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Kalisekhmet's application
I am Kalisekhmet. My story begins, at least for my memory’s sake, as a slave to the Lich King. Serving the Lich King, I saw myself performing terrible atrocities without the will to stop myself. As my fellow brothers and I found, this power and these terrible deeds lead to the events at Light’s Hope Chapel where it was discovered that we were mere puppets. Not only without free will but also with no more purpose than to provide the necessary fodder for the Lich King’s plans.

After earning my freedom at Light’s Hope Chapel, I reunited with my fellow humans of the Alliance and my brothers of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. I formed a bond with a mage and warlock of the Alliance and together we entered the portal into Outland. There we gained the knowledge and skill necessary to gain voyage into Northrend where I could finally begin my personal campaign against Arthas and the scourge.

We fought in many battles, my comrades and I, but it was clear that their hearts did not follow the same path as mine. They were happy to follow me as far as Icecrown but were reluctant to continue any farther. We eventually parted ways and I found myself alone.

Just when I felt that I would never have my vengeance I began to hear a voice urging me on. A mere whisper with no discernable source, this voice seemed familiar, as though it was with me through all my travels. The voice spoke of a world parallel to the one I knew were I would find new allies in my quest. With the hope of fulfilling my purpose in my newfound life, I heeded the voice’s call and was pulled to this parallel world.

The journey was not without its price. I found myself in this new world, indistinguishable from my old world, transformed. I had been reborn again in this new world among the orcs of the Horde. While still retaining my skills as a Death Knight, the transformation left me lost and confused. Though this new world was the same as the old it was disorienting being amongst the Horde.

The voice spoke again of these new allies, telling me to seek out a paladin named Donalzon and a fellow death knight named Ankoo. Having met them, I feel as though I know them. Perhaps from another life and another world. For certain they are familiar with the voice that led me to them. Ankoo has taught me many things about being a death knight and has helped me reach my potential. Truly without his teaching I would have no hope of facing the Lich King.

I have quested and trained for many days and many nights. I have fought alongside strangers and my name has become known by many. I have become exalted among my fellow Knights of the Ebon Blade. I have traveled far and wide in search of tasty treats and have earned the title of “Hallowed.” I have become a grand master skinner to earn my way and to learn better how to disembowel my enemies. I have a passing fancy with engineering but no real skill to speak of. I have done a great many things and it is now time for me to find a guild.

It is here I find myself. I hereby request to join the ranks of the Ironsong Tribe. Word of your endeavors has spread far across the land. I look to bring honor to my new friends and my fallen comrades. As a member of your tribe, I know that my vengeance will become real and I will truly be free.
Began Peonship 29 October 2009
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