tank and spank fight.

NOTE: Since the Holy fire only hits the closest player NOT in melee range, a great strategy is to have a warrior sit the closest while not in melee range, allowing him to use his Spell reflect ability to put Holy fire back on the Maiden.

* Not immune to bleed effects.

Moroes <Tower> is an undead rogue boss found in Karazhan. Moroes is accompanied by 4 level 70 elite undead adds; the 4 adds are randomly picked from 6 possibles ones.

General Information

* Level: Boss
* Location: Karazhan
* Type: Undead
* Health: Around 378,000


* Basic Melee: 1600-2500 on plate.
* Vanish: Vanishes, does not drop aggro.
* Garrote: After reappearing from Vanish, he will immediately garrote someone, dealing 1000 damage every 3 seconds for FIVE MINUTES (100k total damage). This cannot be dispelled, however Dwarf Stoneform, Paladin Divine Shield and Mage Ice Block do remove the effect including Blessing of Protection. If you still have your Luffa it will also work, but not every time. After he garrotes, he will immediately return to the highest aggro prior to the vanish. As of 2/6/07 all garrotes are removed when Moroes dies.
* Blind: A poison that occasionally blinds the second-highest aggro, causing them to wander. Dispellable.
* Gouge: Gouges the highest aggro, incapacitating them. Moroes will attack the second highest aggro.
* Enrage: At 30% Moroes Enrages.


Moroes will have different adds in every instance, much like Chromaggus' breaths. Each add will be based off a class and spec.
Baron Rafe Dreuger Retribution Paladin Health: 68k
Baroness Dorothea Milstipe Shadow Priest Health: 66k
Lady Catriona Von'Indi Holy Priest Health: 66k
Lady Keira Berrybuck Holy Paladin Health: 68k
Lord Crispin Ference Protection Warrior Health: 83.4k
Lord Robin Daris Mortal Strike Warrior Health: 84k

Note: This Boss must die before Opera event can be activated for progression.


The pull should be executed by the main tanks, simply by running to the platform and gathering up Moroes and his adds.

As many adds as possible should be crowd controlled. This can be accomplished by use of priests' shackle, paladins' fear (turn undead), and hunters' freezing traps. The remaining uncontrolled adds should be tanked and killed. If you have the Holy Priest, she should be killed first. If you have either of the warriors, they should be shackled and kept shackled, as they are extremely difficult to kill.

Two tanks will be on Moroes. One tank should be building aggro on both Moroes and the uncontrolled add(s). The adds need to be killed quickly, after which the raid can concentrate on Moroes. The off-tank should consistently remain second on the aggro list, because after a gouge Moroes will turn to the person with the second-highest aggro. When the offtank is blinded, it needs to be removed immediately by a Shaman, Paladin or Druid (it is a poison). If no one in the raid can remove poison, the main tank should turn his back to Moroes to avoid being gouged. If the off-tank is blinded and main tank is gouged, Moroes will run off into the healers or DPS.

Crowd control is extremely important during this fight. The incapacitated adds must not run free for long, as many of them can easily one shot cloth-wearers or heal Moroes. It is recommended shackle be applied every 5 seconds or so. If an add does break loose, a tank should taunt it; however he should not attack since the crowd control will ideally be reapplied soon. Note that the Paladin adds, and possibly the Priest adds as well, can cleanse Shackle from the other adds. Also be aware that the paladins can cast blessings on the Moroes and his entourage, so be ready to dispell or purge.

Priests: Be careful when using Shadowfiend on Moroes if all the mobs are being crowd controlled. When Moroes vanishes, your Shadowfiend may attempt to attack a Shackled add, possibly resulting in the premature death of a player. It is recommended that a Shadowfiend is not used, or used exactly when Moroes appears after a vanish.

Hunters/Warlocks: Keep track of your pet, make sure that it doesn't attempt to attack a shackled add when Moroes vanishes.

DPS Moroes steadily, and be sure to heal through the garrotes. Losing even one person on this fight can be devastating.

After Moroes dies, his adds will remain and will need to be killed.

Example: Moroes plus Shadowpriest, Holy Priest, Retribution Paladin & Mortal Strike Warrior

Pull as mentioned above. Putting MS Warrior on shackle, Retri-Paladin gets tanked by 2nd tank. First kill the Shadowpriest because she can cast mana burn (our WL got burned for full mana), while that, keep the holy priest busy, then focus her. Then DPS on Moroes. If you have a paladin along, have him fear the Retri-Paladin, so the 2nd tank is not too busy with tanking/taking damage from him. Stun of Paladin is purge/cleansable.

Alternate Strategy (Kiting):

This strat aims to Kite/CC Moroes' guards so the MT/OT only have to worry about Moroes, it also assumes the following:

1) There are two mages in the raid. (or a mage and another class that can kite)

2) You have two priests that are shackling two guards.

3) You have two tanks, both on Moroes.

Determine your kill order of Moroes' guards. Before the pull starts, have your mages start casting Pyroblast (Followed by Slow) or Frostbolt on the targets that are not being shackled.

This is to ensure the mages get aggro of the targets they are going to kite as soon as the pull happens.

Before the spell casts all the way, the MT pulls, timing it so the adds that aren't being shackled are being hit by the mages' spells as soon as the pull happens. Priests shackle their targets, then focus their healing on the MT/OT.

Both mages kite their targets while the rest of the raid DPS's them down.

Once the unshackled targets are DPS'd down, have one mage break the next shackle and kite that one as well. (Do not break shackle of a guard that can cleanse until last)

Repeat for the last guard.

There is no need to waste any mana healing against the guards, nobody should be taking damage (watch out while kiting the MS warrior, he whirlwinds, don't kite him through your healers).

If you do not have two mages capable of kiting, stick a rogue on the 2nd target using crippling poison or a warrior with hamstring while someone else (like a hunter or warlock) holds aggro and kites.

This strat can be altered a bit to suit the classes of your raid, for example, if you have three priests, shackle three guards and only kite one at a time. Just make sure you have enough kiting so tanks do not have to worry about the guards and can focus on Moroes.

Once done kiting/killing all four guards, focus on Moroes as noted in the above strategy.

Useful Macros:

As a priest, it can be very difficult to reshackle one add and to maintain healing on the tank at the same time. A simple macro can do the reshackle, you can push it between two heals every 5-10 seconds. You must keep Baroness Dorothea Milstipe shackled all the time.
/target Baroness Dorothea Milstipe
/cast shackle undead

This will do the work and eases the fight a lot.

Shackle Focus Macro: The macro system in WoW 2.0 introduces a new element called focus which allows a player to save a target as its "focus" and, using macros, cast spells on the focus without losing your current target. Detailed examples from Useful Mage Macros use Polymorph, but can easily be extended to Shackle Undead. The macro is below:
/clearfocus [modifierConfusedhift]
/clearfocus [target=focus,dead]
/clearfocus [target=focus,noexists]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/script SetRaidTarget("focus", 1)
/cast [target=focus] Shackle Undead


* The encounter can be reset by exiting the room in which you fight Moroes.
* Immune to Charge.
* Garrote can be "purged" using Blessing of Protection by a paladin on other players, and with Divine Shield for the paladin. If it's skilled down to a 3 minute cooldown, it's possible to use this multiple times in one encounter. Tanks should NOT be purged, since they are the main heal target anyway. Mages can also purge garrote using Ice Block.
* Luffa seems to work intermittently. Expect about a 50% success rate. It seems to work more consistently if you first let the Garrote bleed for one tick, then apply the Luffa.
* Limited Invulnerability Potions can be used to negate the bleed, but it won't remove the Garrote effect from players.
* Dwarves can use stoneform to remove the garrote effect from themselves.
* 380-395 defense is the recommended minimum for this fight. At the lower end tanks may also want ~50 resilience.
* The adds are immune to bleed, but Moroes himself isn't.

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