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The slender Blood Elf stepped into the circle, outwardly displaying confidence; the full weight of the proceedings was not lost on her. She glanced around herself, feeling the gaze of every gathered member of the Tribe. Kaisharra wondered briefly if what she had to say would sway their judgment, if they would accept one such as her among them. Shoving the uncertainty and questions from her mind, she straightened up and took a deep breath.

“Greetings, esteemed members of the Ironsong Tribe, my name is Kaisharra. I am but a simple hunter, but will offer whatever services I can to the Tribe if I am deemed worthy enough to join your company.” She absently reached up to tuck a stray strand of her dark hair back in place.

“I have a surname, but I prefer that it remain forgotten. I was born near Silvermoon City one hundred years ago. Both of my parents were prominent mages within the City, and I was expected to follow their path. However, I have neither the talent nor the love of magic that they did, and I failed constantly in my attempts at it. I tried to stay out of their way as much as possible, feeling that they only kept me around because I was their daughter and they didn’t know what else to do with me. My mother also raised those miniature dragonhawks that made wonderful pets, and my constant companion was a small silver colored one that my mother disliked, calling it flawed.” The Elf chuckles, “Flawed I suppose, like me, but the little silver dragonhawk suited me and has always been with me since.”

Kaisharra paused; a distant look appears in her emerald eyes as she remembers. “When I was twenty, there was a terrible accident. You see, both of my parents enjoyed experimenting with the magical forces they were so talented with, but apparently on that night, something went horribly wrong. All I remember was a huge explosion that took out their study and half the house with it, but it killed them both whatever they were doing. After days of the people of the City trying to console me and crowding around me to offer their sympathy which I did not want, I finally gathered what belongings I could carry and left the City.”

“I never looked back from that day on. My companions became those wild creatures around me, my home became wherever my footsteps had lead me. For the first time in my life, I felt free and I felt that I could be myself.” She turned slightly, and glanced around again at those faces watching her. “I have trained myself in the art of skinning; salvaging the hides from those creatures I must kill for food, or in self-defense. I’ve also gotten decent at making those hides into useful things as a leatherworker. I do fish when I can, and cook whatever I find, although I’m hardly a gourmet at it, at least it is edible. I’ve worked as scout, ranger, tracker, hunter, doing what I could to earn enough to get by. Living on my own, I’ve also learned the basics of first aid so that I can tend to most small injuries for myself or my pets.”

“I spent most of my life alone, except for my pets. I’ve never felt like I really belonged anywhere, with any company or clan or tribe. I tend to tell myself that I do not need others, but in truth, the road gets lonely sometimes and I wish for companionship of others beyond my pets. I have made a few friends along my travels, but we usually end up going our separate ways. I have heard many great things about the Ironsong Tribe, and although I have not had the chance to get to know any member personally, I think that I would be able to find a home here, among you, if you will have me. I have heard of the Ironsong Code of Conduct, and it is honorable and much of it is second nature to me already.”

“I have been asked about my goals and dreams, and to be honest, I haven’t really put much thought to them. I’ve been focused more on the here and now of surviving each day. When I do dream, it is of being among friends, finally feeling at home and at peace. I strive to hone my skills every day, to make myself better so that I might be deserving of the respect of my peers. But I do not have grand goals; I am too practical to build fancy schemes and plans.” She smiles slightly, “I take heart in the beauty of nature, and I enjoy the freedom to wander wherever my feet lead me without fear. I delight in finding new places and seeing new creatures along the way.”

“I suppose that my greatest trial began the day my parents died. It brought with it a myriad of emotions, and I could have given into the guilt I felt. I felt for many days after the accident that somehow it was my fault, if I had been better at magic I would have been helping them and maybe…” She shakes her head, “But I had to realize that there was nothing I could have done, and I had to accept that and find my own place in this world, so that day began my journey, to discover my own strengths and skills, to be me.”

She grows silent for a moment, and then turns ever so slowly, steadily meeting the gaze of every assembled member of the Tribe. The huntress bows, “So I ask you now, Ironsong Tribe, would you have me?”
((Application approved, replied in-game, and we'll see you at the moot!))
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Oh heyas, I's 'fluvious. I knows how it goes on da road, it can be lonely wiffout somebodys to talk to. An' da Tribe, oh they's good at talkin'! I finks you made a good choice comin' to da Tribe. Just watch out for Warlord Sreng'jin. He's a little weird. Likes to fake dyin', makin' everybody worry, has'es an amnimal followin' him all da time, an' worst of all he doesn't like slime.
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I see our Warlord has already approved your application.
Guess we will be seeing you at the moot, bring your swimsuit. Smile
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